Webcam Modeling Tutorial

Webcamming has been a quick and really lucrative way to make money, especially for women, since back when it was first invented. But we’re in the middle of a special opportunity for cam girls right now, because the coronavirus pandemic has caused this industry to absolutely explode as lonely guys are forced to stay home all day.

That might not make a lot of sense at first, because most of those same guys have also lost their jobs, and people usually cut entertainment out of their budgets before anything else when they’re strapped for cash.

But there are important reasons why that rule doesn’t apply to this industry. I’m gonna explain why that is in this article, and why and how you can make a total killing as a webcam model in the current environment.

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Webcam Modeling Basics

A lot of girls feel intimidated by this industry when they’re first thinking about getting into it, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of. The way it works is pretty simple: There’s a huge number of websites out there called “cam sites”, where as long as you’re 18 or older, you can sign up for free and become a webcam model (also known as a cam girl).

Getting approved might take a few days or so, but once you’ve got that handled, you can broadcast whenever you like from home using your own computer and webcam. Webcam modeling is considered “adult entertainment”, because the shows you put on are usually naked and at least a little (sometimes a lot) sexual.

Your real name is never used, and the cam site will never tell anybody where you live, so it’s not too hard to stay anonymous.

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There’s been a battle over the years between cam site business models, with the “free” setup on one side, and the pay-to-plays on the other. Without going too deep into that rift, I’ll just say that “free” cam sites are the standard now, and that’s a good thing for reasons we’ll talk about.

Under this model, members of the cam site can come into your public “channel” (basically your personal chat room with a live video feed) and watch you for free, but they’re able to use tokens they buy on the site to give you tips.

Tokens can also be used to pay you for other stuff, like private shows – if you want to do that. The fact that you’re working for tips instead of any kind of set rate is the reason why the sky’s the limit for you as a cam girl, and why people at the top of this industry can pull down over a hundred grand in a month.

As a basic walk-thru of webcam modeling, that’s pretty much it. I told you it was simple. You log on when you want to, you perform, and you make money. Of course, there are some things you’ll want to know in order to do this job well, because that’s when you get access to the really big bucks. Actually, more than that.

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Where To Be a Webcam Model

For most newbies, it’s the difference between washing out in your first week or so, and setting up an income quickly that can support you by itself and only goes up from there. And the first decision you’ll need to make on that road is which of the many cam sites you want to actually sign up with.

So like I said, there are a lot of them, but there’s really only three worth considering. You want huge traffic on your cam site, in order to attract more potential paying customers, so we’ll look at the three top cam sites on the web right now: MyFreeCams, LiveJasmin, and Chaturbate.

MyFreeCams, also known as just MFC, is all about communication. It has features like a private e-mail system right on the site, and a public timeline section kind of like Twitter where both members and webcam models can post. This makes it easy to keep in touch with your customers, which is a really good thing because building relationships with regulars is where your best money comes from. On the other hand, MFC uses this really crappy “camscore” system to decide which models get listed near the top of the main page, and therefore which get noticed by more members. Since your camscore is figured by how much you earn in tips, the system heavily favors webcam models who already have large numbers of follower. This makes MFC not the best choice for a newcomer, even though it’s got lots of other awesome stuff going for it.

LiveJasmin (LJ) isn’t like the other two entries on this list, the main reason being that it’s actually a pay site. Like I said before, free camming is definitely the way things are being done today by and large, but LJ is doing just fine for itself. It’s one of the original cam sites on the web, and it’s always used its pay model even as the rest of the industry changed around it. Basically, on LJ, members can still enter a webcam model’s channel for free, but they won’t see any nudity or explicit performances there. For that kind of stuff, they have to pay. Now, this may sound like a good deal to pretty much anyone who feels like technically “working for tips” sucks, but you’ve gotta believe me honey: It ain’t. Once again, the set-up favors girls who are already established and in high demand, since that’s where customers who HAVE to pay are going to spend their money. LJ has some truly huge traffic, but newcomers usually find it hard to do well there.

