How To Be a Sugar Baby Online

It’s kind of funny how so many people don’t believe me when I talk about having an online-only sugar daddy. Like, they seriously can’t accept that such a person could exist, and I must be making it up. What they’re having trouble with is the idea that a guy could be willing to throw around so much money for a girl he probably won’t ever meet in real life, and is just gonna talk to over the Internet. I mean, no one would do that!

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How online-only sugaring works.
2 – Where to find rich sugar daddies for online-only.
3 – Secret tips to boost your bank.

Well, honey, I got news for you: I ain’t lying. Online sugar daddies are very real; I’ve had plenty of ‘em, I have one now, and I know lots of girls who have them. In a lot of ways, this is the ultimate “hack” of the sugar lifestyle: If you’re trying to bring in the most possible money for the smallest commitment of time, there isn’t a better way to do it. But you do have to know HOW to do it, and there aren’t a lot of girls willing to share about that.

There seems to be some deep fear of “competition” that causes them to try to hide the information, but honestly, that’s bullshit. There are a LOT of rich guys out there who want to sugar online. So I really don’t mind cutting deep into this topic and telling you how to become a sugar baby online and find these guys. Hell, at least people will stop calling me a liar.

The Online-Only Sugar Baby Basics

First, let’s talk about what an online-only sugar daddy is. The idea is pretty simple, really: You sugar with a guy, but you’re both keeping it entirely online. Your sugar daddy will give you a monthly allowance through Paypal or whatever, he’ll buy you things you want right off your wish list and have them shipped to your door, and sometimes, he’ll even help out directly with your bills, all like he would if you were seeing him in real life.

How to be a sugar baby online

But UNLIKE a real-life sugar daddy, he won’t expect you to go on dates with him or attend formal dinners as his arm candy. All you really need to do is talk to him, usually over the cam site where you meet him (and it’ll ALWAYS be on a cam site), and some other ways like over Skype or Facetime, along with the phone.

When you add it all up, having an online sugar daddy might take a few hours a week, and the money is every bit as good.

A lot of sugar babies have trouble believing that online-only arrangements exist, but it’s a fact.

If it all sounds too good to be true, and this is where you gotta read the screen real careful and pay attention: It’s not. There are a few solid reasons that guys are willing to do this. Probably the most common? They CAN’T have a real-life sugar baby, whether they want to or not.

That’s usually because their careers keep them so busy that they don’t have time, or because they’re married and they can’t regularly run off with a 20 year old without their wives getting just a teeny bit suspicious.

And when they ARE married, sometimes they’re trying to be noble while still having a little fun, and they don’t want to spend time with you in person because that would be “cheating”. This is also one of the reasons they’re so NOT interested in sex, the other being that older guys just don’t care about that as much as they did earlier in life.

Oh, sorry, didn’t I mention that online sugar daddies are, like, hugely non-sexual? Well, they are. Not exaggerating: 9 out of ten of them won’t ever ask for a nude cam show or naked pictures or anything like that. In fact, many of them seem to enjoy building a kind of actual “father-daughter” relationship with their sugar babies, where they mentor them and provide life advice.

As long as that doesn’t creep you out, and if they AREN’T being sexual there’s really no reason it should, you’re all good. It’s kinda nice, to be honest, and it can be very useful with all the stuff they can teach you.

So yeah, I’m hoping that by now you can see that becoming an online-only sugar baby is not only possible, but a really smart move in lots of ways. I know for me, it’s pretty much my entire thing when it comes to sugar these days, and I say that as someone who used to have in-person sugar daddies all the time. It just makes the most sense from the point of view of time spent vs money made.

Which, of course, leaves us to wonder exactly HOW to become a sugar baby online.

Cam Sites – The Secret Weapon

I sort of hinted at this earlier, when I was talking about how you’re pretty much always going to meet your online-only sugar daddy on a cam site. That’s because these guys don’t really spend their time on the sugar hookup sites, like SeekingArrangement. People there are usually looking for in-person arrangements (or, frankly, just quick hookups).

Where the online sugar daddies DO go is sites like Chaturbate. Actually, MFC is good for this too, but in my experience, there’s just no beating the sheer number of these guys you can find on Chaturbate. They like to swim around there as “whales”, which are the big spenders in camming: Whales basically look for webcam models they like, and drop HUGE tips on them.

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Sometimes they stick around after doing that, and a lot of times they just vanish without a trace once the tip is given. And sometimes, when you’re really lucky, they’re sugar daddies looking for online sugar babies. So, really, in order to know how to get these sugar daddies, you need to know how to be a sugar baby on Chaturbate.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; before going into that, we should cover some of the basics of camming. Getting into it is pretty simple: The most important, and obvious, thing you need is an Internet-capable computer with a webcam.

If by some evil miracle you don’t have that, a low-end laptop with a built-in cam doesn’t cost more than a few hundred bucks, and is probably a good investment considering how well you can do as a cam girl. That is, assuming you’ve got the other must-have for this business, which is privacy.

Camming is ridic simple. All you need is a laptop, internet, and a webcam.

Your own bedroom in your parents’ house might cut the mustard here, but personally I’d suggest an apartment where you live alone or with a roommate who’s cool with what you’re up to. And who you’re cool with knowing, of course.

This is harder to get if you don’t already have it, but if there’s any way for you to land some personal space, I’d take it. It’s worth the payoff. If you can’t, just try to make some private time in your current place.

Online-only sugar babies should cam at Chaturbate

Once you get started on Chaturbate, you’ll need to set a schedule for work. You can make that as little as a couple of hours a day and still do fine; the key part is sticking to the schedule. That way, guys who like you will be able to find you again, and become regulars.

You need your regulars, because they’re going to be your best tippers, and they’ll pretty much make or break your income as a webcam model.

