Finding Generous Sugar Daddies
Sugar Babies

How To Find Generous Sugar Daddies

July 5, 2021

If you’ve got a sugar daddy, you’re already doing pretty well. You’ve probably got a regular allowance coming in, you’re going out on nice dates, and most likely, there’s a stream of gifts that’s at least dripping steadily on your head if you aren’t being showered in it. That’s a pretty sweet place to be in the world of sugar (get it?), and it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate it.

That said, sometimes you want more. Within reason, this isn’t a bad or excessive attitude to have by itself. There’s an obvious material component to sugaring (though I’ve said over and over that it shouldn’t be ONLY material), and a sugar baby desiring a new toy is hardly behaving out of character.

Of course, my advice is to always make your first response to such cravings the same: ask yourself whether you can reasonably afford it on your own, given the allowance you’re collecting.

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If you can, it’s usually best to avoid leaning on your daddy to buy it for you. Think of explicit requests for specific gifts as an expendable resource: you get a certain number of them per month (or whatever; it depends on the sugar daddy) before you go over the top, and you don’t want to burn your potential “freebies” unnecessarily.

For the most part, you should quietly trust your generous sugar daddy to spoil you as he sees fit, until he himself asks for your input.

When you do decide to make puppy-dog eyes at your daddy for something in particular, though, there are a few strategies to keep in mind in order to have the best chance of the request going well. The first and most important of these is to be subtle.


How To Finesse Your Sugar Daddy

Unless you have very good reason to believe it will work out in your favor (as in, your daddy specifically telling you he likes it), you don’t go around pointing at things and screaming “Ohhh! Buy me that!”

You’re inviting the worst disaster that can come of asking for things: making your daddy feel like you don’t actually care about him and are just suffering his presence so you can get stuff. This is NEVER a good impression to give. You need to finesse that shit, babygirl.

Even if you’re in the kind of sugar relationship in which neither of you expects an emotional investment from the other, and the understood compensation for your time is openly acknowledged, no one likes to actually feel like they’re in that sort of arrangement.

It becomes similar to a bratty waiter incessantly reminding you that he’s only being nice to you because he damn well expects a fat tip at the end of your meal; sure, you and he both know it’s true, but do you really want to HEAR that every five minutes?

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Something else to remember about asking for gifts is that timing is everything. The question may be the same, but there’s a galaxy’s worth of difference between trying to get your daddy to buy you something when he’s just ended a long day at work (and probably just wants to talk to you, or simply enjoy your company as a way of de-stressing), and asking when you’re both relaxed and laughing together over drinks.

Which brings us to another important tip: while using it for this might be ethically questionable, alcohol is definitely your friend here. You don’t want to get him piss-drunk (he’ll agree to everything but remember nothing, and even if he does recall, he’ll feel manipulated), but in general, a tipsy sugar daddy is a generous sugar daddy.

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He will be more receptive to your request, and later, as long as he feels that he was maybe a little out of it but still basically in control of himself at the time, he’ll most likely honor his word.

The way to go about making the actual request is to approach it delicately: usually by bringing up the item you want and talking about how much you love it, and crucially, describing it in detail. It’s not a “diamond necklace”; it’s a 1-carat princess-cut diamond with amazing fire set on a 24-carat gold chain, being sold by Zales.

You want a “designer dress”? No, you want a red front-slit Versace that Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Oscars. Throwing in precise information like this may seem pointless, but it shows your daddy that you’ve researched what you’re asking for.

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That, in turn, tells him two things: first, that this isn’t just a whim and you really do want this thing (meaning you’ll be very happy if he gets it for you), and second, that you aren’t afraid to “do your homework” and learn about what you desire. A sugar daddy is likely to respect and admire both.

Finally, don’t just up and ask “will you buy it for me?” Be more humble; “is there any chance I could get that?” is better.

In most cases, though, the best way to ask for something is not to ask for it at all. Just talk about the thing you want; make it clear that you love it to death and you wish you had it, but you can’t afford it. Don’t overdo it; mentioning it one or two (maybe three) times is plenty. Your daddy will get the message, and make his decision from there, without being put on the spot. Chances are, he’ll appreciate that.

I should mention here that there’s yet a more subtle way to go about this: if you’re also working as a cam girl (which, as I’ve said previously, just about every sugar baby should), simply tell your daddy about it and encourage him to log on and watch you on your site.

Why? Because that’s where your model profile can be found, and if you’re smart, your profile will have a wish list on it. This is a great way to let your daddy know which specific items you want without even having to bring it up. This is the art of finesse, and it’s a critical part of the sugar game.


Online-Only Sugar Daddies

Of course, the effectiveness of this strategy (and it really is effective) also seems to suggest that online sugar daddies are even more likely to buy you the gifts you want, since they will probably want to read your profile to learn more about you. If you noticed this, then congratulations: you’re absolutely right.

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Online-only daddies are absolutely amazing when it comes to giving you stuff, and not just because they’re the most likely to see what you like. For some reason, a guy who restricts his communication with you to online has a higher chance of being a generous sugar daddy, even more generous than one you see in person.

So, it could be that the real best way to get specific items from a sugar daddy is to leave it to your online daddy (or daddies). If you want to give this approach a try, the best site for finding an online-only sugar daddy tends to be Chaturbate, because the richest guys interested in the lifestyle tend to conglomerate there (I still don’t know exactly why).

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Finally, let me just reassure you that the effort really is worthwhile. I have a cam girl friend who’s sugar daddy was online-only for nearly a full year; they never met one another in person at all during this time. But they did get very, very close on Chaturbate, Skype, and the phone, enough that she was eager when her daddy finally offered to buy her a plane ticket to come visit him in real life.

He even sweetened the deal (unnecessarily; like I said, she wanted to go) by promising that something “very special” would happen when they were together. So she went, and her daddy’s surprise was a trip to the car dealership, where he bought her the “insane” item off her online wish list that she readily admits was only there as a joke: a brand-new Mercedes!

It really can happen.