Our last candidate site, Chaturbate, is another oldtimer. This one, though, uses the industry standard “free” business model, AND has plenty of members. Those members are considered “high-quality”, too, meaning that they more often than not come from the wealthier parts of the world where people can afford to drop bucks on cam girls. Chaturbate has lots of features to help newbies, too, like apps and bots that make running your channel a lot easier. Don’t get me wrong, MFC and LJ can be amazing sites to check out once you’ve built up an online presence as a cam girl with plenty of fans, but when you’re just starting out, do yourself a favor and sign up with Chaturbate.


What Does a Webcam Model Need?

Some girls worry about the “technical” side of camming, wondering how expensive all of the equipment they’re going to need is. My response is always, “Honey, what equipment?” Seriously, you need a computer and a webcam – that’s it. Most laptops these days come with a built-in camera, and that will work just fine.

Yeah, it’s not the best quality picture you’re ever gonna see, but it’s more than good enough to get started. Over time, as the money starts flowing, you’ll think nothing of investing in some higher-end gear.

As for your internet connection (ok, you’ll need an internet connection too, but I’m assuming you’ve got one of those if you’re reading this), I will say that it’s best not to use wi-fi when you’re camming – too unreliable.

A cable or fiber optic internet setup is best, but you can use DSL too. Just try to run what’s known as an ethernet cable from your computer directly to the modem – basically, you won’t have to use wi-fi that way.


Getting Started With Webcam Modeling

When you first get started camming, it’s gonna be dry. Like, really dry. Let me just prepare you for that right now, because I swear the #1 cause of newcomers washing out is quitting when they don’t like the revenue from their first few days.

My way of thinking on it is that you won’t see any money during your first few days on MOST jobs, and you’ll more than make it up later in camming, but people tend to really freak about this.

Look, when you’re new, you’ve got no experience, and you don’t know how to keep people in your channel yet. I’m gonna help you with that, but you’ll get even better at it through seeing what it’s like for yourself. Most importantly, though, you don’t have any regulars yet in the beginning, and regulars are your lifeblood in this industry.

Seriously, there’s next to no revenue without them. So of course it’s going to be slow for a little while when you haven’t got even one of the wonderful little guys.

Making very little money in the first few days is a rite of passage we all had to go through. I went through it. All my friends went through it. The girls at the very top of the camming world who are straight millionaires off of nothing else, THEY went through it.

Don’t worry so much about the amount of money you’re making per hour or anything; just use your early camming time to focus on building up regulars. The key to that is maximizing your exposure and being easy to find, so try to cam every day of the week if it’s at all possible (and while we’re in quarantine, it should be), and keep your schedule consistent.

Post in your channel the days and hours that you work, and be there when you say you will. That way, the same guys can keep coming back for more, and THAT is how regulars are born.

And, yeah, I’ve really got to drive home this point about regulars. Everything you do, especially when you’re starting out, should be about finding and cultivating these guys. That starts by being nice to your tippers – they didn’t have to give you money and they did, so make sure they know you appreciate it.

Acknowledge them by name, respond to what they say in the public chat, and generally just try to engage with them as much as they can. They tipped you because they like you; getting personal attention from you will probably make them like you more. If they like you more, they’re going to keep coming back and tipping you more, and…what did we call guys like that, again?


Your Cam Girl Responsibilities

Now, let’s talk about how to run your channel properly and maintain interest from the viewers. As we go on, I’m going to assume you’ve already signed up with Chaturbate, but the advice I’m going to be giving is pretty universal for the most part.

So, I’ve explained that as a cam girl, you’ll have a public “channel” where Chaturbate members can plug in and watch your show. This works a lot like a chat room, where the guys – and you – can post messages, and there’s a room topic that only you can set or change.

Use this topic to announce important information like your schedule (which we talked about), any fetishes you’re into or willing to cater to, and the link for your public Snapchat – I’ll explain what that’s about shortly. And remember, one of the most important things you can have in your channel topic is your “token goals”.