Actually, forget the “pretty much” part. Just go on cam every day around the same time, and be friendly, cheerful, and above all, TALKATIVE. Build a bond with your audience, and make them fall in love with you. It’s actually not that hard; you just need to try and be consistent.

Doing well on a cam site is all about bonding with viewers, going on cam regularly, and building up regulars.

You also need patience. I swear to GOD, girls, this is by far the number one reason that new webcam models flop out of camming. It’s like they want piles of money carted into their bedrooms by wheelbarrow in their first five minutes on camera, and they freak the fuck out when it doesn’t happen that way.

It takes time, honey. Not even really that long, as you can start seeing some very sweet tips after just a couple weeks, and it only gets better from there.

But yeah, it’s gonna be dry in the very beginning, because you need to build up an audience and make friends with some of them. Those wheelbarrows ARE coming, and they start their journey the minute you do your first Chaturbate broadcast.

But if you get discouraged and quit too soon, you’re leaving them to break down and sit in the middle of the road. Until some other girl, who’s willing to be persistent, comes to get them.

Online Sugar Babies Need To Mind Their Image

But this isn’t just about camming. What we’re really looking at here is how to become a sugar baby online using your work as a webcam model, and that takes a certain special approach on TOP of the basics I just talked about.

If you hadn’t noticed from the huge tips they throw around as uber fan whales, online sugar daddies are rich. Rich people tend to be refined, upper-crust types, and as a rule, they’re attracted to that in their sugar babies.

High class sugar baby

That doesn’t mean that YOU have to be rich, you just have to act like you have the class to be. This is important because a lot of the things that work for “average” webcam models, like being half-naked, geeky, slutty, or half-naked geeky sluts, are complete and total no-nos for us.

What you want to do is dress nice, and try to project an image of dignity and confidence. You’re not like all the over cam girls; you’re special, and it’s a special kind of guy who even gets to talk to you.

And if you’re thinking that this will hurt your appeal to members who AREN’T rich, don’t worry about it. You’ll find that most of those people are impressed by how you carry yourself, and they’ll be more intrigued by you for it. This is one of those hidden little bits of information I was talking about in the intro, by the way, the facts about being an online sugar baby that girls don’t like to share.

Be that “special” girl that not just any guy can have. Set yourself apart from the competition and stand out.

Doing this is a win-win: You’ll still get fans and regulars for going against the grain, AND you’ll attract whales and sugar daddies by making yourself look like a great catch.

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What’s really awesome about behaving this way is that it’s the number one turn-on of the online-only sugar daddy. This will reel them in even if you don’t have five-star Kendall Jenner-esque good looks, which honestly, these guys don’t really care about. Like I said, they usually aren’t even interested in sex. These guys are not after gorgeous girls, they’re after CLASSY girls.

Use Private Shows To Win A Sugar Daddy’s Heart

Now let’s talk about something else you’re going to be doing that a lot of other cam girls think isn’t worth the trouble: Private shows. They may sound like great money, but actually, you see more and more webcam models turning away from them as you get up to the top ranks of performers. There’s a reason for that, and it’s the whales.

When you’re high on the list of Chaturbate (or wherever) models, you’ve got plenty of whales, and it gets to the point where it just isn’t worth it to risk missing their visits so you can do one private show. You even get this from some mid-level cam girls and under, because they know that ANYone can get a whale at any time; unless they’re busy with a single customer.

Private shows make it possible to get really intimate with a member. Use this to create “regulars” and warmup sugar daddies!

That’s not us, honey. We WANT private shows, at least with our best tippers. That’s not just because we’re hoping to get even more tips during the show, though obviously that’s nice too. But the more important thing is that going private with a big spender helps you bond with that person, and become friends.

90% of the time, that’s at LEAST gonna land you a regular with a fat wallet. But do enough of it, and sooner or later you’ll impress some wealthy guy enough that he wants to become your online sugar daddy. Jackpot!

Don’t Make This HUGE Mistake!

But remember, for the love of a merciful God PLEASE remember, you will never get anywhere near this far if you aren’t patient! This is so important that it bears repeating, because it hurts, it physically HURTS me when I have to watch girls getting disappointed and quitting after a few days — and I KNOW they would have been writing their own paychecks after awhile if they had just stuck with it.

I’m thinking of my friends Cindy and Ellen (not their real names of course), two sisters who were 20 and 21 when the three of us decided over lunch one day that they should both go into webcamming. Each of them had a miserable first week; Ellen got one measly tip in seven days and was super excited just to get that, and Cindy LITERALLY got nothing.

She tried not to show it, but I could tell Cindy was pissed off at me for talking her into this, no matter how much I tried to tell her that the slow start was normal and she just needed to keep with it.

Their second week was a little better at a few tips each, but they still made less than a hundred bucks apiece. Cindy had enough and took a job at Neiman Marcus which left her with no time for camming; Ellen actually REFUSED a job offer at around the same time and doubled down. Ellen and I begged Cindy not to give up, but she’s always been stubborn and wouldn’t listen.

Don’t be that girl who bails right before things get REALLY good!!

I’m sure you can see where this is going, but it isn’t JUST that Ellen made like (I think) $3,000 in her third month of camming. That happened, yeah, but a few weeks after that, she made friends with the first whale who dropped her a $750 tip, and he turned out to be a millionaire New York lawyer.

A little sugar later and, well, let’s just say that not only can Ellen afford pretty much all the trips to Neiman Marcus she wants now, but she can drive there in the BMW that her New York guy bought her.

I CRINGE every time I think about this story, but I’m telling it to you now so it doesn’t have to be repeated in your life. Get on Chaturbate, stick to your schedule, meet some whales, and no matter how long it takes for you to start seeing the results that WILL come, PLEASE don’t give up!!

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