Is Sugar Daddy Dating a Job?
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Is Sugar Daddy Dating a Job?

August 6, 2021

Sugaring has been around pretty much forever. We haven’t always called it that, obviously, but sugar daddy dating is just what women are naturally hardwired to want; it’s seeking out men who have resources. There’s a lot of political noise nowadays telling us that women actually DON’T want this, or that they don’t actually care about it, or that you’re some kind of evil sexist if you even suspect that they DO want it.

Well, they do, and they always have. Throughout history, women have used youth and beauty to attract men to them, which is also natural, and they’ve been attracted TO men who were able to support them and provide them with a good life. This kind of arrangement got more “official” over time, when you started to see kings and other powerful men with “kept women” who could actually become wealthy themselves.

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And of course, in the early 20th century, we had the first woman who described her rich husband as her “sugar daddy”, because he was in the actual sugar business. Sugar daddy dating has only evolved since then, until we eventually grew some balls (so to speak) and started describing our arrangements as what they are.


The Truth About Sugar Baby “Jobs”

Now we have websites set up for finding and dating sugar daddies that are upfront about the fact that we’re looking for men with money, just like women have done for thousands of years.

And yet, that kind of honesty gets sugar babies like me slapped with all sorts of labels and misconceptions. A lot of people, and I mean a LOT, straight up just assume we’re prostitutes. I’ve been called that to my face, and in FRONT of my sugar daddy at the time, which got…interesting, but I’ll talk about that in a bit.

Basically, those who know about sugar daddy dating at all think it’s just a job, and a pretty shameful one, where we “go to work” both to sell our bodies and to take advantage of desperate, lonely old men.

Let me just ask you this, honey. Do you know any women who are currently dating men who make more money than they do and love to spoil them? What about marriages where the wife has very little or NO money of her own, and everything she spends comes from her husband? Including, by the way, the food she eats and the house she lives in?

I get it, it’s the 21st century, and maybe you honestly DON’T know any women like that. Fair enough. But level with me: Can you imagine it? Does it make sense to you as an accurate way of talking about the way things work, in a culture that isn’t totally different from this one? To make it easier, can we just agree that if you hopped in a time machine and went back, say, 75 years (or pretty much anything before that), you’d have a hard time finding a relationship that worked in any OTHER way?

Well then, congratulations. That woman you’re thinking of, whether she exists or not, is a hooker. Total whore. She’s “selling her body” to her significant other, and getting paid either in cash, luxuries, or the basic necessities of life. Probably at least two, maybe even all three.

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Oh, and she’s “taking advantage” of that guy too, doncha know. After all, she’s getting material benefits for being with him, and he’d be lonely if she wasn’t around. Yep, bitch may as well pull on some slutty stockings and work the street corner.

You’re thinking that dating a sugar daddy is different, but why? I mean, we’re definitely more open about what we want, and we even set up arrangements that structure how much we get so no one’s left disappointed, but that’s pretty much it.

Actually, no, I take that back. Besides the honesty, the only other difference between sugar daddy dating and a regular traditional relationship is that it’s more empowering of the sugar baby, who usually saves up at least some of the money she gets from her sugar daddy and might even work on the side.

Meanwhile, a housewife with no job of her own can’t even feed herself without her husband’s money. What do you suppose happens to her if that husband starts getting drunk and abusing her? That shit don’t fly in sugar, I can tell you that much.


Once Upon a Sugar Daddy Date

Speaking of drinking, once while I was dating a sugar daddy several years ago, I was sitting in a bar with him. This was in a nice hotel, not a seedy place by any stretch, but there were still people there who had had a bit too much. One of them, who was actually a well-dressed, older gentleman, walked up to our table holding a glass of scotch.

Probably just trying to make pleasant conversation, he remarked to us that he doesn’t often see a father and daughter having drinks together. I just grinned and didn’t say anything, knowing my sugar daddy would want to handle this. He was a good deal older than me and often got mistaken for my father, and he enjoyed correcting people about it. So he smiled widely at the guy, put his arm around me, and said “Oh, she’s not my daughter.”

The tipsy dude was obviously shocked by this, and stammered in surprise for awhile before my sugar daddy helped him out and explained that I was, in fact, his sugar baby. Now I smiled at the fellow, too, and nodded in agreement.

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At this point, two things immediately became obvious: 1, he had heard of sugar relationships, and 2, his inhibitions had been brought down to absolute zero by alcohol. With a bright face, he happily blurted out “You’re a call girl!” like it was the friendliest, most polite thing he could possibly say to me. I frowned and shrunk away from him, obviously offended, but he went right on and started asking me about my rates and whether I’d “give him a ride” after I was done with “this guy” (my sugar daddy).

Well, “this guy” wasn’t having it, and started getting heated with him. The drunk wouldn’t back down; he eventually reached over to touch my arm, and that was it. My sugar daddy floored him with a right hook.

Obviously, there was a commotion in the bar after this. Long story short, hotel security arrived, and me, my sugar daddy, AND the wannabe John were asked to leave and never return. It was embarrassing for sure, but looking back, I’m kind of grateful to my sugar daddy for standing up for me like that.

Look, dating sugar daddies isn’t one-size-fits-all, and maybe some sugar babies really do see it as just a job. Hell, I’m lying if I tell you I don’t consider how much money I can make out of any given arrangement; of course I do, just like that housewife I was talking about would be stupid not to think about the financial difference between marrying a janitor and a doctor.

But if that’s ALL you’re doing here? If you don’t see sugaring as a way to have real romantic adventures in your life, and grow yourself as a person instead of just your bank account? Sorry, honey, but if that’s how you want to play, you’re missing at least half of the game.

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