Sugar Daddy Dating Myths
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Top 4 Sugar Daddy Dating Myths

Even with sugaring websites making it, well, not mainstream but at least more visible and better understood, there are still a LOT of misconceptions about sugaring. That really sucks, to me, because some of the things people think are pretty ugly, and can do a lot of harm to both sugar daddies and sugar babies. […]

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How to get a rich sugar daddy.
Sugar Babies

How To Get a Rich Sugar Daddy

So as everyone knows, money isn’t everything, and as a few people know, you won’t always have a wealthy sugar daddy. But that’s okay. Sugaring isn’t just about scoring the best allowance. It’s about living life, making special friends, and maybe even watching those friendships deepen until…who knows?? You can have a perfectly fun time […]

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Find out where to find sugar babies.
Sugar Daddies

Where To Find Sugar Babies

Are there any sugar daddies reading my blog? There should be, because a lot of the advice I give to sugar babies here can be helpful to them too, and I think that’s a good thing. The community is strongest when we support both ends of it, and besides, I just like helping people! So […]

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Webcam Modeling and Whales
Cam Girls

Webcam Models Need Whales

Every sugar baby should at least give serious thought to webcam modeling, since it’s a line of work that goes really well with the sugar lifestyle. If you’re a good sugar baby when it comes to your looks and your personality, then you’ll probably make a good webcam model too. It also makes sense as […]

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What is a sugar baby?
Sugar Babies

What is a Sugar Baby?

There seem to be a lot of people out there who have heard the term “sugar baby”, but have only the most surface idea of who we are and what this lifestyle is about. Hey, that by itself is fine! Sugaring isn’t for everybody, and some people just aren’t interested in how it all works. […]

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