How To Make Money on Chaturbate

So, it’s no secret that Chaturbate has become the biggest, most visited adult site in the camming world. It’s the most important platform for most adult models because it’s the foundation of traffic sourcing for the smartest cam girls.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the most devastatingly effective tips and tricks for making money on Chaturbate that I’ve accumulated in my years as a webcam model and online-only sugar baby. These are not just my own tricks, I’ve sucked a lot of info out of other Chaturbate cam girls I talk to.

If you want to learn EXACTLY what to do, and what NOT to do on Chaturbate to make the major money bombs rain down on you, then shut everything else off, grab a cappuccino, and read through this entire guide — it will be worth it when your bank balance explodes on you, trust me.


Why Chaturbate?

First of all, I need to get into why you should spend your precious time camming at Chaturbate, instead of LiveJasmin, MyFreeCams, or any other cam site. When you realize the benefits that Chaturbate offers you as a newbie, or a struggling cam model, you’ll see that this site is a no-brainer.

The most important element in a cam model’s business model is TRAFFIC. If you don’t get enough eyeballs on you quickly enough, you will not do well. There will be no tips, no online sugar daddies, and no joy. Traffic is essential to you as a webcam model, so you need to get some.

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Out of all the biggest cam sites out there right now, Chaturbate has the most traffic by far. It’s not even close. The major web ranking sites all agree that Chaturbate is the most visited cam site in North America, where the vast majority of money-spending cam viewers come from.

Chaturbate beats out every other major cam site in terms of North American traffic. That’s the kind of traffic you want, because it’s English-speaking and has money to spend.


As a result, if you can get established on Chaturbate as a cam model, you can make excellent money broadcasting there. But getting established requires you to attract viewers, bond with them, and turn them into money-spending regulars. That’s way easier to do at Chaturbate than at any competing cam site.

Chaturbate is designed to make it as easy as possible for webcam models to do their job and monetize the viewers in their chat rooms. From their apps and bots, to their color-coded member screen names, to their moderator feature, the Chaturbate people have really set it up so you can kick serious butt from the get-go.

Chaturbate is designed to help you make money as a webcam model. The app and bots, for example, can dramatically improve the energy in your room, which makes tipping more likely.


Chaturbate always pays out on time, and it’s a trusted company that has been around for like a decade now. They are as solid as solid gets in the adult internet industry.

If you don’t have a broadcaster (webcam model) account with them yet, you need to apply right now. It can take a few days to get approved, and after you finish reading my tips in this article, you’re going to want to get to it right away. Go now and register.

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Making Money Quickly On Chaturbate

When you’re just starting out on Chaturbate, you’re probably going to check out some of the top-listed webcam models and spend some time in their rooms to spy their tactics. This is totally understandable, and it’s actually highly recommended, because it can give you ideas and something to model your approach on.

Just keep in mind that these cam models are established, which means they’ve got a ton of regulars who spend money on them just to support their token goals, not expecting much in return. These are the kind of guys you will be wanting to attract and cultivate yourself. They are the ones will allow you to make money on Chaturbate easily and almost effortlessly.

Regulars are what webcam models call devoted fans who regularly show up in their rooms to tip them, buy content, and talk in the public chat. They are what makes camming income potentially great.


When I was starting out and trying to figure out how to make money on Chaturbate fast, I realized that building my regulars was the most essential part of the strategy. The real money for a cam girl doesn’t come until regulars are created. So cultivating them is your first priority.

In order to create a regular, you need primarily two things; familiarity and common interests. You take care of the familiarity part by just going on cam regularly, at the same time of day so that viewers can easily find you and get regularly exposed to you.

After you become familiar to them, many of them will seek to connect with you by talking more and tipping. That’s where you need to focus on finding common interests that can help bond you to them. Bonding over movies, music, pop culture news, politics, etc can really create regulars like nothing else can.

