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September 7, 2022

As huge of an impact as the Internet has had on sugaring, it’s also LITERALLY split the sugar community into two. I’m serious, and I’m not overstating anything. I don’t think it would be possible TO overstate this, because there’s now this massive difference between being a sugar baby, and how to be a sugar baby online. They just aren’t the same thing.

In normal sugaring, a man and woman meet in whatever way, and they pretty much just start dating. The only things that make it any more complicated than that are the facts that the woman, the sugar baby, gets a cash allowance, pricey gifts on some regular basis, and dinner at nice restaurants.

I guess a better way to say all of that is, the sugar baby gets a taste of a better lifestyle than she probably could afford by herself, being that she would usually be young and not established in her life yet. Everything else really is a lot like a regular relationship.

I mean, the couple might love each other, they might not; they might be exclusive with each other, they might not; they might be having sex, they might not.

How To Be an Online-Only Sugar Baby


I guess you could really think of this “traditional” sugaring in lots of ways as just a traditional relationship, the kind that was expected decades ago and for hundreds or thousands of years before that: a young woman attracted to an older, financially secure man, who uses his wealth to give her nice things and a comfortable lifestyle.

Nothing revolutionary, right?? Other than being more honest about how it works, physical sugaring isn’t too much different from that.


Online Sugaring – How It Works

Online sugaring is completely different. Like, it’s so different, that most girls don’t even know how to be a sugar baby online. Many don’t even realize you can do this online, or they doubt it’s a thing even if they’ve heard about it.

Well, listen here, girls: Online sugaring is TOTALLY real. It’s when a sugar baby meets her sugar daddy over the Internet, and things STAY over the Internet. Just about always, the couple live in different states or even in different countries, though that usually isn’t why they prefer to do it this way.

They communicate online, exchanging messages over web sites, texting, Skyping, and talking over the phone. Sometimes, they’ll even set up a video connection (over Skype or something else) and have “dates”, where they eat dinner or watch a movie together.

But, obviously, that’s all they do and it’s all they can do. They can’t go on real, in-person dates, they can’t go to the mall for gifts, they can’t take trips together. Well, technically, I guess they COULD take trips together, if the sugar daddy could afford it, but then, they could also meet in person.

Usually they don’t (but there are DEFFO exceptions to that!), because the sugar daddy usually doesn’t want to. He may be married and not able to get around his wife, or he may not want to “cheat” on her, or maybe he just doesn’t have time for an in-person sugar baby.

Hell, sometimes these rich, successful men are still high school nerds at heart, and they’re too damn shy and insecure to spend time in the actual company of a beautiful woman. Yeah, I’ve seen it. Point is, as a rule, things don’t get physical in online sugaring. Oh, and in most cases, these couples aren’t even sexual; as in, the sugar daddy won’t so much as ask for a naked cam dance.

You might think all that would mean that men spend less in online sugaring, but you’d be wrong. Online sugar daddies still give their sugar babies a regular allowance, which usually isn’t any lower than what she’d get if she were in-person, and he still buys her gifts and has them shipped to her.

In fact, he knows exactly WHAT to buy, because a girl’s wish list is a lot easier to find when you’re online. All together, sugar daddies are CRAZY generous online, and if anything they usually end up spending MORE than the physical ones.


I’m Sold, How Do I Sugar Online?

By now, you’re probably wondering how to be a sugar baby online. I get you, and really, I came to the same conclusion you probably have: The money’s as good or better, and it takes a lot less time, so what’s the downside??

Well, not sure I’d call it a downside, but there IS a trade-off, in not getting to go on dates and do all the other stuff sugar babies get to do in person. But if all you’re looking for is best pay for the least commitment? You’re right, online sugaring is the way!

Now, I’ve explained how doing this online is way different from doing it physically, and one of the ways is how you get started. When you’re going in-person, sugar websites like are your best bet, because that’s their deal.

Connecting sugar babies and sugar daddies is what they do, so you know you’ll find pots there. But when it’s time for some online sugar, SA probably can’t help you. That’s ‘cause the guys there are looking for sugar babies to date in real life, so most of the contacts you make won’t go anywhere.

You might EVENTUALLY find someone who’s willing to keep it online, but it’ll take a long time, and it’s just not worth it.

For this, you need to use camming sites. I’ve been doing this for years now, and I’ve got it down to a science: You work as a webcam model for awhile, and attract whales over time. “Whales”, if you didn’t know, are just big spenders in the camming industry.

There’s guys who have plenty of money, which is what we’re after, and some of them are interested in becoming online-only sugar daddies. That means that all you have to do is talk to enough whales, and eventually, BOOM! Sugar time!

Now, the cam site you use for this is really important. MyFreeCams can be really good for finding online sugar daddies, and it’s an awesome site in general. Its problem is in how it ranks models. Basically, the girls listed at or near the top are picked based on the tips they’ve received; the more you get tipped, the higher your place on the list.

That’s bad news for cam models who are just starting out, because they don’t have a big following of regulars yet, so they won’t rank too well. Since whales usually like to befriend the girls higher up in the rankings, that means you won’t do well finding a sugar daddy on MFC unless you’re already an established cam girl.

If you’re new to camming, and you want an online sugar daddy, Chaturbate is a better bet. Their ranking system doesn’t rely on tips in the same way as MFC, so you’re in the running right from your first day. Chaturbate is also huge, even bigger than MFC, so you’ll probably make good money there just camming until you strike it rich with a sugar daddy.

Sign Up At Chaturbate To Sugar Online


It’s pretty much win-win, baby: Set yourself up on Chaturbate, and get camming until the gravy train pulls into Sugar Station!