Token goals are really helpful. They’re tip amounts you’re hoping to receive in order to perform some particular activity, like showing your boobs, getting fully naked, and so on. Since they apply to everything that’s tipped by the entire channel (like promising to break out the dildo as soon as total tips reach 2,000 tokens, for example), they create a sense of community among the viewers and encourage everybody to work together toward the goal.

This helps get and keep people engaged with your channel; they’ll be less likely to move on, and more likely to pay attention to you. To help you manage token goals, Chaturbate has apps like Token Keno, which sets everything up as a game and can be really beneficial.

Members hate boring channels where nothing’s going on, and they like lively rooms that are full of activity. Try not to be silent for too long; talk a lot, to the audience in general and to your tippers in particular.

The topics can be anything that you think would interest the guys in your channel, which will often include tidbits from your daily life (you’ll be surprised how interested cam site members are in getting to know you as a person). When in doubt, sex and kinks is always a safe and entertaining subject.

Don’t be unrealistic about your token goals. Get a feel for what the other girls are asking (they all use token goals), and set your rates a little lower. This is a great way to attract viewers when you’re new; guys tend to be drawn to places where getting the girl naked takes less work. Absolutely no idea why.

Another surefire way to get eyes on you is to perform with a partner. This can be another girl who’s willing to get “friendly” with you, or if you want, you’re allowed to bring your boyfriend (or whatever) into the camera and do what comes naturally with him. You just have to be able to prove that anybody who’s there with you is over 18, which shouldn’t be too hard.

I should also let you know about the Lovense Lush, which is a sex toy that lots of cam girls are using these days. It’s a “teledildonic” vibrator, which basically means it can be controlled remotely over great distances. The reason it’s so popular on cam sites now is because the software running it can interface with the site and cause the vibrator to go off when somebody gives you a tip.

There are varying levels of intensity, and of course higher tips blast you with stronger vibes. Cam site members totally eat this thing up – they get drunk on the feelings of control and intimacy it gives them. It’s pretty fun for you, too, so don’t worry and just enjoy the ride. It’s definitely worth it.


Cultivating Camming Regulars

Now, I’ve already mentioned that you should talk to your tippers, in order to encourage them and and build relationships that could ultimately turn them into regulars. While that’s true, it isn’t the whole story. You also want to look out for members who have tokens, or have recently bought them.

This is a really important group, because one of the things you’re going to have to get good and comfortable with about camming is the fact that most guys are “lookie-loos” and have no intention of ever spending a dime. Which is fine, because the ones who do can really make it rain, but it’s essential to know who they are so you don’t waste time.

Luckily, on Chaturbate, you as a model will see members color-coded, with names in purple representing those who have tokens, and blue meaning someone who just got them. It’s worth engaging with these guys, even if they haven’t actually tipped you yet.

We know they’re willing to spend money on their camming experience, so let’s take a shot at getting them to spend it on us. And if they do tip you, of course, take things further by sending them private messages (PMs) and getting to know them better. This is a great way to get them shelling out the bucks.

Another good strategy for opening members’ wallets is to use a public Snapchat account, which I mentioned briefly a little while ago. This is basically just a Snapchat page that you set up for your webcam modeling presence – you usually don’t want to use your own personal Snapchat, unless you’re totally cool with sharing this part of your life with pretty much everybody.

Either way, your public Snaphat account should be run a lot like a personal one: Lots of snaps from your regular, daily life, and general commentary about what it’s like to be You. Toss up some sexy pics here and there, but keep it PG. Nudity will get you banned.

The point of this account is to give Chaturbate members a place they can go to read about you and see what kind of a person you really are. This makes them feel like they know you, and it’s the start of getting them to feel close to you. It’s an awesome way to build regulars (and thus get the tips flowing), and the best part of all is that it’s easy.

All you really have to do is post the link to your public Snapchat account in your camming channel, and mention it to the viewers a few times. Cam site members love stuff that’s free, so a good number of them will check it out.

