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Cam Girl Public Snapchat Tips

August 5, 2021

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of cam girls out there who don’t understand the importance of Snapchat, both the premium and public varieties. And you may very WELL believe it, if you’re one of those people.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do get it: The connection between being a webcam model and being active on social media is easy to overlook, since it’s not exactly the first thing you think about when you’re wondering how to maximize tips and generate revenues. But this isn’t some incidental ploy you do on the side. Nowadays, it’s all the marbles, or at least most of them.

Let’s just get this out of the way: If you’re a cam girl, then sooner or later (preferably sooner), you’re going to need to use Snapchat. The difference it can make for your bottom line is just too huge to ignore.

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For many, it can make THE difference, between success and failure. At the very least, not taking advantage of the power of Snapchat is a great way to lock yourself out of the top ranks of cam girls – you know, where not breaking six figures in a month is considered “slow”.

Snapchat is a powerful tool that can help you in three essential ways: Image, marketing, and sales. Any savvy businessperson knows these are all equally important, so let’s go through each, one at a time.

I can’t tell you how easy it is for a cam girl to come off to her audience as either a prissy, greedy bitch who cares only about money, or a bored, clueless girl who has no real idea what she’s doing and is probably going to be gone from the cam site soon.

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I’m sure it’s not necessary to explain that these are both what we call “wrong images”. You don’t want to be seen in either light, even (or especially) if cashflow IS something you’re understandably concerned about.

Snapchat pretty much allows you to define your image, to make it whatever you want or need it to be. By being active on a free, public Snapchat account, you can make sure your audience sees the side of you that you’re trying to put out to the world.


How To Run Your Snapchat Account

The most basic way to do this is just to fill the account with candid shots of your every day life. You really don’t have to worry about looking your best, here. In fact, the more “real” your pictures, as in the more they make you look like an actual person who faces the same basic stuff in a 24 hour period as everybody else, the better off you are.

Show your audience how reluctant you are to get out of bed in the morning. Take a pic of your frustrated face as you sit in traffic. Put yourself out there smiling and laughing while out with friends. You’re a real human being, and with Snapchat, you can finally look the part.

Of course, this can be a more advanced image tool, too. Maybe you’re targeting a specific niche as a webcam model, going for a specific type of fan. You might be passing yourself off as a gamer girl, or a goth chick, or an outdoorsy athletic type who goes on nature hikes. There’s a market for all of it, and you can tap the one you want by putting the right content on your account.

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Speaking of marketing, Snapchat’s got you covered there as well. I’m talking here about actually steering customers to your points of sale, which for our purposes would be your cam site and your premium Snapchat account (more on that later). We all know how money is made on Chaturbate or whatever may be your cam site of choice, so let’s start there.

Snapchat is huge. Like, really, really huge. I’m sure that’s no surprise, but take a moment to let it sink in. This is a mainstream social media platform, here, and it’s just got an immense user base and brand position.

And of course, you’re NOT just waiting for random people to follow you. You’ve got a presence on other social media, and you’re directing them to your Snapchat.

Of course, on that Snapchat, you’re letting everyone know what you do for a living, and offering plenty of links to your public channel as a webcam model. This brings in fresh eyes to watch you perform, and fresh fingers to work the mouse and click that “tip” button.

This also works in reverse. As I mentioned, you won’t be getting the same volume of traffic on your cam site, but you WILL be getting traffic that’s targeted – in other words, men who are interested in webcam models like yourself. It’s a quality vs. quantity thing. And you direct your targeted traffic from where you cam to your public Snapchat account, simply by doing here what you do there: Post links.

Every once in awhile, invite your audience to check you out on Snapchat, and give them something to click on. Cam site members are in totes love with free stuff, and you’ll win points just for sending them somewhere that isn’t an obvious attempt to pry open their wallets. They’ll go, and now you’ve marketed your public Snapchat, too.


Premium Snapchat Tips

But wait, why is that important? How are you making money off of a free page? Well, without forgetting that everyone who follows you on Snapchat is helping build your image (which is important), let’s move on to the third benefit of this social media platform: Sales.

What are we selling? In this case, access to your premium Snapchat account. I mentioned it before, and it’s a pretty simple concept: Your premium Snapchat is where you post all your nude and naughty stuff, the kind of material that a webcam model’s fans REALLY want to see. The kind of stuff that they’ll even pay for, if it’s coming from a girl they like and feel a connection to.

Premium Snapchat usually works on a subscription-based model. You charge some fixed amount of money, usually from $10 for a new girl all the way up to $50 and beyond for the big fish, as a monthly fee for access.

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Sometimes it’s done as a one-shot payment for a lifetime membership to your premium account, but personally, I prefer the recurring income. Either way, of course, Snapchat doesn’t allow this kind of commerce, so you’ll have to arrange for your subscribers to settle up on Paypal or a similar platform.

In this way, we see that your free, public Snapchat account becomes a bit of a “hub”, drawing in interested traffic and distributing it to your webcam modeling and premium points of sale. You start off by focusing on things that don’t make you money directly, like your image and the marketing angles, and by working those vigilantly and effectively, you make sales.

Doing any of this would be impossible without Snapchat, and you better believe the kind of revenue you can earn from these strategies would be, too. So I hope you understand the power of this platform, now, if you didn’t before. Use it!

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