Getting an online-only sugar daddy with no meeting.
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Online Sugar Daddy – No Meeting At All

July 26, 2019

There can be some awesome benefits to sugaring that go way beyond just getting cash in your pocket. The fancy dates, the exotic getaways, learning to schmooze with high society, it’s pretty great. But I think we all understand that sometimes, a girl’s just gotta get paid. There are cases were sugar isn’t about the lifestyle and the experiences at all, but about the financial rewards. I’ve said before that if Money is your name, online sugar is your game.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – Explanation of how online-only sugar dating works.
2 – Where to find the best online daddies.


That’s just where you get the most bucks for your bang, so to speak (though there’s actually very little “banging” going on, as we’ll get to in a bit). Being an online sugar baby can REALLY let you maximize your efficiency, when it comes to amount earned for time spent. Of course, that works best if you can keep things digital, and score an online sugar daddy with no meeting required.

But is it really realistic to expect a guy to be OK with never getting to see you in person? Honey, not only is it possible, but for some of the men you’ll meet, it’s a non-negotiable requirement!


How Online-Only Sugaring Works and Why

Let’s back up a bit and make sure we’re all on the same page here. Online sugaring is really simple: it’s just having a sugar relationship online, instead of in real life. In this kind of arrangement, you’ll get your allowance through Paypal or something like it instead of in an envelope, and your shopping trips to the mall get turned into Amazon wish lists showing up at your front door. You get the same amounts of money, though, and the same kinds of gifts.

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For your part, your sugar daddy will expect to keep in touch with you over the cam site where you found each other (these things happen on cam sites), over the phone, and probably the occasional video chat. But like I said, you’re getting bucks without bangin: the vast majority of online sugar daddies really aren’t looking for skin shots when they get you on video.

There’s usually no nudity, and you can forget about explicit performances with your favorite toys. Doesn’t happen in online sugaring, or at least, not very often. Sometimes, the sugar couple will mutually decide to meet in person, but just as likely, there will be no meeting, ever. This can be agreed upon before the arrangement gets going, naturally, and probably should be if it’s important to you.

But, yeah, frequently online sugar daddies won’t expect to see you in person, and I was serious when I said it’s not even on the table for a lot of them. In my experience, they’re probably more worried that you WILL want to eventually go to them, and be disappointed when they tell you there will be no meeting. So why the hell are they laying down mad money for this? It’s the way their lives are structured, really.

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By and large, these are successful, wealthy men, which usually means they have demanding careers that just don’t leave them the kind of free time that a girlfriend would require. And what little time they DO have, has to go mostly to their wife and family (these guys are almost always married). They also have to keep up appearances; a business executive or ranking lawyer at a firm can’t be seen dating gorgeous women young enough to be his daughters.

Bad optics for his company. All of this majorly works out to your benefit, though, because while regular sugaring can easily take weeks out of your month, with the online version we’re talking more like hours out of your week.

You can definitely have an online sugar daddy without meeting him, it’s just a question of knowing where to look. To start with, the usual sugar meet sites are worse than useless for this. They’re full of guys looking for in-person sugar babies, if not in-person hookups, but either way, they want you in person. There’s no meeting online sugar daddies on those sites, so let’s not waste our time there. The sites can be awesome (if also awesomely expensive) when you DO want a more typical sugaring relationship, but when it’s online-only you’re after, not so much.


Where To Find Your Rich Online Sugar Daddy

I mentioned earlier that most online sugar daddies are met over cam sites, and that’s church, honey. They are just perfect for what we’re after. Rich guys LOVE to visit cam sites (probably because, like I said, they don’t have time for anything else), and while they’re there, they enjoy showering random girls they like with huge tips just for existing. Men like this are called “whales” on cam sites, and they’re a game-changer that can easily hook you up with the online sugar daddy of your dreams.

For the most part, I’m going to assume you know how to become a cam girl if you aren’t already one, but real quick: all you really need is an internet-capable computer, a webcam, and a birthday that happened eighteen years ago or more. Some privacy helps, too, either your own bedroom in your parents’ house (assume reasonably thick walls and family members who know how to knock or an apartment you either live in alone or with a roommate.

Then you just sign up with a cam site, of which there are many, but Chaturbate is probably the best for us because it’s the biggest. They also seem to attract the wealthiest members. And that’s it!

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Once you’ve got yourself set up on a good cam site, the first thing you want to do is spend some time building up regulars. This is REALLY important, because you’ve got no income as a cam model without regulars. Luckily, it’s not too hard. Just be friendly and engaging with everyone, never look like you don’t want to be there, and keep to the same schedule every day so your fans can find you.

Oh, and be patient. Seriously, be patient. You probably won’t make much money, if any, in your first week or so, and this chases off so many new girls I get sick to my stomach thinking about the lost revenues.

My Top Tips for Getting an Online-Only Sugar Daddy…


To put yourself specifically in sugar-daddy mode, you want to have a certain image. Remember, these guys are rich, and rich men like a certain kind of woman. Being trashy works as a style for a lot of cam girls, but not for us. You want to dress NICELY, babe. As in, fancy designer dresses, or at least cheap knock-offs that look exactly the same. Tasteful makeup, but nothing whorish. Salon hair.

Also, I recommend taking some time to read up on the subjects that successful, well-educated men tend to be interested in: finance, world politics, and maybe a dash of philosophy. Nothing turns these guys on like a classy lady, and when she proves to be intelligent as well, they practically lose it!

And that’s basically all you need to know to make this happen. It takes a little time, something on the order of a couple months or so, but it really isn’t hard. And the rewards are SO hugely worth it. Having an online sugar daddy with no meeting required saves you a massive amount of time, and brings in a very large income. You’re welcome!