Online Sugar Baby Jobs Guide
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Online Sugar Baby Jobs Guide

January 26, 2020

When you’re young and beautiful, sugaring can be a great way to make money. And actually, you don’t really need to be either young OR beautiful to do it, since there are plenty of average-looking sugar babies in their 40s, but I’ll go with the more common model today to make things easier.

Whomever you are, the kind of income you could be looking at through sugar is gonna be really nice, and definitely light years ahead of most gigs available to someone with limited education and experience. A 20 year-old girl earning her degree could get a job at a department store for $10 an hour, or she could make that job sugaring for many times the pay.

Oh, and does it matter that if she takes door #2, she’ll almost certainly graduate without a penny in student debt? Because I kinda feel like that matters.

Of course, when making money is your primary (or even only) priority, being a sugar baby online is your best bet. Keeping things digital nets you the same kind of income for much less of a time commitment, meaning you’re making more per hour, so the math is clear when income is the goal.

That’s why I want to talk about online sugar baby jobs today, getting into what they’re like, what they pay, and how you can land one.


What an Online Sugar Baby Is and Isn’t

I should really mention before I go any further that a little part of my mind yells at me when I talk about “online sugar baby jobs” like that. Because sugaring isn’t a “job”; it DEFINITELY isn’t a job the way working at a department store is, but it isn’t even a job in the bigger sense of putting in work to collect a paycheck either. We aren’t talking about a business transaction, here.

A sugar relationship is, in fact, an adult relationship, with all that that entails. A sugar daddy and his sugar baby are a couple, who go on dates, travel together, and do whatever else you would expect a couple to do together.

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The fact that the sugar baby is pampered materially and financially by her sugar daddy just makes the relationship similar to traditional dating and marriage, where men are expected to provide for women. It doesn’t make it a “job”.

With that said, I’m still going to use the word job for clarity, and because many girls who want to be a sugar baby online are looking to maximize their income with the least amount of time spent to do it. Online sugaring is great for this, because the sugar daddies themselves are often very busy men who can’t set aside days or even entire evenings for a girlfriend.

Online sugar daddies WILL expect to talk to you regularly, several times a week if not every day, online and by phone. They will probably ask you to go on webcam for them, though they will probably NOT ask you to get naked or do anything porny while on that cam (it’s a quirk of these guys; they tend to be non-sexual).

Instead, your video time is more likely to be spent talking, and maybe having digital “dates” by eating dinner or watching a movie while streaming.

Of course, the sugar daddy will still do his part: he’ll buy you presents online and have them shipped to your door, and it’s typical for your monthly allowance to be sent to you via Paypal. In gifts and cash, the amount you’ll be bringing in from being a sugar baby online is about the same as what you’d see if you were doing this in person. Yes, really.

Now, let’s be clear that a few other things WON’T be the same. The job of sugaring in person is a lot more demanding, though not necessarily in bad ways. When you’re seeing a sugar daddy physically, you can expect a more traditional dating relationship.

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You’ll be going out on real dates with him; having dinner in restaurants, watching movies (without a camera between you), going hiking, whatever you guys are in to. If your sugar daddy is on the more well-off side, you can also expect at least semi-regular getaways to various exotic locations.

All of these activities, while they can sometimes be a bit inconvenient (you have to make time for them as much as possible, which can disrupt your life), provide some amazing life experiences. None of that is available in strictly online sugar baby jobs. So it’s not like you aren’t missing out on ANYthing, but when you just want to maximize income, online sugaring in the way to go.


Where To Find That Online Job as A Sugar Baby

If you want that job, though, then as with any other, you have to know where to look. Because online sugaring does not, repeat does NOT, happen at the (ironically) online sugar meet sites. Don’t get me wrong, those are pretty good resources for finding sugar daddies you want to meet in person, but they are just not there for the online-only sugar baby.

The guys who patronize such sites are looking for local meetups. So save yourself some money and don’t bother with the sugar meets if you want an online-only arrangement; it ain’t gonna happen.

The place to find online sugar baby jobs is on cam sites. If you haven’t heard of them, these are websites where just about any woman who’s interested can sign up to perform on webcam for a live online audience. These performances have the stereotype of being nude and sexual, and many of them are, though actually there are a lot of cam girls who do fine without ever getting naked.

The reason these sites are useful (aside from the fact that you can make pretty awesome money just as a cam girl, never mind the sugaring) is that they tend to attract a lot of wealthy men. Many of these men are interested in having an online sugar baby, or would be if the opportunity popped up.

Cam sites are pretty simple. Most of them, and the ones that we can use for sugaring, are free to access. Viewers are free to load up your public “channel” and watch your show without paying anything, but each has the option of exchanging real money for site “tokens” that they can use to tip you.

Some won’t and some will, and some will do it in SPADES. Those guys are called “webcam model whales”, and they enjoy dropping in on models they like and tipping them tokens worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars in one hit. They’re rich, and they’re exactly the type we’re after.

You can attract whales by being a classy, refined cam girl in contrast to all the various “bad girl” types. Dress nicely, wear tasteful makeup, and read up on the kinds of intellectual subjects that upper-crust men enjoy (business and politics are great places to start).

Once you’ve got a whale in your channel, and it will happen eventually, all you really need to do is strike up a friendship with him. Get to know him, and tell him about yourself. Build a bond. There’s a surprisingly high percentage of these men who will want to take it further, and become your sugar daddy.

Good luck, girls!