How to get a sugar daddy online

How To Get a Sugar Daddy Online

If you’re reading my blog, you probably already know more or less how to get a sugar daddy: You pay in limbs, blood and firstborns for a membership at a sugar dating site, meet some pots, and eventually get an arrangement going that takes days a week to maintain. But suppose I told you that you could meet a sugar daddy online, have the arrangement be limited to the Internet, and spend not days but maybe a few hours a week keeping things going with him?

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – Why online-only sugar daddies are a thing.
2 – The secret to finding a rich sugar daddy online.


Oh, AND you get the same kind of allowance you’d see in person, along with regular gifts from your wishlist shipped to your door? Sound too good to be true? A lot of people, who don’t understand how this whole sugar thing really works, think so. And even worse, most of the people who DO get it don’t want to share what they know, because they have this weird sense that more sugar babies doing this online means less online sugar daddies for them.

Well, I’ve been at this long enough now to know that that kind of thinking doesn’t add up: There are LOTS of sugar daddies on the Internet looking for their sugar babies. Chill with me a minute, and let’s talk about not just how to find a sugar daddy, but how to find a sugar daddy you can sugar with online.

In case you’re wondering about the details, online sugaring doesn’t really get much more complicated than what I just described. Once you get your arrangement going, you talk to your sugar daddy over the Internet, plus usually by phone. A lot of the time you’ll be doing video chats with him, maybe over Facetime or Skype, and I know what you’re thinking right now. Amazingly, you’re wrong. Online sugar daddies almost never want to get sexual, not even to the point of having you strip on cam.

Cybersex can be part of online-only sugar arrangements, but many sugar daddies prefer to keep things on a different level.


It’s usually because they’re married and don’t want to “cheat”, or they’re old enough now to have different interests than higher testosterone levels once commanded of them. Whatever their reasons, all they really want is companionship. You might do some date-like stuff with them, like have dinner or watch a movie “together”, but it’s just over the webcam. And yeah, they’ll Paypal you (or whatever) a generous allowance, and send you stuff.

Now, this is where EVERYone thinks I’m lying worse than the high school kid whose dog ate her homework: Even if we believe these fairy tales about men who seriously don’t want sex and are loyal enough not to fuck around on their wives, why would they settle for online-only arrangements when they obviously have the money to afford to sugar in person?

I mean, most online sugar daddies are full-on RICH, as in millions of dollars in net worth, not just the upper middle class types you’ll often meet on a sugar dating site. Well, for one thing, making that kind of scratch usually requires a pretty single-minded dedication to your career; a lot of these guys who aren’t retired yet might LIKE to have a girlfriend on the side, but they’re just too busy for that. I’ve also known a lot of these guys, and believe it or not, many of them ARE noble: they know what could easily happen if they spend time with you physically, and they just don’t want to risk doing that to their marriage.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, these online-only arrangements are the route to take when you just want to squeeze as much money out of sugaring as you can while devoting the least amount of time to doing it. There are trade-offs here, because having a rich sugar daddy in person can be pretty damn awesome: Amazing dates, vacations around the world, and pretty much access to a kind of luxury you probably haven’t imagined.

An online-only sugar daddy can be more practical, especially when you’re a student, or have other daily responsibilities.


I mean, did you even KNOW there was a kind of restaurant where there’s no menu to order off of, just an elite Cordon Bleu-trained chef who comes to your table to ask what you’d like for dinner and will prepare pretty much ANYthing you’re in the mood for as long as the ingredients are in his kitchen? Well, there is. Your sugar daddy will have to make a reservation weeks in advance, the final bill won’t clock in at less than four digits, and every bite of the food is a fucking orgasm in your mouth. Yeah, there are advantages to this lifestyle.

But some people don’t want all that. Hey, there are good reasons not to. I’ve been in those kinds of relationships, and as fun and exciting as they are, they can also be exhausting. You’re pretty much always at your sugar daddy’s beck and call, especially for those international trips. There are times when it’s a drag to cancel everything you had planned for the next week so you can run off to France, but you don’t want to say No to the guy who’s spoiling you like this without a really good reason.

So if that kind of arrangement isn’t for you, or at least not what you’re looking for right now, I totally understand. And assuming it’s not, let’s start going into how to get a sugar daddy online.


Getting a Sugar Daddy at Chaturbate

The most important thing to understand about online sugar daddies is where to find them. The guys interested in online arrangements almost never hang out on sugar meet sites, so don’t waste your time there if you’re not looking for an in-person arrangements. The best place to find online sugar daddies is on webcam sites, and the best of those for this purpose is Chaturbate. In fact, setup your account there now, it can take a few days to get approved.

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Rich men like to visit that site in pretty good numbers, and they throw their money around VERY freely by dropping into the channels of girls they like and tipping them huge amounts. I’m serious, they’ll give you hundreds or thousands of dollars in tokens at a time, just to show off that they can. We call these users “whales” in the camming business, because yes, there are so many of them we had to come up with a name for them.

Though to be fair, it’s not just camming; I understand whales exist in online gaming, too, where they use real money to buy up all the items or super powers or whatever to make their characters all godlike. We just have cam whales, too, and that’s a very good thing. Not only can they make for a really, really awesome income as a camgirl, but some of them are online sugar daddies looking for arrangements. Basically, on a cam site, not all whales are sugar daddies, but all sugar daddies are whales.

Get an online-only sugar daddy.

