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Online Sugar Daddy – No Meeting Ever

January 16, 2019

As much as I love sugaring, I get that for some people, there are reasons not to. I’m willing to admit that. A lot of girls look at sugaring as getting paid to spend time with guys they may not actually like or at least wouldn’t be hanging out with otherwise (which is a deep issue that I have mixed feelings on, but I won’t go into it right now), and more than I like to acknowledge will even take the completely unjustifiable leap into calling it prostitution (which is straight-up douche water, it’s not).

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How online-only sugar arrangements work.
2 – Where to find a great online sugar daddy.
3 – How to make HUGE money with no meeting at all.


Others may actually want to be in a sugar relationship, but are understandably scared off by the intensity and commitment they can involve. The bottom line is, there are plenty of women out there who want to get into sugaring without direct contact with their sugar daddy, but don’t know how to be a sugar baby like that, or even whether it’s possible. I’m here to tell you that it is, honey, and it is AWESOME! It’s called being an online-only sugar baby, and I want to give you all the info you need to make it happen for you.


No Meeting at All? How Does It Work?

To start with, an online only sugar baby is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You talk to a guy in a totally digital way, through text messages and internet messaging, you “see” each other in only the most literal sense over video streaming like Skype or Facetime, and of course, you keep in touch over the phone. There are no “dates” to keep up with, other than maybe eating a meal or watching a movie in the comfort of your own home while having an open Skype video connection with your sugar daddy, who’s doing the same thing on his end.

You won’t be asked to attend fancy dinner parties with your beau and his business associates as his arm candy. And you don’t have to worry about being told to drop everything in your life so you can disappear for a week on an exotic getaway to Bora Bora. Those things don’t happen. What DOES happen is getting showered in money and gifts in the same amounts as you’d get if you were cruising five-star restaurants with your sugar daddy in New York.

He’ll Paypal you every month, order dresses and jewelry off Amazon to be shipped to your door, and, if he’s anything like this one guy I was with online for awhile, he’ll randomly hire a special delivery service with refrigerated trucks to bring you Belgian chocolates without warning “just because”. What man would do all this for a girl he might never even meet in person?

Married men will often become online sugar daddies without meeting their sugar babies. It’s often better than traditional arrangements for them.


Plenty of them, actually, for a lot of different reasons. Like I said, though, I want to focus more on the “how” today than the “why”, so I won’t go too deep into it. The general breakdown is that these guys are married and don’t want to cheat, married and don’t want to get caught, or they’re super-busy successful professionals who don’t have time for a regular girlfriend. There may or may not be other issues in play, but really, I’ve noticed that these are the three most common ones.


Using Cam Sites To Find Online Sugar Daddies

Most people really have no idea how to be a sugar baby online, so I’ll start right at the beginning. You’re going to be meeting these guys by working as a webcam model, otherwise known as a “cam girl”. This DOES make some women uncomfortable, but it honestly shouldn’t. While camming may have a reputation for being about girls dancing around in their birthday suits and sticking things in places they may or may not have been meant to go — all in front of a live worldwide audience — it doesn’t have to be anything like that.

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As someone who works as a cam girl myself, I’ll tell you straight up: many webcam models never even get naked, let alone do all the other stuff (it’s called “non-nude webcam modeling,” and it’s a thing). For what we’re after here, in fact, a more modest and refined approach is actually BETTER than letting it all hang out online.

We’ll get to that, though. Right now let’s talk about exactly WHERE you’re going to be not letting it all hang out, because trust me, there are a LOT of cam sites out there. But we’re actually pretty lucky to be doing this right now, instead of even a few years ago. While things were pretty chaotic for awhile, today there’s a clear winner in the cam site wars, and it’s Chaturbate. The site is HUGE; it’s the biggest cam site on the web, and I think it’s even in the top ten or something of all websites everywhere.

Guide To Online Sugar Daddies

When you work there, you’ll have access to much more traffic than you would see anywhere else, which will speed up the process of getting yourself established. Not only that, but guys with enough money to be sugar daddies tend to be attracted to Chaturbate, probably since those types like to have the “best” of everything. Just make sure you sign up with the site as soon as possible; they’ll accept you as long as you’re 18 or older, but sometimes it does take them awhile to approve new model accounts.

