How To Promote OnlyFans

When I started on OnlyFans, it didn’t take me long to get REALLY F#ck!ng SICK AND TIRED trying to figure out how to promote my account and get fans spending money! In this promotion “how to” guide, I’m going to reveal exactly what I learned that allowed me to build my OnlyFans account quickly, so you guys don’t have to suffer like I did!!

Quick steps before continuing…

1 – Sign up at Chaturbate here. (You’ll need an account to use the trick I teach further down)
2 – Sign up at OnlyFans here. (If you haven’t already)
3 – Prepare yourself to learn how the top models get fans and make fat money on OnlyFans! I’m spilling all the secrets!!


The Truth About Why OnlyFans Has Exploded

Ok, so when the pandemic hit, an awful lot of nothing happened to sex workers. Oh, I don’t mean to say that they weren’t affected – it’s actually just the opposite. I mean that a lot of them started seeing nothing, a whole lot of it.

Strippers, escorts, pretty much any sex workers who deal with clients face to face, all began encountering almost no clients anymore. For what felt like the first time in recorded history, guys weren’t too keen on having women they didn’t know sitting on their lap. An awful lot of nothing.

But other parts of the sex industry – basically anything online – had a really different and much more positive experience. Hey, those guys with no girls in their lap still had to get their jollies somehow, right? So they started turning more than ever to cam girls, porn tubes, and the option we’re gonna be talking about today: OnlyFans.

How To Promote Your OnlyFans

OnlyFans has been booming hard during the pandemic. And I would know, honey, because I do OnlyFans myself. I’ve been riding this pony for years, so I know what OF was like before the start of 2020 and what it’s become since. Not only do I make money on OnlyFans, but I’ve made I dunno how many friends of other girls who have been successful on the platform.

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My experience has taught me what works on OF, what doesn’t, why people fail (that’s an important one!), and how to avoid the most common pitfalls. Stick with me, because I’m gonna tell you why now is the time to get in on OnlyFans, and how to promote OnlyFans so you can get your slice on what has become a very big, sweet, and delicious pie.

I can definitely say that while OnlyFans has always been a good way to make money, I have never before seen it become the kind of gold mine it is now. It really started when a bunch of female celebrities, from popular YouTube influencers all the way up to actual TV and movie stars, began making their own OnlyFans accounts with the promise that their subscribers would get to see them naked. That brought over a ton of new customers all by itself.

Due to so many people staying home, the opportunity to make ridiculous amounts of money on OnlyFans has never been greater. This is getting crazy.


Of course, the pandemic has done even more work than that, by increasing the supply as well as the demand. Not only has there been a huge number of new customers with guys who are stuck at home and may have already been introduced to OF by those celebrities, but there’s been plenty of new girls to attract them.

That might be the former strippers and escorts we were talking about, or just women from other jobs who are now out of work. Bottom line is that the market’s huge, with both buyers and sellers.

And when I say huge, I mean huge. It’s become common for OnlyFans models to be making money to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars per month, with the girls at the top pulling down hundreds of thousands in the same amount of time. All of those guys coming in more or less at once have brought big money into the business. The time to get in is definitely now.


How Much Money Do OnlyFans Models Make?

Alright, so I know what you’re probably thinking: “Wouldn’t having all those new girls just increase competition for me and make it harder for me to succeed, even if there are more potential customers out there?”

I get you, for real, and this is something I used to worry about too when I noticed all the newcomers. I’ll even say that, all things being equal, it would probably be true. But honey, in this OnlyFans boom, all things are NOT equal.

For sure, a lot of girls are struggling, fighting for the scraps of fans that they’re able to get. But I’ve been watching those girls, because if there’s one business principle I believe in, it’s that knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does. And it didn’t take me long to notice that the models who weren’t making it all had one thing in common: They had no strategy, and no idea that they needed one.

Jem Wolfie Makes Big Money on OnlyFansJem Wolfie has revealed she has made $30,000 per month on her OnlyFans account.

For real. I don’t mean to talk smack about these girls, because I’m sure they’re doing their best. But these are newbies, plain and simple, who seem to be thinking to themselves “flesh = $$$$” and that all they have to do is toss up a few nudes a week and wait for the riches to roll in. I can’t imagine that works in pretty much any line of work, but it definitely doesn’t cut the mustard on OF.

It isn’t just about the posts, you’ve got to understand how to promote OnlyFans properly, in order to draw in the subscribers. When you do that, let me tell you, the sky’s the limit!

