Webcam Modeling Vs Stripping
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Webcam Modeling Vs Stripping

August 7, 2021

Lots of girls who are thinking about getting into some form of adult entertainment want to make a choice between camming online, and being a “real-life” stripper in a club. There seems to be a perception that webcam modeling is easy but earns less money than stripping, while being a stripper is really difficult but brings home the most bacon.

In my experience, it’s actually the opposite as far as the money goes, though there’s real work that has to be done in both jobs. Of course, there are reasons to get into either one over the other, as both have important pros and cons that need to be taken into account.


Cam Girls & Strippers – How They Differ

Let’s take a quick minute to make sure we’re all clear on what camming and stripping actually are, and what they’re not. A webcam model is a person (usually a woman, but plenty of men do very well in the business too) who performs on a webcam and broadcasts online.

They sign up for an account on any of the countless camming sites out there, such as Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, and once they’re approved, they can go online any time they like. That means cam models are free to set their own hours, and work when they want to or when other parts of their schedule allow.

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Meanwhile, strippers usually have a gig at one or more clubs, and they always have a schedule – in fact, getting listed for the right hours (evenings on weekends, mostly) is crucial to their success. Still, something they have in common with cam girls is that they don’t work “for” their club (or site in the case of cam girls), as employees.

They’re almost always considered “independent contractors”, meaning they earn and keep their own money directly from their customers, and in fact they usually have to pay the club a fee to allow them to work there. Still, strippers can make some awesome money.

It’s about charming way more than it is about dancing, and a stripper who knows how to charm the customers will get showered in tips, requests for lap dances, and super-lucrative visits to the VIP room.

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What neither a cam girl nor a stripper is, is a prostitute. That’s a huge misconception many people have, especially about strippers (cam girls don’t physically interact with their customers, though amazingly some of them still suffer from this stigma).

I’m not gonna be naive and pretend that no one offers some extra services on the side, but then they’re just prostitutes in addition to being strippers or webcam models. Nothing about either job obligates you to take money for sex.

Like I said, though, each one has advantages and disadvantages compared to the other. For webcam modeling, the ability to work from home is definitely one of the bigger upsides. I mentioned before that cam girls get to set their own hours, and it’s very true. There’s no “boss” looking over your shoulder, so if you want to work all night and sleep into the afternoon, that’s totally cool.

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And believe me, a good webcam model isn’t taking any kind of financial hit in exchange for having that kind of freedom. Cam girls can make some truly ridiculous bank. Making a living doing nothing else is absolutely a realistic goal, and for those at the top, incomes can go into seven figures. And it’s all without ever having to physically touch anybody, which is a huge plus for a lot of girls.

On the other hand, one of the drawbacks to webcam modeling is a big-time need for serious self-discipline, and all that freedom we were just talking about is the biggest reason why. Sure, you can set your own schedule, but you damn well better stick to whatever you decide. Your fans need to be able to find you consistently, or they won’t be your fans for very long.

That means you need to crack that whip on yourself, and keep your hours. And you need to keep them rain or shine, through good times and bad. There will be stretches of “dead” camming, where your revenues are consistently below average for days, or maybe weeks at a time. I can’t begin to tell you how many girls quit during these dry spells, but that’s exactly when you need to push yourself to keep going.

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What about stripping? Well, contrary to what you may have heard, many girls find that line of work extremely empowering. There’s a period of embarrassment to get over when you first start going up on that stage, but once you’ve killed it, it stays dead.

And then you realize that you’re the center of attention for the entire room, a room full of people who paid money at the door to sit down, have a beer and see YOU. I won’t lie, it’s pretty awesome.

Building up regulars is also a little easier as a stripper than it is for cam girls. A webcam model has to rely on conversation and other kinds of non-physical engagement to get and keep guys interested. In the club, though, you can pretty much just sit in a man’s lap, and have a better than even chance he’ll be eating out of your hand.

You do still need to talk and be friendly and all of that, but there’s a huge advantage that comes with being able to punctuate your sentences with a hand through the customer’s hair, or down his cheek.

Of course, like I said, many women don’t like having to touch strange guys. And there’s no sugarcoating it: If you’re one of them, stripping isn’t for you. Physical contact is a huge part of the job. Then there’s the technique and sheer exhaustion of dancing so much, facing catty drama with the other girls, and the chance of accidentally hurting yourself on the poles.

This last one doesn’t happen often, but it’s easier than you might think. You can’t “tune out” while you’re on the stage.


Webcam Modeling Edges Out Stripping

So which job is better? In the end, it really depends on what kind of a person you are, physically as well as psychologically. Some girls are the introverted, shy types, and may not be the most physically fit. Those two traits don’t always go together, but often they do.

For either, I’d recommend being a webcam model over stripping. There’s just less physical activity behind the cam, and any shy person will tell you that it’s much easier to interact with people over the internet (even when they can see you) than in person.

On the other hand, there are those who are natural social butterflies and are built for exercise. They’ll definitely do well as strippers, for the same reasons that their opposites might prefer camming.

Note that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these personality or activity types! You do you, and be comfortable. I’m just offering advice on the job you might be best-suited for.

Either way, though, I generally recommend that most girls start off with camming, then if and when they feel ready, move on to stripping. Because of the flexibility of being a webcam model, there’s no reason you can’t also strip, and make double the money you could expect from either career on its own. Who’d want to pass that up?

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