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How To Be a Cam Girl For MFC

January 6, 2020

Being a cam girl means knowing the major sites in the industry, and MyFreeCams (usually just called MFC) is definitely one of the big players. They have huge traffic, lots of useful features, and their focus on a social media style of communication makes it relatively easy for a webcam model to connect with her audience on that all-important personal level.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How to build up “regulars.”
2 – Why “collabs” with MFC cam models can boost you.


Now, I’m not gonna lie: MFC really isn’t the best choice for brand new cam girls just getting into the business, because of the “camscore” feature. I’m not going to get too far into the details of what that is right now; just take my word that it’s way better to hit this site once you’ve got at least a small gang of fans on another, more newbie-friendly cam site like Chaturbate, which you can bring with you to MFC.

But that’s not to say you can’t make any headway on MFC when you’re starting out. You can, and doing it successfully involves following the same basic advice as you would on most any other cam site. See, that’s the thing about camming; Most new girls make the same bottom-floor mistakes, which cause them not to make any money.

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Next thing you know, they’re convinced that being a cam girl is a waste of time and they leave. Um….just NO, honey! Becoming a cam girl CAN lead to absolutely insane money, IF you know what to do, and what not to do.


Cam Girl Regulars – Why They Matter

That’s why I want to cover some essential tips first, and the absolute most essential of all is understanding the importance of regulars. This is some serious Camming 101 territory, here, but if you don’t have a grasp on this, being a cam girl just isn’t for you.

Because regulars are the blood in your veins, baby. They’re the wind in your sails, the cream in your donuts, and the boobs in your bra. They are where most – say it with me now, MOST – of your money comes from.

Keep reading for my most advanced tip for MyFreeCams below!


We can define regulars as repeat customers, like people who visit you more than once or twice over maybe a week or two-week period. But that doesn’t really do them justice, because it doesn’t tell us what’s really going on in their heads.

Your regulars are your fans. They’re the ones who have begun to bond with you enough to really like you. Usually, they think of you as a friend on at least some level. Get it? Good, because you need to build it.

It begins by being easy to find. Most people think that becoming a cam girl means working whenever you want, jumping on and offline as the mood strikes you, but you need a little more discipline than that. While you certainly can set your own hours and decide exactly when you do and don’t want to work, you need to decide on that schedule ahead of time and then STICK to it.

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Tell your fans when you’re going to be on, and post it on your bio. Be easy to find! This is important because regulars aren’t born in one day, or even overnight. If a guy likes you today, he needs to be able to see you again tomorrow. If he does, he’ll start liking you more, and more, and more…but if he doesn’t? He’ll move on, and probably never miss you. Don’t let this happen.

Luckily, one of the advantages of becoming a cam girl on MFC is that this site really helps you build regulars, and keep in touch with members in general. Of course, you can and should message guys directly, and you can do it intelligently by picking the right ones.

MFC will tell you which viewers have full member accounts, as opposed to just guest or basic ones. It’ll also let you know who has tokens, as opposed to the guys who are flat broke. Guess who we’re targeting?

Go after the MyFreeCams members who have tokens! They’ve proven that they spend money on the site, so you definitely want to get close to them!


But you should also use MFC mail, which is basically on-site e-mail, to keep up longer-term conversations with the right members. In these conversations, be open about yourself, ask questions about them, and look for common interests between you.

Don’t be afraid to talk about sex! Guys absolutely love that subject when they get to discuss it with women, so it’s an easy way to engage with your audience.

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Also, don’t forget to make use of MFC Social, as well. This is where MFC really starts to get like a social media platform. MFC Social is basically a Twitter-like system that’s fully integrated into the site. You can post to your own personal timeline, and you can comment on the posts of others.

What’s really awesome is that both models and members can use this feature, so it’s a great way to interact with the guys and get yourself out there. Make them want to come check out your show!

But don’t neglect your fellow cam girls. We get real lonely when we don’t get love from each other, and I don’t know about you, but when I get lonely, I get stabby!


Collab With Other MFC Cam Girls

Ok, kidding. But you really do want to network with other webcam models, both on MFC and over social media in general. I mean, you probably couldn’t name a business where having connections with other service providers isn’t a good thing, but it counts like TRIPLE in camming.

First of all, other cam girls have experience, especially if they’ve been doing it for awhile. They know where the mines are buried, and they can help you to not step on them. Sure, that’s what I’m here for, but I can’t have live conversations with each and every one of you (much as I love you all!). Having a mentor you know personally is a huge help.

Even more importantly, though, getting to know other cam girls is how you set up collaborations, or “collabs”, A collab is just what we call it in cam-speak when two or more webcam models get together in person to broadcast together on camera.

I’ll just come right out and say that these collab shows are the best money you are ever gonna make at one time as a cam girl. Seriously; when you and the other girl(s) really get going, the tips start coming and they don’t stop.

Collabs on MFC are extremely powerful! They bring your fans and the other girl’s fans together, which can be great for both of you!


What’s even better, though, are the long-term benefits each and every collab can produce for your entire brand. See, the whole point here is that a show between you and another webcam model (or more than one) will be watched not only by your regulars, but hers. Some of those guys are going to decide they like you too, and may start visiting your channel even without your friend being present.

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In this way, BOTH audiences grow. That’s the reason that webcam models are so keen on collabs, to the point where they will very often travel across continents just to meet up and perform together.

So yeah, definitely remember that becoming a cam girl isn’t just about communicating with your audience. That’s important for sure, but you also want to network with the other girls. Honestly, you can make some awesome friends this way, but it will also help your camming career in a big way. Win-win, baby!

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