How to find a sugar daddy for free online.
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Finding Sugar Daddies For Free

January 23, 2020

If you’re like most people who know something about how sugar babies meet their sugar daddies, at least in the modern age, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably, followed by the other sites like it. There’s a reason for that: They work.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How to find a sugar daddy for free using social media.
2 – Which cam site is best for finding wealthy sugar daddies quickly.


But the annoying thing about them is, they tend to be expensive as hell. Which is really strange, considering that we’re basically just talking about dating websites, so I have to figure we’re dealing with one of those “charge what the market will bear” things.  They know there’s money in the industry, so they gouge because they know people will pay even though the service actually being offered doesn’t cost nearly that much.

It’s kind of like those restaurants that charge you far out the ass for healthy food, since customers who actually want to take care of themselves are motivated to cough up the cash (I mean, nine bucks for a SALAD? Really, Panera?)

That’s why a lot of girls wonder about how to find a sugar daddy for free, and whether that’s even possible. Luckily it is, and we can do it using social media. The two best sites for this are Twitter and Instagram; we’ll take them one at a time.


Finding Sugar Daddies on Twitter

Let’s start with Twitter. The first and most important thing you need to do here is fill out your bio, and do it in detail. I don’t mean go for a long, boring description of how cuddly your childhood teddy bear Bobo was, because no one’s going to read that.

But you want to cover the things about yourself that are interesting, like your plans and ambitions, activities you’ve never tried but would love to, activities you’ve loved that you wanna do again, your hobbies, stuff like that. Don’t bore people to tears, but give them a good idea of who you are and why you’re awesome.

Yes, approach it with that attitude. Also, be sure to post plenty of pictures of yourself, and make them sexy. You want to be careful here, because “sexy” is NOT the same as slutty; if the pictures are slutty, you may turn off the sugar daddies. I’m talking about dignified, but revealing dresses: Deep Vs, backless, and TASTEFUL sheers. Show yourself to be classy and adventurous at the same time.

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Next you’ll need to think about, literally, how to find that perfect sugar daddy on this free platform. As in, ask yourself where on Twitter you’d be most likely to find these guys. It’s a question with more than one answer, for sure, but after some time spent trying, failing, and finally succeeding, I’ve managed to uncover a few of them.

Basically, you want to post on tweet threads relating to “high-end” or luxury activities, like golfing, yachting, snobby wine, and other stuff like that. Business, finance, and politics work too, though they aren’t quite as good since more people who aren’t rich or well-off follow those subjects.

Finally, it helps to hang out in the threads of top webcam models, because a LOT of sugar daddies follow those..more on that later.

Of course, you don’t want to just be throwing random shit up there. Your posts should be informed on the subject, which means YOU need to be informed. I recommend picking at least two topics where you’ve decided to hunt for sugar daddies, and reading up on them before you start talking.

A young girl posting in those kinds of threads is going to get noticed; when guys see that the posts are from someone who knows what she’s talking about, AND seems from her profile to be an interesting and outgoing person, they’ll be very intrigued.


How To Find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram For Free

Now let’s talk a bit about Instagram. Finding a sugar daddy on Instagram takes a little more creative thinking, for a couple of reasons. First, you’ll want to comment on the right kinds of posts, but what “the right kinds” are won’t always be very intuitive.

In my experience, it’s best here to target famous people, especially celebrities: I’m talking big-name music producers, platinum rappers, and A-list Hollywood actors and actresses. Turns out this is the best way to find sugar daddies on IG.

A second odd but effective strategy that makes finding a sugar daddy on Instagram easier is to start your own blog on sites like or, and use it to just talk about yourself. Like with the Twitter profile, cover your goals and interests and include the right kinds of sexy pictures, all in a way that’s classy, entertaining, and interesting.

Using a blog to show potential sugar daddies who you are is a great way to stand out. You can take advantage of free blogging platforms like, which are really easy to use.


Then you’re going to link to this blog directly on your Instagram profile, which will make it easier for sugar daddies who are intrigued by your posts to learn more about you and realize that you’re someone they’d like to get to know. For that reason, you should be sure to mention in the blog that you’re a sugar baby, looking to get into an arrangement with a sugar daddy.


Finding Daddies For Free on Cam Sites

Now, with ALL of that said, I’ve got to tell you that the real secret to how to find a sugar daddy for free is Chaturbate. Well, camming sites in general, really, but some are better than others for this and Chaturbate turns out to be the best.

I mentioned earlier that rich sugar daddies love to follow the Twitter threads of top webcam models; that’s because they tend to be heavily into webcam models PERIOD, and they also tend to LOVE Chaturbate. They hang out there as “whales”, the big spenders who give out huge tips to the girls they like.

Every once in awhile, they find someone they’d like to start an arrangement with, and BOOM! Online sugar time. That basically means you get an allowance sent to your Paypal, gifts from your online wish list start showing up on your doorstep, and all you really have to do in exchange is spend maybe an hour or two a day chatting with your sugar daddy and talking over the phone. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t beat it, and I’ve done sugaring both for real and online.

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Finding a sugar daddy on Chaturbate is pretty easy, and the process makes you money by itself anyway, so…win-win! What you need to do is sign up as a webcam model and start broadcasting. You’ll want to set a schedule for which hours each day you go online, and make sure you stick to it so you can build up regulars.

Other than that, be friendly on cam, and try to look classy to impress the sugar daddies. It might not happen right away (or then again, it might!), but it WILL happen.

The most important thing to remember about Chaturbate is to STICK with it. Soooo many girls get disappointed in the first few days because they don’t realize it takes time to start seeing income, so they think there’s no money in it and they quit right away.

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This is a straight up TRAGEDY, because if you do it right, it’s almost harder NOT to make money. You don’t even have to do nude or explicit shows if that’s not your thing; a lot of times, it’s actually better if you don’t when you’re looking for a sugar daddy. All you DO have to do is not flake out!