I usually tell sugar babies that they should be working as cam girls anyway, even if they’re in-person, because the money is so good and the flexible schedule goes so well with the demands of sugaring. So it really works out that camming is also the way to find online sugar daddies. Camming is pretty easy, too, when you get down to it. Once you know what you’re doing, even a little, it takes more persistence to succeed than it does a mess of hard work. Actually, it’s kinda fun.

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All you really need to be a camgirl is a computer, webcam, decent internet connection, and some privacy. The first three are the easiest to get; if you don’t already have them, they’re not expensive and they’re way worth a small investment when you factor in what you’ll be making.

Privacy, though, is more of a “got it or don’t” kind of thing. What I really have in mind when I say to have a private space, is your own place where you live alone or with a roommate who’s chill with what you’re doing (or just doesn’t care). If you live at home with your parents, you may or may not be able to cam; I don’t know your personal circumstances, so you’ll really have to make that call on your own.

If you can get far enough to set yourself up with a model account on Chaturbate, the next step is to decide when you want to work. One of the great things about camming is that your schedule can be pretty much whatever you want, or whatever best fits with the rest of your daily life; all I really recommend is that you try to set aside some time to broadcast every day of the week when you’re first starting, and that you try to be online for at least two hours a day.

You’ll be able to cut back on your working days later, when you’re established. This is just to get you noticed in the very beginning. Whatever schedule you finally settle on, the most important thing of all is that you stick to it. Seriously, don’t mess around with this. Decide what your schedule will be, then put it in your profile, and give your viewers the same answer every time when they ask what time you’ll be on again tomorrow. Then BE there.

This is probably the second biggest mistake new camgirls make: They don’t set and stick to a consistent schedule, which makes it impossible for viewers who like them to see them again and start liking them even more. Building a connection with your audience over time is how you get regulars, and regulars are how you get money. No, seriously. Without regulars, you will fail. Not maybe. Not probably. You will.

Regulars are the key to making huge money as a cam girl. To get them, you need to be super consistent in your schedule.


By the way, since going online just whenever the hell you feel like it is the second biggest mistake you can make, want to know what the BIGGEST one is? No? Well, too bad, cause I’m telling you anyway: It’s GIVING UP. I see girls fail at camming ALL THE DAMN TIME because they don’t make money in their first couple days and get discouraged. These are girls who I KNOW could make it if they just kept trying, and watching them flake out is about as much fun as I imagine bouncing cinder blocks on my own boobs would be, but it never ends. The years roll on, and the quitters keep coming.

Hate to break it to you, girls, but success doesn’t come overnight. Not here, not anywhere. It actually DOES come pretty quickly in camming, really; you can see some nice income starting up within a couple of weeks, or a month at the most, and it just keeps climbing after that.

Quitting is the biggest mistake you can make when you’re a newbie cam girl. A following takes time to build up, so you MUST be patient.


It’s around that time, by the way, that the whales start finding you. But if you’re impatient and you freak the fuck out when your first night sitting in an empty channel (that’s how it is when you’re JUST getting started, sorry) doesn’t make you richer than Bill Gates and Donald Trump put together, you’re shutting all that down. Calm your tits, be realistic, and stick with it. The money will come.

Now, generally, a good camgirl is friendly, warm, and eager to talk to her viewers. She smiles a lot, she talks about her interests to the channel and she comments on the interests that her audience shares, and she generally just presents herself as someone who’s easy to make friends with and who WANTS to make friends. All of that is okay, with some slight changes for us since we’re talking about how to get a sugar daddy and not just how to be a camgirl.

Remember, sugar daddies are whales, so we’re trying to attract whales. Whales are rich, and the best way to look good to rich people is to make them feel like you’re the best. Like a fine wine, a gourmet meal, or a luxury car; they want to have what only rich people can have, because they’ve earned it or they don’t have time for anything less or they just like nice things. This doesn’t mean you need to BE the best, you just have to look it.

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Something you’ll definitely want to do different from the other camgirls who aren’t chasing sugar daddies is private shows. As in, you’ll actually be doing them. It’s kind of funny: Private shows can bring in some really awesome money, especially once you get some regulars who ask for them often, but whales have made a lot of experienced camgirls swear them off.

The logic goes like this: Suppose you go into a private show with a regular who you know will tip you generously in there, and you’ll come out with $250 after just one hour of work. Sounds great, unless during that hour, a whale who wanted to drop $1,000 on you comes into your channel but doesn’t see you there. You may be happy to have $250, but you’ll never know that you just screwed yourself out of 75% of what you could’ve made. Big name camgirls are absolutely TERRIFIED this will happen, and they don’t do private shows anymore because of it.

Use private shows and private messaging to develop an intimate and close rapport with your regulars. This will result in much bigger tips and spending.


The part they’re missing, though, is that private shows are the single BEST way to bond with a member of your audience, for obvious reasons. You’ll only want to put aside the time when it’s a really generous regular, of course, preferably a whale himself. But when you do, you can get REALLY close, close enough that you’ll either make a high-paying friend for keeps or, you guessed it, land a sugar daddy.

That’s pretty much it, honey. This shit is NOT hard. You get on Chaturbate, get yourself established over a few weeks, and wait for the whales to swim in. Smile. Look classy. Do private shows (for your best customers).

Just remember, above all, that you aren’t going to cash in overnight and you need to stick with it. It’s the most important point I brought up in this entire post, because it kills so many new webcam models: Don’t give up! You can make crazy money out there as a cam girl, and eventually, with just a little luck, it’s sugar daddy time and that’s JACKPOT. Get in there and make it happen!

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