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Finding your digital sugar daddy and becoming an online sugar baby means talking and getting close with a lot of guys to find those that you’re compatible with, so you’re going to want to get people into your chat room on Chaturbate. That’s also how you make money as a webcam model, and those earnings can add up to a pretty nice income, so it works out. Getting those people to check you out, though, doesn’t just happen for a girl who sits in front of her computer looking bored or surly. You’ve got to charm, bewitch, and above all, ENTERTAIN these guys!

Being talkative, friendly, and engaging is extremely important on cam. Even introverted girls can do well, though, because socializing is way easier when it’s done online.


Like I said before, being entertaining doesn’t necessarily mean getting naked or anything beyond that. You might be surprised how many men on cam sites aren’t even after that, which they can get on a porn site whenever they want anyway. What they’re really looking (and tipping!) for is to make a connection with the cam girls they like. It’s more about personal interaction than it is about T&A.

They want to get to know you, from what you’re studying in school to what you like to do in your free time. Talk about ALL of that, and do it with a happy smile on your face that says you actually want to be there. Put on some warm, inviting music in the background, something with a slow tempo that won’t distract people or overpower what you’re saying. These guys WANT to see you as a human being, for a change; don’t act like a mindless sex object.


Tips To Keep In Mind

I’ll tell you right now, because it’s important: this isn’t gonna happen overnight. It isn’t unusual for your first day as a cam girl, and sometimes even your first few days if you’re unlucky, to pass by without any tips coming in. I get that that’s frustrating, but some girls TOTALLY overreact to it by quitting before they’ve been at it for even a week.

And THAT is what frustrates ME, because I know what it takes to be a cam girl and I know that most of these newbies would’ve been pulling down awesome money if they’d stuck with it. It’ll actually happen sooner than you think: the tips should start almost immediately (though not quite), and by the end of a month on the job, with consistent camming, you should already be seeing a pretty decent income. It only gets better from there.

The biggest obstacle for new cam girls is waiting to build up a following, so that they can start making real money. Patience is an ABSOLUTE must!


Of course, the right attitude is what MAKES it better, and that attitude changes a bit when we’re out looking for an online sugar daddy. When you’re first starting out, you don’t really need to worry about this too much; again, just be friendly and engaging, and don’t let the room get boring.

Once you’ve built up some regulars, though, it’ll be time to take your work as a cam girl and start thinking about how to be a sugar baby with it (online-only, with no meeting). This is where we really get into the importance of not casting yourself as just another hot body for guys to whack it to. Those are a dime a dozen, and the place to find them is Pornhub more than it is Chaturbate.

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Remember when I said that financially well-off men like to feel like like they’re getting the “best”? That absolutely applies to the women they hang out with, whether in person or online. In fact, they’re MORE exclusive about that than they are about most other things. These guys don’t want a naked hussy who parades herself around for the amusement of random people. They want a refined lady who, like the guys we’re talking about, demands top-shelf quality from her male friends. An online sugar daddy likes the kind of girl that every guy wants, because HE is gonna be the one to get her.

This doesn’t just mean looking good. In fact, being classically “gorgeous” isn’t all that important. Just look the best that YOU can, with salon hair, tasteful makeup, and above all, NICE clothes. Wear the best threads you’ve got (sexy dinner dresses are often perfect for this), look like a million bucks, and project confidence with every expression that comes over your face.

Mind your image above all else. Be that “special” girl only the most high value and important men get to talk to.


You also need to act right. Be a little haughty and aloof, without coming off as a bitch. You’re polite to everyone, but friendly to only a select few. And when it comes to the “being human” part, the things you talk about are going to be a little more sophisticated than which TV shows you follow. Instead, educate yourself on subjects that upper-crust men are into, and focus on those when you’re on cam. But even if you don’t know much about those topics, show a willingness to learn and allow yourself to develop a genuine interest in them (daddies love to teach!).


