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Cam Girl Sign Up Tips

December 25, 2019

So you’ve thought it about it a lot, you’ve done some reading, and you’ve decided that becoming a cam girl is what you wanna do. Congratulations, girl, because if you take that move seriously, good things await! But now that you know what you want, the first thing on your mind might very well be “Which cam site should I start with?” Good question!

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How to pick the right cam site to sign-up on.
2 – Why signing up with a webcam studio sucks (usually).


There are legit PLENTY of the outfits on the web, and by no stretch of anyone’s imagination are they created equal. One of the biggest mistakes a newbie can make when signing up as a cam girl is picking the wrong site, and it’s usually fatal to a fledgling career.

But worry not! Today I’m going to get into the top 3 cam sites in business today, and discuss their pros and cons. Trust me when I say that these are the ONLY 3 sites you should even consider. While there are many others, they’re all too small-time to promise a decent income, let alone the truly insane revenues you can earn if you do well with the big players.

Smaller sites don’t mean that newcomers do better because of less competition from other models. They just mean there aren’t enough members to go around, and you barely make anything at all. Got it? Ok.


Don’t Sign-Up With a Webcam Studio!

Before we cover the specific sites, though, I want to warn you about something you’re likely to encounter when becoming a cam girl no matter where you go: They’re called webcam studios, and like a kid being approached by a stranger, you want to be really, really cautious with them. Webcam studios come in two flavors: Physical, and virtual. I’ll talk about each briefly.

Physical studios, as you might expect, are actual places you can go in order to perform. They’ll provide you with a room, a decent camera and internet connection, and usually, even some toys to play with during your shows. In exchange for all of that, you agree to share a portion of your earnings with them, which can get as high as 35%.

Webcam studios take a huge chunk of your revenues, so be sure you really need their services before you sign-up with one.


Basically, you’ll know right away whether you need these guys. Eastern European girls (and others around the world, but many webcam models come from eastern Europe) usually do, because they tend to live in small apartments with a roommate, or with family.

But some Western girls can benefit from a physical studio as well, especially if they still live at home with their parents and don’t want to risk dear ol’ Dad walking in while they’re dancing naked in front of a computer. It all depends on your situation. But most likely, you don’t need this.

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It’s “virtual” webcam studios, which offer you no physical facilities at all, that have a much harder time justifying their existence. The idea is that they offer coaching and training for being a cam girl, and will assist in promoting your brand on social media. In reality, though, many if not most virtual webcam studios are shady AF, and they’ll try to get away with taking your money while doing very little or even nothing at all.

That’s not to say they’re ALL like this, and I’ve been told there are some good ones. But if you choose to go this route, don’t let them have too high a percentage, and try to get some references from other webcam models who have used the exact same studio first. My advice would be to just not consider this option at all.


Direct Sign-Up at a Cam Site

Alright, now let’s look at some actual cam sites for signing up as a cam girl. The three I’ll be talking about today are MyFreeCams (MFC), LiveJasmin, and Chaturbate. Each of these has its upsides and downsides, and while certainly none of them is perfect, I personally give the nod to Chaturbate for those becoming a cam girl for the first time. I’ll explain why in a minute, but let me tell you about MFC and LiveJasmin first, because they’re both really good.

MFC is awesome when it comes to keeping everybody connected. It has a serious “social media” feel, with features that allow members and cam girls to all post to a community time line (like Twitter) and stay in touch. There’s also a lounge for the guys to hang out, where they can make friends and talk about their favorite webcam models.

It all promotes a strong sense of community, which is good for the cam girls because it makes the site attractive to customers and provides easy ways for them to bond with the girls when they do come. If you know anything about camming, you know how important bonding is; it’s what leads to regulars, and to tips.

The trouble with MFC is its “camscore” feature, which prioritizes the ranking of cam girls on the main list. You need a high camscore in order to get listed on the first few pages, and you get a high camscore by receiving a lot of tips. The idea is to list the most popular, and therefore most interesting (supposedly) girls first.

The camscore at MFC is the only real problem for new cam girls just starting out, but it’s a biggie. If you don’t have any existing fans, you’re in for trouble.


Sounds logical enough in theory, but in practice it just means that new cam girls can’t get their foot in the door and basically have no chance of making it on MFC (unless they’re naturals who attract tips like a magnet attracts iron filings).

To get a foothold, you need to have an established base of regulars from another site, so you can ask them to follow you to MFC and tip you there, thus upping your camscore. Without that foundation, MFC will just likely drown you at the bottom of the list.

LiveJasmin gets the title of oldest cam site on the web. It’s been around so long, it’s still using the “pay to play” model (unlike our other two “free” sites), so most of the stuff members want from cam girls is done behind a paywall.

That means you’ll be doing mostly private shows on LiveJasmin, which appeals to a lot of cam girls. My problem with it is that live shows can actually cost a cam girl money in a weird way, if she’s missing out on getting tipped by generous whales while she’s in there.

This is also a tough one for new webcam girls, because most of the paying customers want to visit girls they already know they like. LiveJasmin’s traffic also seems to prefer eastern European models, for whatever reason, so Western girls may have a hard time here.

LiveJasmin isn’t really suited to most western girls, though some have told me it can work if you do it right.


Without a doubt, being a cam girl is easiest on Chaturbate. All of the big 3 sites we’re covering are huge, but Chaturbate is absolutely enormous (biggest on the web among cam sites), and it’s loaded with high-quality traffic. That means, most of the members here are from the wealthier parts of the world. They also like Western girls more than some other sites, such as LiveJasmin, so if that’s you, you’ll have a better time.

The biggest issue with Chaturbate is that all of the apps, bots, and other features it offers can be a little intimidating when you’re first starting out. Just remember that you aren’t obligated to use ANY of these. You’ll want to, as you get more established and can benefit more from all the convenience that they can offer, but you can definitely get by for awhile without them before that.

Sign-Up At Chaturbate Here


Basically, your best bet is to start on Chaturbate to build up a respectable fan following. Once you’ve done that, you can start thinking about trying MFC, and later, see what LiveJasmin is all about. Good luck, girls!