How To Find a Sugar Daddy
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How To Find a Sugar Daddy

May 26, 2022

Every once in a while, I think it’s a good idea to hit the brakes on talking about the details of sugaring and what it’s like, and talk to the newbies who haven’t gotten to any of that stuff yet. I’m talking about girls who may have heard about sugar relationships and are curious to maybe try them, but really don’t know that much about even the basics and want to learn more before diving in, which is a good attitude to have.

Covering this subject is helpful, I think, because it doesn’t really matter what you can do with a sugar daddy if you don’t even know how to FIND a sugar daddy. So I’m going to get into some real Sugar 101 stuff here about getting started, and then talk about the new “secret weapon” of finding a sugar daddy that people are using more recently.


Finding a Sugar Daddy Online

Let’s start at the beginning. The steak and potatoes of how to find a sugar daddy is using what’s called a “sugar meet site”, which is pretty much just a normal dating site that’s custom tailored to sugaring.

So you make up a profile that describes yourself and the kind of person you’re looking for, you upload a more or less honest picture showing what you look like, and then you set out searching the site for other people who have done the same thing.

What sets these meet sites apart from good ol’ Eharmony are the features, which are designed to make life easier for people looking to sugar; you’ll run into things like criminal background checks and income verification systems for the sugar daddies.

Probably most important, you’ve got the fact that these sites are FOR sugaring, so everyone knows to go there for that and they’re not going to judge. You’re going to have a much harder time finding a sugar daddy with an honest ad on Plentyoffish; you’ll get a lot of virtual weird looks, and you most likely still won’t get what you want. Sugar daddies don’t hang out on PoF.

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But none of this should be taken as me saying that all sugar meet sites are created equal. Sorry, they just aren’t. In fact, most of them suck; they’re either too small to connect you with anyone in your area, or they’re straight-up scams.

Yeah, scams. As in, the site’s STAFF creates fake profiles and goes around talking to the members to keep them interested, or just uses automated bots to do the same thing. Customers will eventually realize that none of these “conversations” are actually going anywhere, of course, but by then, they’ve hopefully made at least a few juicy monthly payments to the platform. Scam.

Having said that, there ARE some half decent sugar meet sites. When you find one, you’ll need to make sure you approach the “hunt” for your ideal sugar daddy the right way, and avoid the common mistakes that land quite a few eager sugar baby wannabes in a swamp of serious disappointment.

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Start by filling out your profile with lots of the best pics of yourself you’ve got. Load it up with info about your life, your interests, etc. Really try to sound like a deep, serious person who a refined man of means could have a real relationship with. Remember girls, any rich guy can pay to get laid easily…what he wants in a sugar baby is much more than sex.

While you’ll probably get a good bit of messages in your inbox from interested potential sugar daddies, you should also look around the site and contact a few yourself.  You’ll probably have to put in a little work to actually connect with someone of high quality, but it’s worth it.

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Once you get a conversation going, the price you’re paying to be on the site puts some pressure on you to get things moving fast. Be careful with that; I recommend giving it at least a week, maybe a little more, before setting up any kind of initial meeting.

When you DO decide to sit down with someone face to face, you’re gonna be nervous. There’s no getting around that. Reassure yourself with the knowledge that he probably feels the same way. Having a drink or two will also help you feel WAY better, but be careful about that because the important thing of all is that you keep your guard up.

Not to make your unavoidable nervousness worse, but there ARE guys who will try to take advantage of you, usually by aiming to get you into bed with a lot of smooth talk and promises of an arrangement they have no intention of actually delivering on. Never have sex on the first encounter, and if something sounds too good to be true, assume that it is.


Finding Online-Only Sugar Daddies

And now that we’ve covered the basics of finding a sugar daddy on the meet sites, let me throw it all out by telling you a much easier to sugar that’s entirely online. Okay, that’s unfair, since there ARE ups and down to both using the meet sites and the method I’m about to get into.

But doing it this way IS simpler, and frankly, if you’re just looking to maximize your income, it IS better. I’m talking about cam sites, baby, specifically Chaturbate.

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Cam sites are GREAT for getting an online sugar daddy, because they attract rich guys like a magnet.  Not just well-off guys…I’m talking millionaires, here. These men love to visit cam sites, find girls they like, and drop HUGE tips in the hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time on them.

They’re called “whales”, and a lot of them are willing to get into arrangements with the right sugar baby. The reason that Chaturbate is the best site for finding these guys is because it’s one of the biggest camsites on the web with an excellent reputation for quality girls, so these online sugar daddies absolutely FLOCK there.

I really believe this is the future of sugaring; it’s already becoming an increasingly common way for sugar babies to find their sugar daddies, and vice versa.

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Like I said, it’s also very easy. All you have to do is sign up as a webcam model on Chaturbate and broadcast for awhile. I’ve written about best practices for new camgirls, but basically, the stuff you have to do to get established is pretty simple, too.

Before long, you WILL be visited by a whale, and that can easily lead to a sugar relationship. It will be online-only at first, which suits some people just fine. If you want to make it physical, though, LOTS of online sugar daddies will eventually fly their sugar babies out to meet them in person. For me, online sugaring is where it’s at nowadays.

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