I want an internet sugar daddy.
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I Want an Internet Sugar Daddy

January 24, 2020

Nowadays, and I guess really since the whole Seeking.com revolution about 10 years ago, a lot more people know about sugaring and more or less how it works. They might not always know the lingo, like using the actual word sugar like this or what a “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby” are, but they know that young women without much money dating older guys with plenty of money is a thing.

I don’t know if I’d say it’s “common knowledge”, but the knowledge isn’t exactly uncommon. What DEFINITELY isn’t commonly known about, though, is the idea of girls having an online-only sugar daddy, entirely on the Internet. In fact, most people find this idea so weird and hard to believe that they just straight up DON’T believe it; I tell them about it and they think I’m making shit up.


The Truth About Internet Sugar Daddies

Real quick, let me go over exactly what we’re talking about here. The kind of sugaring most people know is what I call “in-person” or “real-life” sugaring: Baby and Daddy might meet on a website, and they probably will, but after that they’re dating physically. They go out, spend time together, and enjoy their relationship without doing much online aside from texting each other, if you wanna count that. The sugar baby gets plenty of presents, and usually a weekly or monthly allowance.

On the other hand, “online” sugaring is kept pretty much completely, well, online. An Internet sugar daddy is one that the sugar baby talks to only online, which usually includes not only texting but video chats over Skype and Facetime, online “dates” where they’ll have dinner or watch a movie together over a video link, and of course, good ol’ talking over the phone.

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Online sugar babies, and this part’s important, still receive an allowance that gets paid over Paypal or whatever, and gifts shipped to their door, often straight from an online wish list they’ll have up. The money made by an online sugar baby is usually just as good, and many times BETTER, than what an in-person sugar baby would get.

I don’t wanna spend too much time right now talking about WHY guys are willing to do this online, when they obviously have the money to get girls in real life, but I always feel obligated to go over it at least a little, because again, I know people won’t even believe me if I don’t explain everything.

Basically, an Internet sugar daddy isn’t looking for an in-person sugar baby either because he can’t or he won’t. If he can’t, it’s because he’s too busy with work or can’t get around his wife, which either way means he doesn’t have the opportunity to carry on a relationship with a sugar baby in real life. If he “won’t” do it, it’s because he fears something about seeing his sugar baby in person.

He might assume the relationship would become sexual (which doesn’t always happen, but what-evs), and he either doesn’t want to cheat on his wife or he’s worried about catching something from his sugar baby. That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell.

Having an online-only sugar daddy can be great. It takes a lot less time than doing this in person, and like I said, the money you get is awesome. So what I really want to get into here is HOW to set up this kind of arrangement, because it’s definitely not done in the same place and it’s not even the same process.


Where to Find The Richest Internet Daddies

For an in-person sugar daddy, you’re basically looking at Seeking.com or another of those single-purpose sugar sites, because that’s the best way. But the sites don’t work well at all for finding an Internet sugar daddy, because they ARE single-purpose; those guys want a sugar baby they can date in real life. To keep this online, you want to look on the cam sites, and specifically, Chaturbate.

Well, okay, it doesn’t HAVE to be Chaturbate. Some of the other webcam sites can work too, especially MyFreeCams (MFC). But Chaturbate is really the one you want, because for some reason, it’s where rich guys who are into webcam models really like to hang out.

I don’t really know exactly WHY this is, but it probably has something to do with Chaturbate’s size: it’s the BIGGEST cam site out there, in terms of traffic, and rich guys tend to prefer the “best” of everything. My point is, especially if you’re just getting started looking for an online-only sugar daddy, do yourself a favor and use Chaturbate.

Doing this WILL require you to actually sign up and perform as a webcam model, so if you have a problem with that…actually, if you have a problem with that, suck it up and get the hell over it, because being a cam girl is awesome. You don’t feel nervous or awkward for more than a day or two, and once you really get going, the money is sweet, with or without any sugar daddies.

But don’t worry, you’ll find those too; they’re always among the “whales” of Chaturbate, which is what we call rich cam site members who tip huge amounts. You won’t meet these guys right away, and you won’t get mad money on your first day broadcasting, but it WILL happen. Don’t give up; I’m not kidding, 90% of the girls who fail at this, do because they get disappointed when they don’t make bank right away and they quit. Don’t be like them.

All you really have to do is set a schedule when you’ll broadcast every day. It can be just a couple of hours a day if you want; the important part is that you stick to it, so guys who like you know when to look for you again. That leads to “regulars”, which are the customers who keep coming back to tip, and eventually, it leads to getting found by whales.

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Treat your whales like kings; talk to them a lot by name in the public chat, send them private messages, and even give them your phone number so you can keep in touch throughout the day via text. All of this will make them feel special, and it will help them “bond” with you and see you as a friend.

There is no downside to that; either they’re “just” whales and they’ll come back more often to give you more enormous tips, or they’ll turn out to be looking for online sugar babies and you’ve hit the jackpot.

You can attract an Internet sugar daddy by having the right image. Remember, rich guys want the best, so you have to look like that’s you. Don’t be a dime-a-dozen cam slut; dress nice and act classy. Talk about philosophy, politics, current events. Brainy stuff like that.

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Mentioning business and finance, like the latest performance of the stock market, can’t hurt either, since rich sugar daddies probably follow that stuff and will be impressed that you do too. Basically, you want to be a cut above. You’re the girl that only top guys get to even talk to. Cam site whales usually have huge egos, so make it an achievement to get your attention. That kind of behavior draws them in like a magnet.