Cam Girl Money Vs Stripper Money
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Cam Girl Money Vs Stripper Money

July 6, 2021

It’s all about the money, right? Well, no, not really; there’s plenty more that should go into choosing your profession, not the least of which being whether you can see yourself doing this for more than a few months. At least, without being driven to deliberately step off of a roof into a kiddy pool of salt and rusty nails just so you can feel something. I’ve been there.

But I’ve also been in a chair staring at a stack of unpaid bills, with my last $100 sitting in my bank account, so I know how easy it is to talk like money doesn’t matter until you don’t have any.

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Bottom line, we all know that a truly happy person loves what she does to bring home the bacon, but in the end, there better be ENOUGH of that bacon. And my two favorite ways of keeping my breakfast plate sizzling (besides online sugaring, of course) are stripping and camming. So, which one pays better, and what do you have to put up with in exchange? Let’s take a look.

Whenever we compare these two lines of work in any way, I think it’s worth starting off by noting how very similar they are. It certainly never ceases to amaze me, and it’s one of the reasons I like to do both.


How The Money Happens For Strippers & Cam Girls

When you strip for cash, you dance around on stage for some small but appreciated tips, then mingle and flirt with your customers directly, hoping to make your real money by getting someone to take you for a private lap dance or into the VIP room.

You build up regulars over time who pretty much make or break you financially in the long term, and if you’re really lucky, a big spender will take a liking to you and start slipping you a $50 every few minutes just to have a conversation with you. What’s it like being a cam girl? Pretty much the same thing!

I mean, the dancing and the mingling happen at more or less the same time, the lap dance and VIP rooms are replaced by private shows, and we call the big spenders “whales”. And of course, in camming, reality joins forces with the law (instead of the law going it alone) in making life tricky for those girls who want to go a little further and turn tricks for some extra money.

But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you’re a good exotic dancer, you’ll be a good webcam model, and vice versa.

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Now, having said all that, there are some important differences, mostly having to do with what a stripper has to go through to get her stripper money. Don’t get me wrong, I love this job to death, but there are nights when it makes me want to rip my (or more accurately, someone else’s) hair out. I’m talking about dealing with drunk, horny men all the time, natch.

It isn’t just the wandering hands, which I’m used to by now. It’s the superior attitude, the lack of basic consideration, and the casual demeaning of my status as a human being, that always seem to sting at least a little. I’ll be dead serious here: I really don’t care if you give my boobs a good squeeze five seconds after I sit down next to you, especially if there’s money in the hand that does the squeezing.

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But when a guy with a blood alcohol content high enough that you could probably set fire to his breath tries to carry on a conversation while doing his best to give me a paper cut on the damn NIPPLE with a $10, it’s going a bit far, y’know??

Obviously I put a stop to THAT (yes, it really happened), but when you strip for cash, you depend on the good will of your customers, so the pressure not to freak out is real. Webcam models, of course, don’t have to deal with any of this, aside from the occasional online troll who is easily silenced or kicked out of the chatroom. So there’s that.


Money Comparison

Between the two, the income is about the same, whether we’re talking about stripper money or cam girl money (though I give a slight edge to cam girls overall). In either case, though, it’s hard to express exactly how much is made with a number, simply because there’s SO much variation between top and bottom.

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Even just giving an “average” creates a false impression, because the girls at the bottom are dragging that number down so much, while the ones on top are totally wrecking the curve. In other words, no one is average.

What I can tell you for sure is that those hoping for money from stripping while dancing in a ghetto highway bar are chasing unicorns; they’re making almost nothing, or MAYBE a few hundred a week.

Same for the bottom-of-the-barrel cam girls. In both jobs, most girls in that kind of situation will quit pretty soon, without making much of an effort to actually improve their income, though I admit that’s easier in camming than in stripping.

Meanwhile, the stripper money gets pretty freaking good up in the clouds: there are girls up there making hundreds of dollars an hour, for an income of up to a quarter-million every year. I’ve seen elite cam girls do even better.

Let’s be crystal clear that we’re talking about maybe the top 2%, here (the opposite end of the scale is around the bottom 10%), so you really have to look at what the biggest winners are doing. No shock in saying that being flawlessly gorgeous helps, though honestly, this is a LOT less important than most people think.

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It also depends on the market you’re going for: there are guys with a pretty intense fetish for fat girls, for example, or other stereotypically “unattractive” body types. Beyond that, there’s a lot of stripper money in feature dancing, which is when a porn star or other well-known woman dances at a particular club.

It’s the same for camming, of course, and many cam girls will actually post some videos of themselves to adult porn tube sites and build a following there before starting up as a webcam model so they can get that bonus. Above all, though, personality is the most important trait for maximizing money from stripping or camming. You gotta know how to flirt.

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Overall, for the work and aggravation involved, webcam modeling is a far easier way to make serious money than stripping. I don’t regret becoming an exotic dancer, not in the least; I really do love the job, even with all the frustration it can sometimes bring with it.

I do wish, though, that I’d started camming several years earlier than I did, because it’s made a huge difference for my income and fits in so well with my stripping career, as well as my sugaring.

Whether you’re already pulling down stripper money or just thinking about trying the job out, I definitely think you should be a cam girl as well. There’s just no reason not to.

Remember, though, to do yourself a HUGE favor and start on Chaturbate; any other cam site will have way less traffic, take way longer before you’re established, and be way less easy to use.

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