I’ve talked about the insane income figures that are possible on OnlyFans before, but it bears repeating, because you need to understand just how crazy it can get. To start off with, there was a report about one model who started making around ten grand each and every month, and cracked total earnings of $100k in pretty short order.

I begin with this one because he’s a man, performing for the gay audience. Brace yourself for the shock of a lifetime, but while the gay porn niche is for sure nothing to sneeze at, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the straight male audience looking for porn with women.

So as you can imagine, female models do even better. As in, a lot better. With many girls, we’re talking about twice the numbers, or up around $20,000 per month. Of course, the top performers are practically writing their own checks; you can easily see over a million bucks a year in those ranks.

My Making Money on OnlyFans Journey…


Now, here’s the really killer part I haven’t even mentioned: These are all pre-pandemic numbers. Yep, that’s how models were doing on OnlyFans before the huge boom I’ve been talking about. Again, OF has been doing gangbusters for years – it’s just that everyone staying at home (and especially away from in-person sex workers, who have a particular reputation for being less than squeaky clean) has shot those engines into overdrive.

But I can’t possibly say this enough: All that extra money isn’t just there for the asking. Getting it isn’t hard, but it does require more than just uploading random pics to your account here and there and seeing what happens. OnlyFans promotion is a fine art, and it’s one you’ve got to learn if you expect to rise above the crowd of clueless noobs who don’t know how this business really works.

The secret is to promote your presence on OF across the internet, on lots of different sites, in ways that target your audience (straight male porn consumers). But that doesn’t mean posting links nobody asked for on a bunch of online message boards. We need a sharper strategy than that. As it turns out, there’s just a few places you need to work properly in order to get your account swimming and making money.


Using Twitter To Promote Your OnlyFans

Let’s start with Twitter, because that’s easily one of your most useful tools in promoting your OnlyFans. There are a few reasons for that, but it mostly boils down to how simple Twitter makes it to reach a whole bunch of people at once, and the fact that you can post adult content there without getting into trouble.

Twitter is pretty much mission critical; everybody who’s anybody in the world of adult models has to know how to use it, and how to use it well.

So if you aren’t already, get on Twitter. I recommend using a dedicated account just for your online adult work, but you do you. You can use your personal account if you want, just be ready to deal with what usually comes when all your family and friends find out what you do for a living.

To grow your Twitter account, you’re going to want to start following and retweeting. Like, a whole, whole lot. That’s within the industry, of course. Search around for other adult models, who again, are all over the place on Twitter. Brand new girls won’t have the fan base to be of much help, and the very popular models will probably have too much on their plate to notice you, so it’s best to target the ones in the middle.

Twitter is really essential for any OnlyFans model who wants to promote her account effectively. If only for the connections you’ll make with other models, it’s def worth it.


These are women who will appreciate you following and retweeting them because it can only help get more eyes on them, so they’re likely to follow and retweet you right back. This gives you access to their fans, also known as large numbers of guys directly in your target audience.

With these guys helping form a base to work from, you can promote your OnlyFans account quickly and effectively. Tweet often about yourself and your life, because your customers want to feel like they know you personally.

Every once awhile, maybe on each fourth or fifth tweet, include a link to your OF page and invite people to come check it out. And remember, Twitter allows adult content (but not in your header or avatar), so feel free to include a quick “teaser” snap of yourself in something revealing (leave the actual nudes for OnlyFans, though).

This following and retweeting technique will get you some solid Twitter numbers, but it’s only half the story. A little less than half, actually, because if you really want to grow your Twitter account, you need to use Chaturbate.


Promoting OnlyFans on Chaturbate

Yes, I’m basically saying that in the end, thriving as an OnlyFans girl involves also being a webcam model. This is the part that most models don’t get, and it’s the reason you’re going to succeed where they fail.

What you need here is the huge traffic and platform of a cam site. There are plenty of those, but I’m highly recommending Chaturbate because it’s got the biggest user base, and you can make a name for yourself there pretty easily (especially compared to some other cam sites).

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Doing that mostly involves camming a lot. When you’re first starting, in fact, you’ll probably want to be on there 7 days a week for at least a couple of hours a day. Try to keep a consistent schedule as to when you’re online, rather than being all over the place and just coming on whenever you feel like it (a common rookie mistake).

You DO get to set your own hours as a cam girl, you just need to keep them more or less the same each day. That way, guys who like you today can find you tomorrow, so they eventually become attached to you and keep coming back – regularly – for a long time. We appropriately call these guys “regulars”, and they’re the bread and butter of camming.

