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Webcam Models Need Whales

November 13, 2018

Every sugar baby should at least give serious thought to webcam modeling, since it’s a line of work that goes really well with the sugar lifestyle. If you’re a good sugar baby when it comes to your looks and your personality, then you’ll probably make a good webcam model too.

It also makes sense as a sugar baby to do work that lets you set your own schedule, so you can be there for your sugar daddy and earn your own money when he’s not around.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – The facts about why whales tip huge amounts.
2 – How to attract big spending whales.


And natch, the fact that you can earn a LOT of money as a cam girl is a major incentive all by itself. You may have heard stories about how well some of those girls can do, and I dunno if you believe them or not, but I’m here to tell you they’re true. Of course, there’s a reason they can pull down bank like that, and it’s called Whales.

If you didn’t already know, whales are what we call big spenders in the webcam modeling industry. And when I say big, baby, I mean BIG. These are the guys who will step into your channel, drop a Goliath-sized tip worth hundreds or thousands of dollars on you, then half the time vanish without a trace.

Camgirling and Business/Marketing Skills…


Obviously, these guys are rich, and when they’re out there throwing money like that around, it has a huge impact on the business of a webcam model. In fact, it’ so huge, it’s the reason the girls at the top are where they are.

No, shut up if you disagree with that, because you’re wrong. I ain’t blowing shit out of proportion when I tell you that cam girls earning six figures per year — and they’re very real — are making most of their money from whales. Not just some, not just a lot, but MOST of it. Whales are the A1 steak sauce of webcam modeling: Yeah, they’re that important.


Why Whales Tip Webcam Models Massive Cheddar

Since so much rides on these whales, I’ve spent pretty much years watching them, talking to them, and basically just figuring out what it is that makes them tick. What I’ve always wanted to know is, why in all balls do they spend this kind of money on girls they’re almost certainly never going to meet?

Well, there’s different ways of looking at it, but in the end it comes down to ego. These are guys who want to be alpha males, but for whatever weird reason, they can’t pull it off in real life even though their bank account obviously has its own zip code.

Webcam modeling tips - Why whales tip big.

They might have a job where they need to be meek and polite all the time, or they might be genius nerds with no social graces, or they might be overweight and self-conscious about how they look; the list goes on and on.

Whatever the case for any particular whale, what they really want is to let loose online in ways they’re not able to otherwise. When they give you a massive tip and then disappear right after, they’re really saying, “Look at me, I’m so wealthy I can burn this kind of money and not even get anything back for it.”

Of course, like I said before, that’s just what they do HALF of the time. The other half, they stick around, because they want all the other men in the channel to feel intimidated and outclassed by them, and most importantly, they want YOU to acknowledge them as top dog.

So do it, by the way: Talk to them the most, laugh at their jokes, and when they want you to do something on camera, do it just because they want it. Stroke that ego, ‘cause it’s a golden goose.

Whale cam site members basically either want to show off, or buy their way into a close friendship with a “high class” cam girl.


Having whales is a huge game-changer, to the point that it really shakes up how a webcam model works. If you look at the top-rated cam girls on MFC or Chaturbate, you notice that they hardly ever do private shows, even for their most loyal regulars. The reason is that even as profitable as private shows can be, it still just isn’t worth it to hide yourself from whales for that long.

Think about it: You spend an hour in a private show, and you make great money doing it, but if you know you often get visited by whales and you miss even ONE of them because you went private, you just cheated yourself. From a webcam modeling business standpoint, it makes better sense to stay where the whales can get at you.


Webcam Modeling at SeaWorld

So how does a webcam model bag herself a Shamu? In the end, it all comes down to your attitude. Remember, whales are out looking for ego food, so they’ll be most attracted to you if winning your friendship makes them feel accomplished. That means you want to put off “classy” vibes: Make yourself look like a refined, ladylike woman.

Now, that doesn’t mean covering yourself from head to toe, wearing glasses, and speaking in a boring monotone like a librarian. Be a 21st century lady, or considering the age of some of these guys, at least a late 20th century one.

Talk about politics, current events, maybe even a little philosophy; anything to make it seem like you keep up with the world and are well-informed (but believe me, you don’t have to know too much about any of that — a shallow understanding will more than do, because that’s enough to get the convo started and signal that you’re a “different” type of gal).

You’re the kind of girl who’s educated and confident, and because of that, you can afford to be discriminating. You don’t accept just anyone into your inner circle, so the people you do accept (especially the men!) are the best of the best. THAT, honey, is whale bait.

Signal an interest in topics they’re likely to be into…they will love teaching you more.


A good way to present yourself is to set up an Instagram account, then post pictures of yourself there that give you the appropriate image. Remember, we want intelligent, worldly, and educated: Go for pictures that show you well-dressed and hanging out in places associated with knowledgeable people. College campuses are good for this, and a webcam model is often a college girl anyway so this is easy. You can go for libraries too, which are fine as long as you don’t actually LOOK like a librarian.

Finally, as if all the money you can make from whales wasn’t enough incentive to draw them in, I should probably tell you that a lot of them are actually sugar daddies looking for online-only sugar babies. If you didn’t know, online sugaring is when you have a sugar daddy entirely over the Internet.

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You talk to him over the cam site, you chat over text and phone, and you usually do Skype and Facetime together. It’s usually pretty chaste, though: Most online sugar daddies aren’t looking for anything sexual. They most often just want companionship, and the most they’ll probably want you to do is have dinner with them over a video link.

The money, though, is awesome, as good or better than what you get from sugaring in person. They’ll still give you an allowance, and with your wish list readily available to them online, don’t be surprised when all the expensive swag you’ve been wanting starts getting delivered right to your door.

I’m telling you, girl, whales are where it’s at. They’re the soul of webcam modeling, no lie. Don’t ever forget how important they are, or how important it is to attract them. If you’re not a cam model yet, click here for my quick-start cam girl guide and start bringing in some sweet online money asap!