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Where To Find Sugar Babies

November 18, 2018

Are there any sugar daddies reading my blog? There should be, because a lot of the advice I give to sugar babies here can be helpful to them too, and I think that’s a good thing. The community is strongest when we support both ends of it, and besides, I just like helping people! So I’m going to talk a bit directly to the sugar daddies, or really, the men who want to be sugar daddies but aren’t sure where to find sugar babies.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How to use sugar baby dating sites.
2 – How to find high-quality sugar babies using ONE particular cam site.


It’s actually pretty easy, nowadays. Let me start by telling you about the basic tools guys use as a sugar baby finder. Then after that, we’ll go into the REALLY simple method online that makes the whole process super breezy. Sound good? Let’s go.


Finding Sugar Babies on Dating Sites

For most guys, the question of where to find sugar babies is a question of using the special sugar dating websites designed for this, which basically means and These are pretty much dating websites like the ones known across the web for regular couples, but they’re made with sugaring in mind. That means that both sugar daddies and sugar babies know to go there to find each other, which is the sites’ biggest advantage over the “vanilla” ones.

Their other leg up is about convenience, but still HUGELY important all the same: Features. The sugar sites offer perks that regular dating sites wouldn’t think to, with probably the most important of those being income verification. SA and SDM give sugar daddies the option to prove, through disclosing various financial documents, that they actually have the kind of money it takes to be a real sugar daddy.

This may seem like a mere convenience, but it is a LOT more than that. Sugar babies waste some serious time talking to and even meeting with guys who not only aren’t serious about sugaring with them, but never were: It was always a put-on.

You’ll need to lookout for fake or scammy people on sugar dating sites. A lot of people there are just not serious.


Sometimes guys do this because they find it fun to see how far they can string someone along without paying any actual money, or they may be so desperate and lonely that they count it as a win just to meet a girl for drinks when they know it can’t go any further. In the worst cases, real con men are out to trick sugar babies into sex, which borders on rape if you ask me.

The point is, while even income verification can’t completely weed out these losers, it’s a BIG step in the right direction and really cuts down on the pretenders. That makes the process of connecting sugar babies with sugar daddies a lot more efficient, which means everyone is happier in the end.

On Seeking Arrangements and SugarDaddyMeet, you’ll create a profile just like you would on other dating sites, though of course this one will focus on sugaring. You’ll want to talk about yourself, your personality, and your interests, because in case anyone’s told you something different, compatibility IS extremely important, and no one wants a miserable sugar baby who’s only hanging out with you because you’re paying her. That’s not how this works.

Share as much about your interests as possible. This will help you find the right match, and it will help you avoid wasting time.


Beyond that, though, you should include some information about your lifestyle, at least as far as the parts that you’d expect a sugar baby to share with you. If you enjoy taking exotic vacations and you’d like a girl to take along with you, that would be something to discuss in the profile. But it’s the same if you want to go hiking together, or sunbathing, or play laser tag. Just give prospective sugar babies a heads-up on what to expect if they sugar with you.

You can give a range on the kind of money you’re willing to provide as an allowance and in gifts, but you don’t need to go into too much detail there. That kind of thing gets hammered out later, during actual meetings. Of course, once you’ve made your profile, you’re free to use the site’s sugar baby finder to search for girls whose interests are similar to yours, as well.

One thing you DON’T want to get into in your profile is sex. Just leave it alone; that’s something that happens in an established sugar relationship, if the couple hit it off, AND decide they want to go there together. Sugar babies are not prostitutes, and neither you, they, nor the community in general need people making it sound like they are. Needless to say, if that IS what you’re looking for, you’re barking up the wrong tree. You’re much better off hiring an actual paid escort, which is a lot cheaper and more to the point for you.

Sugaring is about relationships and emotional bonds, so don’t go into it thinking it’s something it’s not.


Anyway, once you’re set up with your profile, you’re free to message sugar babies on the site and be messaged by them. Once you find someone you like, you can take it at whatever pace you and the girl are both comfortable with, but I’ve found it’s best to be patient here. Swap messages as often as you can, for maybe a week or so. Use this time to get to know each other, and see if moving forward is something that would be good for you and her.

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When you’re ready, the next step is usually to arrange a meeting in person. I recommend suggesting a very public, upscale bar. The public part is for obvious reasons of the sugar baby’s comfort, while selecting an upscale bar lets her see you’re serious by showing you’ve got money and are willing to spend it. Sugar daddies who always seem to want to meet in cheap, run-down, shadowy dives are a huge red flag for any experienced sugar baby. And, really, for any intelligent woman.

You don’t have to bring a gift to this first meeting, but it never hurts. If the two of you hit it off, this is where details like a weekly or monthly allowance will be worked out. Just let that part happen naturally. And try not to be too nervous; it’s perfectly natural, but I can almost guarantee you she’s a lot more scared than you are.


Best Sugar Baby Finder

Now, having gone over all of that, let’s talk about the real secret of where to find sugar babies. This, bucko, is a sugar baby finder that’s free, easy and pretty close to free; at any rate, it’s a lot cheaper than signing up with SeekingArrangement or SugarDaddyMeet. And it’s all about cam sites.

Use Chaturbate as a sugar baby finder.

Well, really, it’s about ONE cam site: You can use others, but none of them work as well for this as Chaturbate does. It’s a huge site with lots of traffic, so you have the widest choice of amazingly attractive girls possible there, and sugar babies know to use it for meeting sugar daddies too (remember why SA and SDM are better than regular dating sites?).

Once you find a webcam model you like, all you have to do is be generous with tips for her (you buy “tokens” on the site, and tip them to models). Believe me, she’ll be happy to talk to you, and again, this will still be less than you’d pay on the sugar sites. You and she can exchange private messages over Chaturbate, and if you really hit it off, she’ll give you her phone number or other off-site contact information.

Chaturbate is loaded with high-quality sugar baby candidates, and because they’re also webcam models, you can be intimate with them online before getting more serious.


What you can do at this point, if both of you are interested, is set up an “online” sugaring arrangement with her, which is where you and she talk extensively through chat, private video feeds like Skype or FaceTime, and of course, over the phone. You can provide her allowance through Paypal or a similar site, and have gifts shipped directly to her door. From there, it’s up to the two of you whether the arrangement stays online.

Make no mistake: A LOT of online sugar couples end up meeting in person. It’s just that this way, you each have some solid time to get to know each other, and become good friends before seeing each other physically. Allowing you to establish that bond ahead of time, really, is why Chaturbate is probably the BEST sugar baby finder of all. It’s the best kept secret of the sugar world.

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