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Findom Goddess Guide – My Thoughts

July 11, 2021

Different men have a LOT of sexual fetishes, take it from me. Most of them are a solid “whatever”; they don’t personally get me all hot and bothered, but I’ll cater to them, especially if there’s a big tip or a paid lap dance in it for me. More importantly, I GET them. Even if I don’t share a kink myself, I can understand why someone else might like it.

But there’s one particular taste that’s exploding in popularity that needs to be discussed. I’m talking about financial domination, or “findom” for short, and it’s surprisingly popular. So I think we should really talk about how to become a financial dominatrix, because as you can probably guess from that title alone, there is some AMAZING money in it.


Basics of Findom, or Financial Domination

Let’s start at the beginning. Financial domination is a kind of female domination (also known as the single biggest fetish among men, according to porn searches), and since female domination is usually shortened to “femdom”, we get “findom” for this kink. Findom is when a woman not only dominates a man in general, but specifically his cash.

Guys get turned on by being ordered to spend money on their financial dominatrix or “findomme”, and often by being humiliated while doing it.

Like any D/S relationship, this can be mild or extreme; guys might do as little as send their findomme just enough money to cover a new pair of shoes (the same thing as just buying her the shoes, which isn’t even unusual, but doing this way is hotter for the guys), or as far as turning over their entire bank account. “Finsubs” come in ALL types.

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Spotting guys with fetishes like this is something that comes up a lot in the club. After stripping for years, I’ve learned to “read” customers pretty well. It’s all about the tells. Like, every once in awhile when I’m mingling on the floor, I’ll see someone glancing down at my feet when he thinks I’m not looking.

Sometimes that just means he’s shy and feeling intimidated (for whatever reason) by me, but I’m going to say a good 4 out of 5 times, it’s actually because he has a foot fetish. Figuring that out for myself is really important, because it’s not the kind of information most men will just blurt out (unless they’re drunk), yet if I know or strongly suspect it about someone, I can usually get a lapdance out of him just by promising to take my heels off.

And in case you’re wondering, yeah, I’ve run into guys at the club who wanted me to be their findom goddess, at least for the night. My favorite was the well-dressed, older gentleman who seemed afraid to slip a $20 bill into my bra while I was sitting on his lap. I tapped my boob and said something like “go on, put it there,” not even meaning for my voice to sound firm or commanding.

But I guess it did, because he got this fire in his eyes and a lusty grin came to his face. I already had some experience with the whole findom fetish before, so I leaned over and asked him if he liked what I just did. When he nodded VERY enthusiastically, I sensed that I might have a huge opportunity on my hands.

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So I leaned over and whispered to him that we should go to the VIP room together, which is always a risk for me because I don’t turn tricks in there like most strippers do, and I could easily disappoint and piss off a paying customer. But he was very eager, so we went.

We spent two glorious hours in that room doing nothing but talking about how he’d love to spend all his VERY considerable money on me, with him slipping me $20’s and even $50’s every few minutes. Yeah, Every Few Minutes. I made over $2,000 on that VIP room visit ALONE!

Okay, so clearly that was AWESOME, but if you’re really wondering how to become a financial dominatrix, hanging around at the club might not be your best play. Those guys exist there, but they’re rare.


Camgirling as a Findom Goddess

Fortunately, your girl’s got your back: I happen to have found a way to make money online that is actually a LOT like stripping, and guys looking for a findom goddess are much more common. I guess it’s easier for them to “come out” so to speak when it’s over a computer. Whatever it is, they’re there, and that fact changes the whole question of how to be a findomme.

What we’re talking about here is working as a camgirl, which basically just means signing up with an online camsite and broadcasting from your own home using a webcam. You can do whatever you want in your shows: get naked for your audience, make them pay you before you’ll get naked, or not get naked at all (a lot of girls seem to go this way, though of course most do nude performances).

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You get paid in tips, and you share a percentage of that with the site that’s hosting you; pretty familiar arrangement for a stripper. What I really like about it is that just about all the same skills that help you succeed as a stripper are also important when you’re a camgirl, so if you’re good at one you’ll almost certainly be good at the other. And you can make just as much money, if not more, as a camgirl. I’m serious!

And it definitely IS better when you’re wondering how to be a findomme, because you’ve got tools available as a camgirl that just aren’t there at the club. For example, in camming, you get your own public “channel” where customers can come to watch you perform, and you’re able to attach tags to that channel to help identify the kind of camgirl you are.

By using tags like “findom” and “financial domination”, you can keyword yourself into your finsubs’ hearts. Meanwhile, wearing a sign around your neck at the club that says “I AM A FINDOMME”…well, I’ve never tried it, but somehow I don’t think it’d go over too well.

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You’ve still gotta get the attitude down, though. The most important thing about how to be a findomme is acting like a goddess: A findom goddess. That means being assertive and in-charge, and pretty upfront about how you expect to be paid for your time (that’s what these guys are into, after all).

A pretty effective idea I’ve used is to completely ignore everybody in the channel who hasn’t tipped, and make it clear that you demand a “tribute” before you’ll so much as acknowledge someone’s existence. Any decent finsub will REALLY get off on that kind of thing, and it brings in revenue.

You can use a lot of different cam sites for this, but personally, I’ve found that Chaturbate is the best. It’s one of the biggest out there, so it has huge traffic, and its interface is pretty friendly. I really recommend giving camming a try; if you have any interest at all in being a stripper, it’s basically the same thing in online form. And it’s genuinely PERFECT for findom goddesses.

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