Sugar baby websites are horrible.
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Sugar Baby Websites Suck

June 1, 2019

There’s a sugar babies website for you, am I right? Whether you’re a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, finding not just a match, but exactly the match you’re looking for, is just a matter of finding and using the right sugar baby site. I mean, just google the damn things, and you’ll see that they’re everywhere.

They’re a lot like regular dating websites, actually; there are just SO MANY sugar meet sites, that even if one doesn’t work out for you, all you have to do is move on to another. For sure, when you want to get into sugar on either end of the arrangement, it’s ALL about the meet sites, so we might as well just get used to them, yeah?

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – Why exactly sugar baby websites suck donkey dick.
2 – How to find and use the secret sites that actually work!


Not so fast there, everyone. It turns out that MOST sugar baby websites suck. Like, Hoover to butthole, here. I’ll tell you why, I’ll go over what they CAN offer you, and then, we can talk about the REAL way to get into sugaring in this day and age.


Why Sugar Meet Sites Are So Lame

So, yeah, throw a dart at a random sugar baby site, and odds are, you picked a loser. Why’s that? Same reason most of those regular dating sites I mentioned are no good: They’re scams. Really, as in, it’s not just that they give it the old college try and fail to get their job done. More like, they are lying to you in order to steal your money They’re actually SCAMS.

I’m talking about fake profiles, here. If you didn’t know, those are a real thing, on normal dating sites AND sugar meet sites. When a particular platform notices that there’s an imbalance in their membership demographics between men and women, which obviously leads to the bigger crowd having a hard time finding anyone, they respond by straight-up making bot profiles of the necessary gender.

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These “members” then go around messaging and interacting with real people on the site using their programmed scripts, with the hopes of being convincing enough that most paying customers won’t notice. Obviously, a conversation with a bot can’t go any further than just exchanging text over the site, but it doesn’t have to.

As long as the human end of the equation believes they’ve been talking to someone, it’s okay that this one got away, and their faith in the overall site is restored. That keeps them around, and keeps them paying.

Okay, not ALL sugar baby websites use this scummy tactic, but it’s pretty common in the industry. And even when the members you talk to ARE for real, again, most sites have sugar daddies and sugar babies that are so low-end, it’s not worth your time or your money.

And by “low-end”, I don’t just mean physically unattractive. I’m talking desperate, clingy, domineering, and all sorts of other crap personality traits you don’t wanna get mixed up with. It can be a real fucking zoo on those sites.

The vast majority of online dating sites in the sugar baby niche are horrible. Fake profiles, too many salt daddies, low-rent sugar babies. Just crap.


I’ll be honest with you, honey: The ONLY sugar meet site that you should even be bothering with is the grand-sugar-daddy of them all, SeekingArrangement (now This site is expensive, so be ready for that, but at least you get what you pay for.

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Seeking has a deserved reputation as the best sugar baby website out there, which attracts the most serious, most high-end sugar daddies and sugar babies, and it doesn’t puts up with that fake profile bullshit, from my experience. If you’re willing to pay and you’re willing to stick with it for maybe a month or two, you almost certainly WILL find someone, and they probably won’t be COMPLETELY insane.

How to be a Sugar Baby Online – My Complete Guide


Now, having said all of that, there’s a much better way to get into sugaring these days. It’s the one I use, now, and I’m talking as a sugar baby with tons and tons of experience in the sugar bowl game, online and off. It’s cam sites, baby.


Cam Sites Better Than Sugar Baby Websites?

If you don’t know, cam sites are places where any girl of legal age can sign up, then broadcast on a public channel from her own personal webcam. The stereotype is that these shows are nude and explicitly sexual, and sometimes they are, but there are PLENTY of webcam models who never take off one piece of clothing.

Basically, the girls can work their own hours and do whatever kinds of performance they want, as long as they don’t go TOO far (they’re not allowed to bring in another person unless they can prove their playmate is legally an adult, too, for one example).

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The reason they have all this freedom is because the cam site doesn’t actually pay them; members, who are allowed to watch the show anonymously for free, have the option of using real money to buy “tokens” that can be used to tip the girls. The cam site takes a cut of that, and that’s how everyone makes money.

It’s that tipping system, though, that we’re interested in here, because it means the sky’s the limit on how MUCH money can pour into a girl’s lap. In other words, a guy who wants to flex some financial muscle is perfectly free to drop in to a webcam model’s public channel and tip her an amount of tokens worth hundreds or even thousands of actual dollars, and enough people do this that they’ve become a major force in camming.

By tipping a cam girl, a sugar daddy can win her attention, which allows the two to bond and get closer. Actual romances have started this way, okay? It’s for real.


They’re called “whales”, and cam girls pretty much live and breathe by them. Webcam models are VERY eager to get to know and become good friends with whales, and in many cases, this leads to an online sugar relationship.

How does THAT work? Well, it really is just sugaring, online. The sugar daddy gives his sugar baby a regular allowance over Paypal or whatever, and buys her gifts off an online wish list to be shipped to her door. It’s just that the couple stays in touch entirely over the Internet and by phone.

What’s really important to keep in mind is that the relationship does NOT have to stay this way; the couple can use their time online together to get to know each other, and believe me, many cam girls can get extremely close to their whales and regulars. People like to compare cam girls to strippers, but it’s nothing like that.

It’s VERY common for regulars to meetup with their cam girl/sugar baby internet girlfriends. Most people think this is a fantasy, but I definitely know better.


We build real, emotional bonds with our clients, and just like any other relationship, when two people genuinely “click”, there’s no telling where it can go. When a given sugar couple are both ready, many, MANY of them make the decision to meet up in real life. I’ve seen it, I’ve DONE it, it’s real.

Unlike the regular sugar baby websites, there are actually a LOT of cam sites that are good for building sugar relationships. Of them all, though, I have to recommend Chaturbate as the single best. The site is absolutely huge, it’s known as one of the best on the web, and it attracts a lot of people who are out looking to sugar.

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That’s not even necessary, by the way; lots of cam girls and customers who never had any plans to get into sugar end up doing it anyway when they realize how well it could work out. Chaturbate, though, just makes the whole process super easy, so you’re more likely to find people there who already have sugar on the brain. Seriously, give it a try. This shit works, and it works better than the meet sites at this point.