How much money can you make at Chaturbate
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How Much Money Can You Make on Chaturbate

June 6, 2022

I’m not gonna lie, way back when I first started thinking about camming and online-only sugaring, I heard about some ridic huge incomes being made by some webcam models on Chaturbate. It was enough to get me excited to sign up and grind hard in those early days.

We’ve all heard about the massive monthly incomes that some models are supposedly pulling down there, but is it for real? Just how much money can a girl make on Chaturbate, and how long does it take to get the real money flowing into your shit.

Well, the answer is a bit complicated because it turns out that Chaturbate is really just the foundation of a smart cam girl’s revenue engine. Most of the pro webcam models are using Chaturbate as a tool to attract wealthy men into their orbit, then monetize those men on a fans platform like OnlyFans or Fansly.

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You see, OnlyFans really changed the game when it comes to adult models monetizing their fans. It used to be that you could only really make money while you’re live in the chat room. Tips and shows were the main way to go about pulling in the money train, but you had to be live for that train to run.

With a fans platform like OnlyFans, you can monetize your fans 24/7. You don’t have to be live, you can easily publish and sell content that’s available for purchase and download around the clock, and you can even hire assistants to do all the customer service for you.

The main problem with OnlyFans, Fansly, LoyalFans, and all the other fans platforms out there right now though, is that they don’t have any traffic for new models. If you’re going to make money on those sites, you NEED to bring your own traffic. That’s where Chaturbate comes in and saves the day.

Before I go any further though, you should set up a webcam model account at Chaturbate now, so you can start applying all the juicy nuggets I’m about to drop on you. It can take a couple days to get approved, so get the process going now.

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Chaturbate’s Massive Traffic Equals Massive Money

When a new webcam model signs up on Chaturbate, he or she will have the opportunity to attract large numbers of eyeballs almost instantly. This is because Chaturbate is ranked as one of the highest traffic adult sites on the internet. LOTS of people on there looking for cams to view.

As a new broadcaster on Chaturbate, your room will get a boost in the listings and you’ll get some exposure that is critical when you’re starting from scratch. Over time, as you cam more and more, your number of followers on Chaturbate will increase, and you will see that you have a steady number of viewers in your room every time you broadcast.

Making money on Chaturbate is easier than on most cam sites due to its massive amount of traffic. It’s literally one of the most heavily visited adult sites on the internet.


This basically means that Chaturbate is a place where you can actually get traction in the early going and establish yourself. That’s pretty much impossible on a fans platform if you have no existing following. So, the smart models use Chaturbate to build up their fans/followers, which then makes it much easier to succeed at OnlyFans or LoyalFans.

Makes sense, right? In fact, this is such a no-brainer that I can’t believe so many models are skipping Chaturbate and trying to make it on OnlyFans without any serious social media following. They almost all quit feeling like it’s all a scam and there’s no chance for a normal girl to make it on these fans platforms. No girl, you’re just doing it ass backwards!

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With the huge amount of traffic on Chaturbate, there should be no reason for any decently attractive model to washout of the online adult industry. But you need to start there, be serious, be consistent, build up your shit, then you can begin to think about making bank on OnlyFans or wherever.


Income & Earnings of Big Chaturbate Models

Some of the biggest models on Chaturbate talk publicly about how much they make on the cam site,  and the numbers are usually mind-blowing. For example, Brittany Benz recently tweeted that she made $5,000 in ONE NIGHT streaming on Chaturbate, which is her main cam site.

I personally know of a guy who streams with his girl on Chaturbate, and they typically make $10,000 every night they broadcast! This is not surprising, since boy/girl shows are really popular on Chaturbate, and if a couple has looks plus chemistry, the money can rain down like a thunderstorm in those chat rooms.

Chaturbate earnings can literally be eye-popping, when you’ve established yourself. Multiple webcam models report making several thousand dollars per night or session on Chaturbate, which means their monthly income must be jaw-dropping.


See, something you should know about Chaturbate is that, for whatever reason, rich guys LOVE to hang out on that site. It’s probably the most whale-infested cam site in existence (whales are basically big spenders who tip huge amounts). This is why it’s so great for online-only sugar babies.