For your first few days, you may not make much, if any, money. This is another one of those “filters” that scares a lot of newbies away – don’t be one of them. First of all, you don’t need to make money so much on Chaturbate, since you’re mainly using it to promote your OnlyFans. And second, you WILL make money, on both, so long as you’re patient and don’t give up.

You’ll notice that over time (maybe a few weeks, a couple weeks if you’ve got talent and luck), you will build up a stable of regulars. Like I said, these are the members of your audience who like you more than just a little. They enjoy keeping up with your shows, not just for the obvious reasons but because they want to know what’s going on with you.

Most of the time, they’ll also be your best tippers, which is nice. But the really important part is that they feel like they know you to some degree, and they feel a certain loyalty to you. So when you post a link to your Twitter account in your public chat room and ask them to click it, they’re have no problem at all with that.

Using cam sites like Chaturbate to fuel your Twitter following is one of the best-kept secrets in the OnlyFans creator business. These sites have HUGE traffic, so they make building up your Twitter SOOO much easier!


Really, though, even many of the casual lookie-loos who never talk and never tip will very often check out the link. This is because of yet another reason that cam sites are perfect for promoting OnlyFans: Cam site viewers love anything that’s free, even more than most people.

Post your link to your Twitter account every once in awhile, mention that it’s totally free, and a lot of your audience at any given time will bite. You can almost always count on your regulars here, for sure, but this is something that just works well on a cam site, period.

This way, we can use random eyes from Chaturbate’s enormous traffic to funnel views for our Twitter account, and what are we doing on Twitter? You got it, sister – promoting OnlyFans!

One word of warning, though: Never, and I mean never, post a direct link to your OF page on Chaturbate. You may think it’s an easy way to cut out the middle man, but it turns out we really need that middle man. Chaturbate doesn’t take kindly to OnlyFans links, because they don’t actually want you to make money with their site except through their “tokens” system.

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They take a cut of all the tokens you earn, but they don’t get a piece of any action that happens off-site. You could easily be banned if they catch you promoting OnlyFans directly – that’s why we need Twitter.

This Chaturbate-Twitter-OnlyFans chain should be the core of your strategy for promoting OF, but there’s other sites you should be using as well. Probably the most important one (that isn’t Chaturbate or Twitter) would be Reddit, which can be a truly awesome resource.


Reddit Promo Tips

Like Twitter, Reddit allows adult content on certain “subreddits”, or topics where people post. It also tends to attract high-quality users, meaning people who have disposable income and are willing to spend it on their interests. Why exactly Reddit has people with pockets is anybody’s guess, but it’s a fact that it does, and we can use that fact.

The key to using Reddit well is to pick relevant subreddits, then participate as part of the local community there. One thing you definitely do not want is to be seen as a “spammer” on Reddit, someone who’s just there to pump your presence on other social media and doesn’t actually care about the discussions taking place. Most subreddits won’t even allow that, and you’ll be banned when reported.

So, don’t be a spammer. Go into porn- and sexwork-related subreddits, and contribute on-topic posts. Dedicate a certain amount of time each day or every other day to doing this, and make a name for yourself among the other posters.

Reddit is a site that attracts higher-brow, nerdier users that tend to have more money to spend. You can find a lot of “superfans” there.


Put up an occasional “teaser” pic just like you do on Twitter; depending on the subreddit, it can be as sexy as you like. Again, it can even be nude, though I’d recommend leaving that stuff behind the OF paywall.

Once in awhile, share a link to your Twitter profile. Reddit doesn’t have the same anti-OF restriction that Chaturbate does, but keeping it to Twitter will lower the chances that you’ll be seen as a spammer. Anyway, as we talked about in the Chaturbate section, sending people to your Twitter account is just as good, because that’s where you’re promoting OnlyFans directly. Reddit is a great place to find those eyeballs for Twitter.


OnlyFans Shout 4 Shout Tricks (S4S)

Speaking of Twitter, that’s where you’re going to be interacting the most with other adult models. Some of this can happen on Reddit, too, but on there and Chaturbate, you’ll mostly be speaking directly to the customers (which is good). Twitter is an even mix, though, which is why it’s the best site to set up what we call Shout 4 Shouts.

A Shout 4 Shout is a really easy, effective way for models to help each other out. All you do is talk to someone, who preferably has a following around the same size as or larger than yours, and agree to mention each other in your tweets.

You can just say your friend is really hot, and people should check out her cam shows or her OF page or whatever, while she does the same for you. Her followers aren’t the same as your followers, so this can help bring fresh customers to you both.