Cultivating regulars has to be the first priority of any new model on Chaturbate. Don’t expect to make much your first couple weeks, just get busy creating regulars. The money will come later.


Don’t be afraid to use private messages to facilitate bonding either. If you’ve got a member in your room who you know tips occasionally, it’s perfectly ok to spend some time chatting with him privately. This can help create a special bond with him that will make him much more likely to tip big in the future.

DO NOT spend serious time talking to members in private messages who have not previously tipped you, however. That’s one of the biggest wastes of time and energy I can imagine.

So, I hope I’ve illustrated that by investing in these “regular-building” strategies, you will be creating, piece by piece, your money-machine on Chaturbate that will eventually start spitting out tokens like you can’t even believe.


Online-Only Sugar Daddies on Chaturbate

As quite a few webcam models have already discovered, Chaturbate is awash in big-spending “whale” members who often love to drop massive tips on models they take a liking to. These are just really rich guys who like to be generous, so they find girls they click with on the site and drop bags on them.

Online-only sugar babies are definitely a thing, and Chaturbate is the best platform for it. What makes an online-only sugar baby different from a webcam model, or cam girl, is basically the type of service that is provided. But there’s huge overlap, so most successful girls on Chaturbate are both.

While many cam girls and adult models still refuse to believe it, there ARE tons of generous rich men on cam sites who will become your online-only sugar daddy. They expect nothing in return besides your online companionship.


Webcam models will typically provide sexual entertainment virtually for a price. They either get tipped, or they get taken into “private shows,” where intimate activities ensue with a member. Many will often do sex shows in public chat, after a certain token goal has been achieved.

Online sugar babies, on the other hand, typically provide simple companionship to generous members who are seeking someone to talk to. Many of them will take a girl private to just talk about their lives, or other topics that interest them. It’s not nearly as sex-based, though sexual bonding does sometimes occur.

I know it seems odd, but yes, a lot of men just want online-only companionship and are willing to pay for it, if they like you. Many of these men are married and don’t want to cheat, many are awkward with women in real life, and many others are just digisexuals.


Some online sugar daddies will actually get so close to you that they will support you off-site as well. They may start paying your bills, buying you expensive gifts, and all that great stuff. It can be pretty amazing when you realize that all they want in return is your online companionship.

But regardless of whether you follow the webcam model strategy, or the online sugar baby strategy, you need to focus on building close relationships with your fans. That’s the ticket to making big money on Chaturbate.


Chaturbate Money Versus OnlyFans Money

The final piece of the money-making puzzle for Chaturbate is to eventually monetize your Chaturbate fan base on a fans platforms like OnlyFans or LoyalFans. This is something most webcam models don’t realize. You can monetize your fans and followers even better on a fans platform.

Get established on Chaturbate first. Build up those regulars and build a nice income on Chaturbate as a broadcaster. Then, start building up your Twitter (if you don’t have a Twitter account, time to create one now, you will need it). From Twitter, you can easily promote your OnlyFans or LoyalFans account.

The smart webcam models first build up their Chaturbate fans, then build their social media with those fans, then monetize those fans on OnlyFans or LoyalFans.


Once you get your fans on your OnlyFans or your LoyalFans, you will be able to monetize them in new and interesting ways. For example, you can regularly direct message them, whether they’re online or not (something Chaturbate doesn’t allow). You can sell them content in those messages, but you can also just use those messages to bond.

More bonding, equals more money down the road. Remember that. And if the fan has purchased a subscription to your page, then he has proven that he has money and is willing to spend it on you. This is called “buyer qualification.” Feel free to spend more time talking to and cultivating qualified buyers, just don’t waste time on fans that have no money. No point in that.

So, you see, Chaturbate is really the foundation of a great income for adult models. If you do this right, you can end up making a life-changing income that will put you on the road to a completely different future than what you’d otherwise experience.

If you haven’t yet registered at Chaturbate, get on it right now and start implementing these tips, you won’t regret it!

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