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Plus Size Sugar Baby Facts

January 10, 2020

You know what a sugar daddy looks like: He’s older, a touch or more of gray in his hair, he’s very well-dressed, and he approaches everything and everyone with a strong and confident grin because that’s the kind of attitude that got him ahead in life. But you probably know even better how a sugar baby looks: Young, perfect skin, huge tits, and above all, a flat stomach and a trim waist.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – Why plus size sugar babies can make bank.
2 – How to find the right sugar daddies if you’re plus sized.


Yes, a sugar baby is a fashion model. Between her camping trips to the gym and her 200-calorie meals of brown rice and boiled sawdust, she may as well be posing for Victoria’s Secret, because her body is absolutely, flawlessly perfect. After all, the rich guys she hangs out with wouldn’t tolerate anything less.

As you probably figured out before you finished the paragraph, I’m here to tell you that none of that is true. First of all, a plus size sugar baby isn’t of any lower “quality” than a skinny one. There are plenty of guys out there who LIKE big girls, and prefer them to any other body type.

If you don’t believe me, check out any of the porn tubes out there. “BBW”, which means “Big, Beautiful Woman”, is a whole genre type on all of them. If there’s that much interest among the general Internet population, why wouldn’t there be sugar daddies who want fat sugar babies?

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Sometimes you see this in sugar daddies who are themselves overweight. Which happens more often than you might think, by the way. Hey, I get it; I’ve tasted the kind of food rich people can eat, whenever they want and in whatever portions they want. If I could afford it, I’d probably overindulge a bit too. And when they do, they often feel more comfortable in the company of a curvy sugar baby.

Sometimes its awkward or intimidating to feel like your partner is more classically “attractive” than you are. Other times a pudgy sugar daddy might just feel like if he did date fashion model types, he’d be making it even more obvious to the world that his girlfriend is with him because he has money.

And of course, none of that takes away from what I was saying before, that some guys physically WANT a fat sugar baby, because that’s what gets them going. It makes sense.


BBW Fetish Tips for Plus Size Sugar Babies

Now here’s the part that probably WON’T add up for you: A lot of slender sugar daddies, who usually do date and prefer thinner girls, will STILL sometimes choose a plus size sugar baby. That’s because “I like skinny bitches” is a general preference, and there’s a funny thing about general preferences: They’re GENERAL.

There’s absolutely nothing stopping a guy from seeing a bigger girl than he’d normally go for, and deciding that he wants to hang out with her because something about her put him into that wonderful trance that women cause in men. Any sugar baby can do this, so long as she doesn’t just give up on herself because she’s big, and actually puts some effort into looking HER best.

There are a few ways to do that, but they all rely on one important starting point: Knowing what’s best about your body to begin with. I’ll give you an easy one right from the get, and tell you that big, beautiful women usually have big, beautiful breasts. Seriously, I know a few plus size cam girls, and all of them have boobs that put mine to shame (is this what guys feel like when they see a male porn star’s dick??).

It’s kind of a fringe benefit of being a heavy gal; more weight means that some of it goes to your chest. And, oh, you may not have heard about the breakthrough, but recent research suggests that most men…wait for it…like big breasts. Shocking, I know.

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So you use this advantage, if you have it, by dressing to play up your girls. Think dresses with plunging necklines, tight tops, that kind of thing. When building your library of self pics that you send to pots, take more from the side to draw attention to your bust.

Bend over and show some cleavage. Don’t be TOO obvious about it, of course, and never dress like a slut. Sugar daddies hate that from ANY sugar baby. Be classy; just be a classy woman who knows what she’s got.

This goes for whatever your best physical attribute happens to be. Your butt is your other major feature most likely to profit from you being on the fluffy side; if that’s you, you can go with shorts and skirts. But what makes you look good may not have anything to do with your weight at all. Some girls have really nice hair no matter WHAT their bathroom scale thinks of them.

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For others, it’s all about those long legs, or the conversation-starting Venus de Milo-shaped birthmark on their forearm, or that adorable ankle tattoo. Just ask yourself, and ask your friends: What are my best features? Then you do you.


Finding BBW-Loving Sugar Daddies on Cam Sites

All of this works equally well on cam sites, where all the plus size cam girls can each turn into a fine curvy sugar baby online. Again, there’s a whole tribe of guys out there who love bigger girls and would rather see them than any others, so the only thing holding you back is you.

Just do all the things that a good cam girl needs to do: Stick to your schedule, make friends, and treat your most loyal regulars and best tippers like kings.

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Attract whales and wait for them to swim in, and pretty soon you’ll land yourself an online sugar daddy. Remember that Chaturbate is usually the best site for this, since it has the largest number of rich guys hanging out there.

Sugaring online doesn’t change much because you’re big, either, and plenty of guys adore a plus size sugar baby. It can be for some of the same reasons, actually, which make a lot more sense online. A man might be looking for his girlfriend online BECAUSE he’s overweight, for instance, which affects his confidence around women in real life.

But being fat himself, he may feel more comfortable around fat sugar babies. It’s also worth remembering that online sugar daddies are usually non-sexual, so they care less about what you look like anyway.

In case you’re still having any doubts, I can tell you for sure that fat sugar babies are doing very well, both online and in person.

To give you just one example, I know a camgirl on Chaturbate who weighs in at around 220 pounds, targets the BBW crowd, and actually has TWO very generous online sugar daddies. She pulls in a good $4,000 a month in allowance between them, and they’ve both given her some extremely impressive swag.

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I won’t bore you with the full list, but topping it off are a gold and diamond necklace from one, while the other actually arranged to buy her a fucking LEXUS. I shit you not. It’s only a handful of times I’ve seen sugar babies on the receiving end of a car, but it happens, and being a big girl doesn’t make it any less likely.