Many models report that they started to really make good money on OnlyFans once they started doing S4S trades. These shouts can change the game, trust me.


Shout 4 Shouts are really good for everyone, and not just because of the new fans. Making deals like this is a way of networking with other adult models, and doing something that brings real benefit to them.

You’re hopefully benefiting just as much, of course, but when you help another model, she’s going to appreciate and remember it. That leads to friendships in the industry, which means people who’ve got your back in the future.

The Telegram app is also great for finding OnlyFans S4S partners, because a LOT of models have created groups on there for this purpose exactly. So, definitely download the app and be ready when models you meet on Twitter invite you into one of their Telegram groups.


Managing Your OnlyFans Account

Alright, so we’ve got promotion handled. But what about running the OnlyFans account itself? How do we manage it properly and actually make money?

I think the first bit of advice I would offer here would be not to price yourself out of the market. A monthly subscription cost of $20 is about average for adult models, but when you’re just starting out, you should consider going below that. Girls getting impatient about money is another reason they often wash out in their early days.

Hey, I get it: We’ve all got bills to pay. And it’s easy to feel like if you’re going to strip down and shake it for the camera, you deserve to make top dollar for it. But guys can get porn for free all over the internet, including on the cam site you should also be using (as we talked about).

The reason they’re willing to pay for porn with YOU in it is because they like you, personally. Give them a chance to start doing that without having to make a big investment. You can raise your price later.

Speaking of getting guys to like you, don’t go too crazy on the DM’s, either. OnlyFans allows you to exchange direct messages with your subscribers, and charge them for every message they get from you. It can be a great way to add to your revenues, but I find it’s best to keep that price at or near the minimum.

Develop a relationship with fans who spend money on you. The closer they feel to you, the more money they’ll spend on your content, tips, and so on.


You WANT to encourage your fans to talk to you. It helps them get to know you and develop a bond. That’s what keeps them coming back month after month, which is worth a lot more than a few overpriced DM’s.

As for your uploads, make sure you stay active! Long delays between new content is hands-down the #1 reason adult models lose subscribers, and I hate to see it. You should aim to post a new picture at least once a day, every day.

It doesn’t have to be a studio-quality production featuring you all dolled up in make-up and fake perfect nails, though – in fact, your fans will LIKE seeing you as you really are. A quick snap in the bathroom mirror after a shower or even just in bed when you’re first waking up will do just fine.

Once a week, upload a video. You should put a little more effort into these, but you still don’t need any professional equipment or directors. A few minutes worth of you with a dildo or something should be all you need; just do your hair and shave in the right places first.


Using A Free OnlyFans To Promote Your Premium

Finally, one last pointer on promotion: Use a free OnlyFans account as well as your “premium”, for-pay page. As you might imagine, this is an account that fans can view without charge, where you’ll post clean everyday pictures of yourself and the occasional non-nude sexy teaser.

It’s yet another great way to help the audience get to know you before they have to make the decision to pay, while coming with frequent reminders of your premium page and how much more “intimate” you get there.

The reason this is such an effective marketing tactic is because, as we covered earlier, so much of the traffic we’re trying to monetize is coming from Chaturbate. I mentioned that cam site viewers love free stuff even more than most people already do, and this is extremely important to keep in mind.

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You want to attract potential customers to as much of your free content as possible before they hit the paywall. That way, by the time they’re asked to actually open their wallet, they know you and practically love you, and a few bucks a month to see “more” of you is well worth it.

Here we have, again, another mistake that newcomers usually make when they want to cut straight to the action and get paid immediately: They ignore setting up a free OF page. Oh, and by the way, you can link your free account to your premium account in the OnlyFans settings.

Using a free account can help you get fans more eager to buy a subscription to your premium account. Tease them, bond with them, and draw them in closer on your free account. Eventually, they’ll go premium!


Just remember that all of this begins by getting traffic on Chaturbate, then funneling it toward OF (through Twitter). So, take your camming seriously. Be super warm and friendly to the viewers on Chaturbate, talk to them, and try to engage with them about their interests. Get them to start thinking that you’re an interesting person they might like to know more about.

Starting there, they’ll be motivated to check you out on Twitter, and then your free OF page. Naturally, the same warning from before applies: Never use Chaturbate to link to that free OF page directly. Only Twitter promo on Chaturbate!

That’ll do it for now, girls. OnlyFans is seriously taking off right now, so listen to what I’m telling you here, and take advantage of this boom. Believe me, once you’ve got everything running just right, your bank account will thank you!

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