This is an indirect way to increase your revenues, but something you can do to monetize Snapchat directly is to run a premium Snapchat account. That’s a subscription-based, members-only snap where you put all the naughty stuff that you want to keep off the public account.

On premium Snapchat, you’ll post nudes and explicit material for your list of paying subscribers. Of course, both your camming channel and your public Snapchat should be used to gently promote your premium Snapchat account.

And, yes, posting explicit content on this account will eventually get you banned – to say nothing of charging for access to it (both are against the rules). It’s no biggie; you create a new account to serve as your premium Snapchat, let your subscribers know about the move, and you’re good to go. There are even “subscription management” services on the web that will help you automate this process. It’s part of the business model.


Social Media for Webcam Models

It isn’t just Snapchat, either. Don’t ignore social media in general; it’s a huge and really important resource for webcam models these days. On top of snapping, you should also be running a Twitter feed, again just for your webcam modeling career. Use it to provide a window into who you are personally, just as you do with Snapchat, but the real value of Twitter is in networking.

Basically, follow other webcam models like it’s going out of style. Most of them will follow you back, and they’ll usually be happy to help you get started by retweeting you and stuff. This is really, super important, because it effectively gives you access to ALL of their followers – those guys will see you, and many of them will want to check you out.

Just make sure you tweet about your webcam modeling career a lot, and especially send one out just before you go online on Chaturbate. Include a link, so all those eyeballs you’ve been gathering have an easy opportunity to follow you into your channel.

Before you’ve been camming for too long, you should also set up an OnlyFans account. OF works a lot like premium Snapchat, in that you charge a monthly subscription for access to a regular feed of nude and explicit pictures and videos.

The main difference is that OnlyFans is very much adult-friendly, and they won’t give you any grief for earning revenue there. It’s also designed to integrate with Twitter, which also allows adult material, and therefore offers an easy and effective place to promote an OnlyFans account.

Use your webcam modeling work to direct people to OnlyFans, too. In your channel, post the link to your Twitter feed often, and ask guys to check you out there. Then, use Twitter to let them know about OnlyFan. Just make sure you never post an OF link directly on Chaturbate – it’s against the rules (Twitter is fine though).

You’ll definitely want to start doing collaborations, or “collabs”, with other webcam models as soon as you’re able. This just means going on camera with them, either in their channel or in yours. Either is fine, because just about all of the fans who follow each girl are guaranteed to tune into the show, and collabs earn MAD tips.

Even better than that, many of her fans will now become yours as well, and vice-versa. It’s good for both models, which is why it’s done so often and why cam girls will often travel quite a bit to make it happen. Doing this may be difficult right now because of the pandemic, but as things return to something resembling normal, collabs should become common again.

Twitter is a great way to set up collabs. Just interact with the other webcam models there and get friendly with them (not hard; they’re a pretty friendly bunch to begin with). The best strategy, though, is to visit adult entertainment conventions like AVN Expo and Exxxotica (the two biggest), and meet other models in person there. Again, not happening right now, but it will.


Tube Promotion and Raising Your Exposure

Before I sign off, let me just mention porn tube sites like PornHub and Xvideos. These definitely ARE happening now; they’ve always been huge, and they’re bigger than ever right now. Post some homemade content there, and you’ll get at least some traffic – post a lot, and eventually one of your videos will go viral, and you’ll get A LOT of traffic.

These tubes are even bigger than the cam sites, so they’re a great way to get a huge number of eyeballs on you and build your brand. They also allow you to promote your public Snapchat account in your videos, so it goes something like this: Loads of guys see your content, and check out your Snapchat account because it’s free.

There, they get to know you, and are exposed to the promotion you do there for you cam shows. They check out your cam shows, because why not, and some of them start to really like you and tip you. Some of those will go on to become regulars, and even sign up for your premium Snapchat.

This is how you build your revenue as a webcam model, honey. It’s all about having a large online presence and cross-promoting everything. And it WORKS, and results in big bucks. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers!