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OnlyFans Alternatives – Top 3

February 6, 2022

Okay, so OnlyFans has dropped phenomenally in popularity amongst adult content creators and models lately. That’s no secret, if you’ve been paying attention to the goings on in the adult internet world. The reasons for this are many, but there’s one huge reason that most adult content creators cite as the biggest issue — the fact that OnlyFans seems poised to kick our butts off the platform at any second.

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We need alternatives to OnlyFans, so I’m going to go through the best ones here in this post.

Look, once upon a time, OnlyFans was epic. It was one of the best and easiest ways to make money in the adult world, and as a cam girl and online sugar baby, I can say that it was my best avenue to quick, reliable cash flow. Emphasis on “WAS,” tho.


What Happened To OnlyFans?

Back in August of 2021, OnlyFans gave pretty much everybody in this industry a heart attack when they upped and BANNED sexually explicit content. WTF, right?!? Nobody saw this coming…at least not this quickly and brutal.

We all knew that OnlyFans wanted to transition to more mainstream content, but taking this kind of action was basically giving us all a big kick in the butt and telling us to “get off my land!!”

After they made the announcement, adult models started to freak out like it was the end of the world. Instead of transitioning to nude-only content, which was still allowed, most adult content creators on the platform decided to vamoose and choose other sites to build their businesses on. I guess OnlyFans didn’t expect this because they promptly “suspended” their decision to ban sexually explicit content.

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Now, as a girl who’s been around the block a few times, I knew that this was just a temporary concession in the face of mass model abandonment. They wanted to stop the bleeding, but they clearly still wanted to eventually ditch adult content.

Sure enough, when October rolled around, they began a much more aggressive enforcement of their acceptable use policy, which resulted in many models’ accounts getting removed entirely.

The writing is clearly on the wall with OnlyFans — they don’t want adult content creators and pornstars on their platform. So, it’s time to assess the alternative options to see which similar sites to OnlyFans offer the best opportunities for success selling raunchy and explicit content.


Alternative Platforms

There are quite a few OnlyFans alternatives to choose from, but only few of these sites are worth your trouble, in my opinion.  I’m going to start with the best first, then proceed down the list to the least attractive choice.


One of the biggest complaints I used to hear from other models on OnlyFans was that it was SO DIFFICULT to get subscribers. This is because OnlyFans never offered any way for new content creators to get seen by fans.

There was no explorer page or any way for guys to discover you. You had to bring all of your own traffic by grinding hard on social media and building a following there first. That was a pain in the ass for most models.

Well, Chaturbate is a cam site that happens to have HUGE TRAFFIC. It consistently ranks at the top for US and first world traffic, which means there are plenty of guys there who have money and spend it readily.

When you’re a new model, this site is ideal because you don’t have to bring your own traffic. You do, however, need to have a laptop with a webcam to begin broadcasting there. But let me tell you, it’s VERY worth it because nothing beats built-in traffic, girls…not even a LV bag.

Just sign up as a broadcaster here, and be sure to cam regularly for a few weeks. Try to go on everyday, and don’t expect to make much the first week or two. It takes some time for fans to get warm and runny enough to spend money on a newbie model.

But when they do, lookout! New cam models on Chaturbate often get to a thousand bucks a week by their second month.

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And all this without having to build a following on social media. Honey, this is the best OnlyFans alternative there is, trust me. Oh, and I’ve got lots of articles on this blog about how to do well on Chaturbate, so look around. Check the link below for one of the best ones.

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This is a very interesting OnlyFans alternative site to try out because it’s not only designed to function pretty much exactly like OnlyFans does, but it offers you the ability to refer subscribers using affiliate code, so you can make 5% of what they spend on the site.

Yeah, that means that if you have a large following of fans and regulars already, you could refer them with your code and get paid whenever they buy credits on the site.

Now, this feature is only going to appeal to those of you who have established followings. If you don’t, you wont make diddly squat with this, but it definitely helps your bottom line when you know you’ve got fans who will follow you over to the new platform.

LoyalFans also allows you to stream and work your fans through direct messaging, just like OnlyFans does. This is important, since building a rapport with your regulars is what allows you to make the really big bucks in this business. If you definitely don’t want to stream, or if you have a large following already, then I would go with LoyalFans.

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Ok, so Fansly is an interesting site that is similar to OnlyFans. As an alternative platform, it’s a pretty solid pick. Many adult content models fled OnlyFans for Fansly, so they seem to be doing something right to attract all of these converts.

Big names like Amouranth and PeachJars have jumped over to Fansly, and they seem to be doing really well there. But let’s face it, these girls would be doing well anywhere, amirite?

One of the strongest pluses that you get with Fansly is that you can offer tiered subscriptions. So, if you want to set the monthly subscription price to $5 for access to photo content, and $15 for access to photo AND video content, you can.

This allows you to onboard subscribers who are not yet sure they want to spend that much on you right up front. Usually, the fans who subscribe at the lower tier will upgrade to the more expensive tiers, if you run your account right.

Another cool feature that Fansly offers is their automatic watermarking tool. You can set it so that all the content you upload to Fansly gets watermarked with your brand or website URL on automatic. This is definitely helpful, and models who just want to pump out content on an industrial scale with little or no editing will love this feature.

Fansly, like OnlyFans, allows you to offer free access to your accounts. This is a great tactic that many models use to promote their paid, or “premium” accounts. You basically set up two accounts, one for free, and another for a monthly subscription charge.

You post a lot of tease content to the free account, while offering the super naughty stuff only on your premium account. You use the free account to promote the premium and get your fans warmed up for the hardcore content.

The downside to using Fansly is that, like with LoyalFans, there isn’t really any way for new models to get subscribers from the platform itself. If you’re new, or if you don’t have a big following, using Fansly will most likely be disappointing. If you’ve got followers already, tho, this site may be a great OnlyFans alternative for you.

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