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Premium Snapchat Tips

June 8, 2022

One of the biggest mistakes I see newbie cam girls making, and often even past the time when they’re just starting out, is ignoring social media. It’s just not that important, the thinking seems to go.

Sure, maybe it can help, but it’s mostly an “edge” that the top cam girls use, putting in a huge amount of work just to squeeze out a little bit more money. I can “cheat” here: I can leave social media alone and still make a solid income as a webcam model, and then I won’t have to worry about managing those accounts.

All of which is dead WRONG. If you’re in webcam modeling, you need to use social media – PERIOD. No, you don’t necessarily have to be a master of these platforms in your very first days as a cam girl (you have other things to worry about at that time), but before long you’re going to have to have some idea how to handle a social media presence.

And the most important social media presence of all is the one you’re going to build on Snapchat.

I’m taking about premium Snapchat specifically, here, because that’s where you’re going to make the most money, directly. And the money it can make you is absolutely HUGE! Let me show you how to work this powerful tool for cam girls, and stick with me, because I save the best tips for last!

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Now, before I get into the Snapchat strategies that will have you building a money bin full of cash to swim in before long (as if that would actually work), take a minute to sign up with Chaturbate.

One of the best ways you can possibly monetize Snapchat, and that’s saying a LOT, depends on an established Chaturbate presence. I’ll get into the specifics on that in a bit, but for now, get the ball rolling on your sign-up. This is important stuff.

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Premium Snapchat – What Is It?

First of all, let’s talk about what premium Snapchat is. It’s a pretty simple idea: A premium Snapchat is an account that you charge members for access to, and in exchange, they get to see all the naked, naughty stuff you post there.

Members usually pay as little as $10 per month for a newer, less-known webcam model’s premium Snapchat, while a top girl with a large following could get $50 or more. Some cam girls will also sell “lifetime access” to their premium Snapchat for single, one-time payment, but I don’t recommend that. The real money is in those recurring subscriptions.

Like I said, it’s not complicated, but it does raise a few questions. So let’s take them one at a time. First, how do you even charge members for a subscription? Snapchat doesn’t allow you to sell content over the platform. What gives?

Having a premium Snapchat is actually against the Snapchat terms, but that’s not stopping anybody. There’s just too much money to be made.


Sure, it’s against the rules, but rules were made to be broken. There are entire “subscription management” services on the web that are designed to help webcam models get around prohibitions like this. FanPage.TV, for example, will keep a list of your members for you, and direct them to your Paypal or wherever you want them to send the cash.

Keeping that list makes it a worthwhile service right there, because once you’ve got more than a few subscribers, staying on top of them yourself is a huge, time-wasting headache.

But FanPage.TV will also help you keep in touch with the subscribers, so that when you do get banned from Snapchat (as might happen from time to time for various policy violations), you can send everybody an automated message telling them about the new account you create so you can keep right on truckin’.

Using a premium Snapchat subscription service is phenomenally helpful. It allows you to outsource all of the tedious management tasks, like keeping track of renewals, and sending out notices of your new account to active subscribers when your old one gets deleted.


Subscriptions services will take a percentage of your revenue, of course, for doing all of this for you. It’s up to you whether you want to use them and pay the price, but all I can tell you is that it’s almost always worth it. They practically pay for themselves in the time they save you, when it comes to managing your premium Snapchat.

Sign Up For FanPageTV Here


Next question: Why would guys who know you from a cam site even be willing to pay money to see you getting naked and dirty, when they can probably just plug into your channel and see it for free? Seems a bit counter-intuitive, I grant you, but many things about this business are.

To understand why there’s money here, think about why there’s money in camming at all. On “free” sites, which are the standard now, you’re basically working for tips, and nobody has to tip you. So why do they? In the end, it’s because they want to. It’s because they like your show, and by liking your show, they start liking you. As a person, I mean.

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When you handle your end right, which includes engaging with your audience and talking to them through private messages, they begin to vibe with you and even see you as a friend. They WANT to give you money because they want to see you happy, and help you out. With a premium Snapchat account, you’re thanking them for that by giving them something that they can feel is “just for them”.


How To Promote Your Premium Snapchat

What about promotion? If your premium Snapchat account is behind a paywall, how are people even supposed to find out about it, let alone sign up for a subscription? That starts with a free, or “public” Snapchat account.

Your public Snapchat is where none of your premium content goes. There’s no nudes here, no dirty stuff, and in fact, nothing that would upset Snapchat at all if they caught you doing it. Instead, you want to treat this as more of a “normal” Snapchat account.

It’s where you’ll post casual material from your daily life. Shots of you just getting out of bed in the morning, hitting the bar with some friends, and posing with those cardboard cut-outs they have at movie theaters – all fair game.

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You can even throw in some tease snaps of your pool day or your new bikini for going to the beach, just keep everything PG-13 and below. Remember, the good stuff’s for premium.

Also, while this is going to be a more run of the mill Snapchat account, make sure you still make it under your cam girl name. You want a dedicated social media presence for your brand recognition, not to mention avoiding your parents, college professors, and church pastor finding out what you do under the screen name “NaughtyBoobies”.

Your public Snapchat will entice viewers to check out your premium account, which requires a subscription. But here’s the most devastating tip of all: The best way to funnel people to your public snapchat, where some percentage of them will convert to paying customers, is by using Chaturbate.

Camming at Chaturbate is the best way to generate subscribers for your premium Snapchat, or to get fans warmed up to spend money on you with your public Snapchat. Tons of traffic, and all you have to do is show up on cam.


All you have to do is get yourself established there and have curious lookieloos come into your channel, and the site’s enormous traffic will take care of the rest.

Cam site members totally LOVE free stuff, so if you simply post a link to your public Snapchat account in your channel or the description, no lie – MOST of them will check it out. Some of them will sign up for a subscription, and it’s ka-ching, baby!

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