What do webcam models really do?
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What Do Webcam Models Do?

July 4, 2021

Being a cam girl is the easiest job in the world. You get up at 12 PM, laze around all afternoon watching Netflix (with or without “chill”), then in the early evening, you spend a few hours sitting naked in front of your computer while strangers throw money at you and tell you how hot you are. Maybe a nightcap, and it’s off to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat until you get rich.

Said no webcam model…EVER.

I’m sure you can imagine that there’s a good deal more to it than that. In reality, the time you spend actually broadcasting on camera is the LEAST of what you’re doing to succeed as a cam girl. The particulars of your average “day in the life” will vary from model to model depending on a lot of factors, especially whether you perform in daylight hours or prefer to overnight it (or some combination).

For that reason, I won’t bore you with an account of exactly what I do every morning, noon and night, but I’ll tell you how it more or less goes down for most of us.


The Cam Girl Day

So, you wake up in the morning – yes, the morning, sorry. This is usually a good time to snap some pictures to post on social media, because it’s your best opportunity of the day to get “candid” shots that show you as you are without a bunch of pampering and preparation beforehand. That’s gold for your fans, since it helps them get closer to you and feel like a part of your life.

Yeah, you can always “cheat” with these pics and try to sneak in some make-up or contrive some details, but honestly I wouldn’t recommend it. Just let them see you in the morning, warts and all. I promise it’ll only help, not hurt.

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Breakfast shouldn’t be a huge deal, but you definitely don’t want to skip it (for metabolic reasons). Some eggs and toast or something along those lines should be fine. The important thing is not to feel too full and bloaty, because you’ll probably need to make some time after you finish eating to hit the gym.

Yeah, staying in shape is an important part of being a cam girl, and we ALL know it doesn’t come easy. Try to go with a group – it helps you stick to the routine, and it makes it more fun. By the way, breakfast and gym are both additional chances to post some social media pics. Don’t be afraid to take them!

I’ve really got to drive home this point about social media, because it can be so easy for less experienced webcam models to miss. You NEED to be active there, on the order of several posts per day. The best way to do it is with a public Snapchat account (“public” just means it’s free, with no attempt made to make money off of it directly) for your model name, where you put up plenty of casual pictures from your daily life. Social media isn’t just “helpful”, and using it isn’t just a suggestion to optimize your results. These days, it’s mission-critical.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be a social media butterfly from day 1. You have enough to deal with when you’re just getting started, and in that period, your focus is just on building your brand and bringing in fans on your camsite anyway. You’ll do fine without social media at that point. As you get yourself established and build a steady income, though, you can branch out to greater levels of self-promotion, including Snapchat (and other platforms).

Anyway, once you’re finished working out, you’ll probably want to get home and start getting ready to go on cam. You’ve got flexibility here, since in this business you’re free to choose your own hours, but be sure to leave yourself plenty of time. Because as you may have noticed, I said “start getting ready to go on cam”, not simply “go on cam”. It can be a bit of a process.


How Webcam Models Get Ready To Cam

Obviously, it starts with a shower. And not just a quick rinse after the gym; this is an “oh my God I’ve got a hot date with my number one crush since high school and I’ve got to look my BEST” shower. Then you’ll want to get your hair and nails perfect, and put on some light makeup. Don’t go overboard on the last part, though; too much makeup can be a turnoff.

It takes most cam girls anywhere between two and three hours to get through all this preparation, though you’ll obviously get better at it and finish sooner when you get some experience with the process. After all that’s done, you can finally switch on the cam and start broadcasting, and if you put in that level of preparation then you’ll probably want to invest at least a few hours of performance time.

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Again, not everyone has to go through this every time, so don’t let it scare you. When you’re getting started as a webcam model, the most important thing is being online every day of the week, even if it’s only for an hour or two. You’re not going to go through an exhaustive prettying-up routine to poof in and poof out, so in the early days all of this isn’t so crucial. You just want to be prepared for it, and get used to it, the sooner the better.

The show itself can be super exciting, super boring, or anything in between. You really never know what’s going to happen when you start broadcasting. This could be the night a whale shows up in your channel and offers you thousands of tokens to pour milk all over your naked body followed by Fruity Pebbles to see how much of the cereal sticks.

If that’s the case, hit the kitchen! Or you might sit in a mostly empty room all night and make lousy tips. Either can happen, and each WILL happen from time to time. Don’t get discouraged by bad nights!

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Once the show is over, it’s time for some cleanup. Once again, the amount of time you spend on this is going to vary, depending on what all you got up to on cam. If that whale really did show up and you took a milk and cereal bath, you better believe there’s going to be a lot to do to make sure the cost of your performance isn’t measured in cockroaches, ants, and mold growth. If it was a dull night, on the other hand, there may be next to no cleanup. You’ll run into both.

And just to make the point I’ve been stressing since the beginning of this post, guess what the last thing you do before bed should be? Yep, social media! Again, here’s a chance to go candid. Pictures of you decked out in PJ’s or with a foamy toothbrush in your mouth? They go in, baby. Your fans will love it.

You can also take some time to write some private messages online to some of your most loyal fans. Keeping in touch with them like this maintains the bond between you, and helps make sure that your best tippers today are still your best tippers tomorrow. Don’t neglect the little stuff.

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