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April 30, 2020

When searching for a sugar baby, many men will hit the sugar meet sites and never think twice. I mean, that’s just what you do, and there are some good reasons for people to think that. The meet sites ARE pretty effective in finding local girls to start a relationship with (well, some of them are). The problem is that the quality of the girls on those sites can be really, really low. Dating sites in general have this problem, and it’s especially true for sugar dating sites.

But there’s a whole different aspect to the sugar baby search that a lot of sugar daddies don’t even know about, and some of the ones who do don’t even want to give it a chance. I’m talking about cam sites, and it just might come as a surprise to hear that if anything, MOST new sugar relationships are starting there these days. Yep, it’s true.

They can be a much easier way of finding sugar babies than the traditional meet sites, they’re certainly a lot cheaper, and they can allow you to get to know a girl much better before ever making the decision to meet her in person. It’s a pretty good deal.


Using Meet Sites For Your Sugar Baby Search

Alright, but let’s back up for a minute, and talk about WHY guys use the meet sites for their sugar baby search. First, I should point out that I’m talking pretty specifically about one main site here,, because I’ve found that it is the only one that is actually worth anything. Most of the others are either too expensive, don’t have enough people on them, or both.

With that little disclaimer outta the way, though, is pretty damn decent for finding sugar babies. If you’re a serious sugar daddy searching for a sugar baby on that site, you’re pretty much guaranteed to meet someone in your area before too long.

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The site has a pretty good ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies, and the sugar babies outnumber the sugar daddies by a wide margin. Seeking has plenty of helpful features that make searching easier for you and trusting you easier for the girls, and people who sign up are almost always high-quality prospects who don’t want to waste anybody’s time.

Are there any drawbacks to finding sugar babies this way? Yeah, of course there are. And the first one you’re gonna have to learn and get real comfortable with, is the cost. These sites are expensive, ok? Just know that.

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Beyond the cost, there are some other things to remember about using the meet sites for your sugar baby search. For one thing, the girls you meet there are going to be looking for in-person arrangements only. That’s worth remembering because a lot of sugar daddies, especially those who are very busy or married, would rather keep the relationship online than have to commit to going out and taking someone on actual dates.

And while you will get some time to exchange messages with a potential sugar baby, you probably won’t have more than a week or two of that before she’ll expect to set up a meeting and discuss a possible arrangement. You might very well feel the same way. You’re both paying good money to use that site; there’s pressure to keep things moving.


Finding Sugar Babies on Cam Sites

Those downsides are some of the reasons that so many sugar daddies are turning to cam sites nowadays to find their sugar babies. If you don’t know how cam sites work, they’re pretty simple: Girls sign up to broadcast from their own personal webcams there, and viewers can tune in to watch for free.

Those who want to, though, can buy “tokens” on the site that can be used to tip models at will. That system of tipping means the sky’s the limit on how much a camgirl can actually make, because men can choose to simply give them huge sums of cash.

While it’s kind of an open secret, at this point, cam sites are probably the best place to find high-quality online sugar babies.


And they do; the guys who go around dropping hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time on single tips to girls they like are called “whales”, and they’ve reshaped the entire camming business model. Many camgirls will focus, beyond their actual camming work, on just trying to get into sugar relationships with these guys. And the guys, in many cases, are happy to go for that kind of arrangement.

These cam sites can be really awesome tools for your sugar baby search, but you really need to know which ones to use.

Just as Seeking is the only meet site you need to worry about, Chaturbate and MyFreeCams are the go-to spots when it comes to cam site sugaring. They are the two biggest cam site networks on the web, so they have plenty of traffic, and the public perception that they’re the “best” means that it’s high-quality traffic.

You may have to talk to and consider a few girls before finding the one you want to be your sugar baby, but the girls will be there. And there’s plenty of native English speaking girls on there from countries like the US and the UK, which can be rare on some of the other cam sites.

Which brings us to one of the major upsides of looking for a sugar baby on Chaturbate or MFC: You get TIME, really all the time you want, to talk to the girls. There isn’t the same kind of pressure to meet up in person that you feel on the meet sites. Also, the talking doesn’t have to be entirely over text.

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Obviously, video is kind of a built-in part of the deal on cam sites, and once you’ve earned a webcam model’s trust, most will have no problem giving you their phone number and interacting with you that way. You can really take it easy and get to know someone, and then, if and when the time comes that you’re both ready, you can arrange to meet up in real life.

Of course, be aware that until then, you’re going to have an “online-only” sugar baby who you only get to communicate with over the Internet and by phone. That’s part of the price you pay for having a comfortable length of time to build a solid friendship with her.

So, the camsite-based sugar baby search is easier, and lets you take all the time you need to get to know a girl before moving forward with her. Meanwhile, the meet sites are quick and to the point, and for the pretty penny you’ll pay, they promise almost guaranteed success in finding someone (though quality of prospects can be really low).

These days, more sugar daddies are going the cam route, and personally, as a sugar baby, it’s my own preference as well.

Just remember not to waste your time; if you do decide to visit cam sites looking for sugar babies, make sure you use Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. There are other good sites for watching cam models, but none of them are worth it for sugaring the way those two big ones can get it done.

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