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Sugar Baby Needed in A Hurry!

January 17, 2019

If you’re like most men who have made that wonderful decision to dive into the sugar bowl, you’re probably feeling a lot of different emotions. You’re unsure, you’re nervous, you’re curious. But above all, you’re excited. You’ve heard at least something about what it’s like to be a sugar daddy, and you want to get on one of those sugar meet sites and see if the reality can even hope to live up to the hype.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – Why sugar dating sites ARE NOT the way to find the sugar baby you need.
2 – How to use the “secret weapon” sugar baby finder sites.


Hey, I may be a sugar baby, but I’ve talked to enough guys to know what it’s like. You’re about ready to hold up a sign saying “sugar baby wanted”, if not “sugar baby NEEDED”, and go looking for some interested young ladies. I mean, let’s do this, right?

Unfortunately, that’s probably the worst attitude you can have. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally understandable, and more than that, it’s NATURAL. Anybody would feel that way. But read on a bit, and let me tell you why rushing in to find a sugar baby with guns blazing is a recipe for disaster. After that, we can get into the REAL way of finding a sugar baby, because it’s not the meet sites. Yeah, seriously.

Some of the worst sugar baby horror stories come from sugar daddies who rushed into an arrangement.


When you’re feeling that “first sugar” excitement, there’s an urge to contact every girl in sight on some meet site, come on strong, and set up a meeting as soon as possible. That’s bad enough, but THEN you’re gonna want to actually sugar with the first interested prospect, if only to see what it’s like. And that’s DOUBLE true if she’s good-looking.

Hey, I’ve spent a lot of time around guys, I know how it is! But do I really need to explain what’s wrong with that strategy? You’ll be left in a situation where you’ve agreed to give thousands of dollars a month in gifts and allowance to be in an intimate relationship with someone you barely know. What happens if she turns out to be a walking disaster?


Why Dating Sites Don’t Fill Your Sugar Baby Need

I know what I’m talking about, because I’ve had a lot of sugar daddies so far, and while I hope I’VE never been the kind of girl I just warned you about, I was once sugaring with a guy who told me all about one. Actually, thinking about him is one of the main reasons I decided to write this, because from how he described himself when he was first getting started in sugar, he pretty much advertised the whole “sugar baby needed” attitude in SPADES, and made an arrangement with the first girl who messaged him on a popular sugar dating site.

I never met her myself, and I’m glad for that, but he told me she was pretty much the queen of petty. He wanted to impress her, so he got in the habit of buying her more and more gifts each month than he did the last, and he would overpay her allowance by hundreds or even a thousand dollars. Of course, she never complained about any of that.

Men who need a sugar baby will often try the sugar dating sites first, which is usually a BIG mistake. There are much better options, thankfully.


Then one day, the sugar daddy had to cancel their usual weekly date because he was swamped with work, and this was a problem since it was the week he normally would pay allowance. Mind you, he called her up ahead of time and told her he’d give her the money the following week when they saw each other as usual, but she insisted he peel off from his office for at least long enough to pay her.

Sugar baby wanted in a hurry?

When he told her he couldn’t, she blew up and said something like “you obviously don’t appreciate me, you do know there’s lots of guys who would love to date me right?”

He managed to find time later in the week to meet with her and hand over the cash, but that obviously just encouraged her. This eventually happened twice more, and when she threw her third fit about getting a late allowance, my sugar daddy had enough and broke off the arrangement.

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He told me she absolutely freaked when he did this, probably because he WAS very generous with her, and she apologized and started trying to woo him into changing his mind. It didn’t work.


If You Need a Great Sugar Baby, Think Outside The Box

There’s a way to avoid that kind of nightmare when you’re trying to find sugar babies, and it’s the best kept secret in sugaring: Cam sites. No, seriously. Forget about the big sugar meet sites; they cost so much money, there will always be some pressure to rush into a meeting with a new girl. She’ll feel it, too. But on cam sites, you can go at your own pace, and move things forward only when you and your sugar baby are ready.

The process of using cam sites to find a sugar baby is simple, and pretty easy. First, go onto either Chaturbate or MyFreeCams. They’re both good, but for sugar daddies, I usually recommend MFC, just because there are so MANY sugar daddies already on Chaturbate that you might feel the competition.

The best sugar babies you could want are on the cam sites, these days. It’s a far better and easier way to get to know a girl before starting an arrangement.


What you want to do is buy some tokens, then go looking for a girl you’d like to be friends with. That’s all we’re after, right now. Drop her a nice, big tip, big enough to get her attention; that’s your “in”. She’ll be eager to talk to you, and if you hit it off, pretty soon she should have no problem giving you her phone number.

All of this gives you and the girl more time to relax and get to know each other, and decide whether you’re even compatible before getting into something as serious as sugaring. This is how you diplomatically send someone the “sugar baby wanted” message, without moving too fast and ending up saying “sugar baby needed”.

Cam sugaring is a thing now.

If you’re wondering what it looks like to sugar with someone you meet on a cam site, who may not even live anywhere near you, it’s an “online only” thing at first. This kind of sugar couple usually keeps in touch over MyFreeCams (or whatever site), private video streams like Skype and FaceTime, and of course, talking over the phone. You can give a girl her allowance over Paypal or some similar payment service, and buy her gifts off her Amazon wishlist to ship to her house.

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Best of all, you can go on this way for as long as you and she like, without feeling pressured to hurry up. Some couples are comfortable just keeping things online for good, while MANY others eventually decide they’d like to meet in person. Trust me, this happens all the time, and is very common.

Sugar babies need a place where they can hangout on webcam with their potential sugar daddies, and grow close to each other in a social environment. Cam sites are filling that role.


There’s actually nothing unusual about using cam sites to sugar this way. In fact, it’s becoming so common nowadays that a lot of sugar babies have caught on, and will work as webcam models mainly with the goal of finding their sugar daddy. Considering how expensive the meet sites can be, I wouldn’t be surprised if cam sugaring overtakes them in the near future.

I won’t lie: This is really the best way to find a sugar baby right now. It isn’t as fast, obviously, but when you do get to the point of flying someone out to see you, it will be someone you already know, like, and are compatible with. That is a LOT better than the chaos you can get from the meet sites, where you can easily end up like my old sugar daddy I was telling you about.

So, I definitely recommend hitting up MyFreeCams (maybe also Chaturbate) and giving it a try.

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