Online Sugar Daddy Candidates Need to be “Warmed Up”

Most of the guys who will want you to be an online sugar baby will first present themselves to you as “whales”, which are a blessing in themselves. These are users who love to spend money on cam girls, and will drop into a channel and think nothing of handing out a tip worth $1,000 or more just to see the model’s reaction. If you’re getting the image right, they’re the ones you’re going to be attracting the most, but you still need to reach out to them.

You should be privately messaging your best tippers anyway; it goes double for whales. Don’t come off sounding desperate, of course, but be clear that you’d like to be friends, and keep in touch. Make them feel like you, the unattainable girl who’s super selective about whom she spends her time with, has chosen THEM.

Make extensive use of “private messaging” with your potential online sugar daddy. Chat and get personal on a one-on-one basis, which will seriously strengthen the relationship.


But it’s not just about waiting for the whales to come to you. You can go to THEM, and get their attention. Whales like to hang out in the channels of the most popular, “top” webcam models (the ones with the most traffic, as rated by Chaturbate), because again, they want the best. Having all those people around also gives the whales plenty of recognition when they drop huge tips, which strokes their egos.

So, don’t be shy: go out and visit the popular girls in their channels. Socialize, and make friends. This will do you an enormous amount of good even beyond finding online sugar daddies, because it will increase your exposure as a webcam model and build good will with the biggest players on the site. If you make friends with an elite cam girl, she might even agree to do a joint broadcast with you sometime, which will cause you to shoot up in the ranks by giving you access to her massive audience.

All of this starts with just mingling with people in her channel, looking for whales. Be careful, though, not to actually try to steal her tippers. That’s called “poaching” in the industry, and it’s extremely uncool and heavily frowned upon. You can socialize and be friendly in another cam model’s room without outwardly trying to poach members. Just be yourself and they’ll come to you.

Mingling with other models and their fans can be a great way to increase your exposure on the cam site, but don’t go over the line and try to “poach” regulars.


It might happen quickly or it might take its time, but once you do make friends with some whales, you’re going to find that some of them want you to be their online sugar baby, without expecting any meeting at all. This is extremely common and DOES happen all the time, no matter what some webcam models say. Just because it’s difficult for some people to understand doesn’t mean shit.

Now’s the time to be a little careful. As anyone who knows how to be a sugar baby in real life can tell you, this isn’t something you want to jump into with just anyone. Yeah, the money’s great, but there IS a relationship there, and you want to be comfortable with a certain level of intimacy with the other person. Don’t underestimate online sugaring just because it’s not happening in person.

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That said, of course, obviously there IS a huge difference between sugaring online and doing it in real life. One of those differences, as I spoke about earlier, is that you won’t be going on expensive dates and exotic vacations. You also may or may not ever meet your sugar daddy in person; that depends on the preferences of the particular couple, based on how their relationship develops.

These things can be good or bad, and ultimately come down to what you’re looking for from sugaring. If you want to take in the life experiences that an arrangement can offer, you’re better off finding a traditional in-person sugar daddy. But while fun, a lot of people find that totally exhausting (I know I sure as hell did!), and they’d rather go with a kind of sugaring that takes up less of their time and imposes less on their lives, without sacrificing the material rewards that the relationship can bring. For those, online sugar is definitely what they’re looking for.

Having an online-only sugar daddy with no meeting up can be just as rewarding, without consuming a huge amount of your time.


Either way, you will still have to make SOME time for your sugar daddy. There will be phone calls and video chats, usually at specific times of day when you’re both free, and usually a lot of texting at all hours. You’ll need to make yourself available for all of this, and never make your sugar daddy feel like you’re neglecting him. But that takes up maybe a few hours per week, and hands down, it’s WAY easier than keeping a physical sugar relationship going.

I just want to finish by encouraging you to try this out, because it honestly did change my life. If I had listened to all the naysayers that were assuring me having an online sugar daddy with no meeting was impossible, I would have never experienced the amazing lifestyle I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying for years now. It IS POSSIBLE, and this is the way to do it. Get your webcam model account at Chaturbate right now, and get yourself a piece of this pie before it gets too saturated!

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