Online-only sugar babies are often non-nude webcam models, by the way. Yeah, you don’t actually need to get naked or do anything sexual on cam if you don’t want to. Not gonna lie, it can help if nothing else is working, but if you’ve got a great personality and you’re pretty, you can often make lots of money just sitting there and chatting up your room.

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Actually, some of the most successful webcam models on Chaturbate do exactly that. A lot of them are sugar babies who develop close relationships with their “regulars” and online sugar daddies. They get paid for the companionship, NOT any kind of sexual entertainment. Sometimes those relationships evolve into that, but they often don’t.


How Much Do New Cam Girls On Chaturbate Make?

Ok, so we now know that big models can make literally THOUSANDS of dollars per night on Chaturbate, but how much can a newbie cam girl make just starting out? We’ll assume she has zero social media following to bring into this game.

Whenever you start something new from scratch, there will always be an initiation period at the beginning that you will have to suffer through. That’s just like a law of the universe, nothing you can do about it. The same is true for webcam modeling on Chaturbate, or any other cam site.

When you first start camming, you’re not going to have any regulars, so there will be no one there to tip you for no other reason than they like you and want to support you. Regulars are fucking awesome, and they’re the best thing about being a cam girl. They will literally boost and support your income as a webcam model over the long term.

At the beginning, since you don’t have any loyal fans yet, you won’t make much money on cam. But your earnings will grow steadily the longer you keep camming.


But yeah, when you’re just starting up, you don’t have any regulars, and that sucks, not gonna lie. The good news, though, is that they can be cultivated and built up with time and camming consistency. If you go on cam regularly, more and more viewers will remember you from last time and spend time in your chat room. Eventually, some will tip, bond with you, and become regulars.

Once you’ve got a nice group of regulars, then get ready honey bunch. This is when the real money can be made on Chaturbate! Regulars love you and want to support your goals, so as long as you create a team atmosphere and show them some love back, they will tip you just for existing…sometimes a LOT.

Sign Up As a Cam Girl At Chaturbate Here


All it takes to get there is to keep going on cam, day after day, at around the same time of day. This will allow viewers to have repeated exposure to you, and that’s the most critical element of webcam modeling success.

More exposure to you means more bonding, more familiarity, more closeness, more support, more tipping. Get it? It’s actually like any other part of life. Get close to people and they will help you out.


Chaturbate As The Fan Fuel For OnlyFans Income

Like I said at the beginning of this article, Chaturbate is often used by smart webcam models to boost their OnlyFans income. Their earnings on the fans platforms will go up a lot if they can build a substantial fan following to feed into it. OnlyFans, Fansly, and LoyalFans are where truly HUGE money gets made in the adult industry.

The reason is simple…these platforms were DESIGNED with one specific purpose in mind — enable models to monetize their fans to the MAXIMUM EXTENT POSSIBLE. Read that again girl, cuz it’s necessary you get this right.

You see, on a fans platform, you have access to all the tools you need to get money flowing from your fans and regulars to your sweet little bank account. You can sell image sets, videos, all sorts of stuff. You can chat up your big tippers and get even closer. And you can use advanced direct message marketing that is proven to boost earnings through the roof.

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The smart webcam models use Chaturbate to acquire a following, then monetize that following on OnlyFans and other fans platforms. But you shouldn’t promote OnlyFans or the others on Chaturbate, it’s against terms of service. Instead, you need to promote your Twitter from Chaturbate (every cam girl NEEDS to have a Twitter, it’s basically non negotiable).

From your Twitter, you can then easily promote your OnlyFans, or your Fansly, or your LoyalFans and double or triple the amount of money you end up making off your fan following. Your income could literally jump into the tens of thousands of dollars per month, if you do it right.

So yeah, Chaturbate comes first ladies. Build up your fans there by being consistent, camming hard, and get yourself established. May take a few weeks, but you can and will do it. From there, build your Twitter, then your fans platform account. I honestly recommend LoyalFans right now, they’re more stable than OnlyFans.

If you haven’t yet, set up a webcam model account at Chaturbate pronto! It can take some time to get approved.

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