How To Become a Webcam Girl
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How To Become a Webcam Girl

April 14, 2019

I’ve been surprised to see just how many women these days are thinking about how to become a webcam girl. I think word is finally getting out that it’s a fantastic income source, and that the money comes from doing something that’s actually pretty fun when you get right down to it.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – What exactly newbie webcam girls should do at the outset.
2 – How to get “regulars” so you can make the big bucks.


For the record, I think this is awesome. This just isn’t the kind of industry where competition should keep you up at night worrying, because there is ALWAYS enough demand. Actually, if I’m honest with you, and I always am, I fret a lot more about girls failing in this business than I do about them succeeding.

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Not because making it is so hard, since it’s really not, but because it’s frustrating to see so many newbies come in without knowing a few simple rules and end up stepping into the various pitfalls that are insanely easy to avoid. So I thought I would write you all a quick webcam girl guide, and share some tips on how to be a webcam model. Some of this stuff’s pretty basic, because that’s kind of all you need, but I’ve got some little-known diamonds for you in here as well, so read on!

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Newbie Webcam Girls Need Patience

I’ve been doing this for awhile, and I can tell you what qualifies as Tippo Numero Uno right now: Patience! I don’t even KNOW anymore how many girls I’ve seen start out as cam models, then throw their little hissy fits and run for the hills when they don’t get rich overnight. Honey, it’s going to take TIME. Not all that much time, actually, but longer than, you know…the first night?

Seriously, I know girls who gave up because their very first time on cam didn’t go as well as they had hoped. Now, I do get it, because it’s not unusual to go through your first night, maybe even your first few nights, without getting any tips at all. That can discourage anybody.

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But maybe I just have too wide a perspective here, because I KNOW it gets better after that. At first a little, then a good bit, and then a LOT better! Again, we’re not talking about a huge time investment. Stick with it for a good two weeks, maybe three, and you’ll see things start picking up.

You gotta trust me on this, don’t worry about the money during that time. Instead, focus on building up your regulars, because they’re the reason you’re gonna be writing your own paychecks pretty soon. Getting regulars is pretty simple: they’re born when people peek into your channel at random, and like what they see enough to come back next time. That’s why it is SO important that they know when “next time” is going to be!

Beginner webcam girls shouldn’t expect to make much for the first few weeks. It takes some time to bond with fans and get them to tip. But when they do, it can be extremely sweet!


Set a schedule to work a certain number of hours at least five days a week, post it on your profile and mention it in your chat room, and STICK to it. Every guy who feels the slightest passing fondness for you during his first time checking you out will be likely to come back the following day, which is going to make him like you even more. That leads to even more visits, which generates more affection, and pretty soon, the cash register starts cha-chinging!


A Webcam Girl Needs Regulars To Become Successful

Of course, that assumes the guys who come to your chat room actually like you that first time, meaning that an important part of how to be a webcam model is being likable. Fortunately, this isn’t too hard. The most important factor is just smiling, a lot. Plenty of girls sit there on their cams looking bored and unhappy, and you better believe that this absolutely KILLS viewer enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, science has now proven that smiling makes people see you as warmer, friendlier, and more fun to be around. But this isn’t really a surprise, is it? Do you prefer being around someone who looks like she doesn’t even want to be there, or a happy, smiling girl? So when you’re on cam, you gotta smile like you just got a Mercedes for Christmas. It’s that simple.

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The rest of being likable is also pretty straightforward: don’t be a statue. Talk a lot, and engage with the viewers. The subject doesn’t really matter. You can go on and on about your day if you like. Eventually, someone will appreciate it and start sharing back, and then you’ve got something else to talk about. Let it snowball. Make jokes. And through it all, always be friendly while you’re doing this, and don’t forget that smile!

It seems odd, but lots of people who think about how to become a webcam girl are really surprised when they realize how much actual interaction with their audience is involved. I’m not just talking about being friendly with them in public chat. A cam girl receives a lot of PMs (private messages, exchanged directly between you and one specific user), and most new girls will straight TURN OFF that feature because they don’t like getting deluged like that.

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I admit it can be a little overwhelming at first, but walking away from it completely is a mistake. You end up leaving money on the table, because those PM’s can be a great way to bond with your viewers one on one. Over time, this can turn them into regulars. And have I mentioned how important regulars are? I feel like I have.

Now, I wouldn’t be a very good cam girl adviser if I didn’t tell you that you do need to be intelligent about this. After just a few days, you won’t be able to answer all the PM’s you’re going to be getting, or you’ll be doing nothing else. It’s sort of a triage situation, and the ones who get saved are those who pay. This doesn’t necessarily mean regulars, although of course you should ALWAYS answer them first, and pay attention to them in general.

But Chaturbate, the biggest cam site out there and one of the best, has a handy feature that color-codes members based on their spending. Those who have tipped a lot or recently purchased tokens get their names marked out in special colors (purple and blue), letting you know where the potential revenue is.

This is important, because your show itself is free and there are (of course) PLENTY of guys who will take advantage of that and never tip anything. That’s fine, though, because it doesn’t actually cost you anything — as long as you know not to waste your time with those members. Prioritize!

Private messages are great because they allow you to bond with your regulars. The closer to them you get, the more they will tip.


Speaking of doing things with your members in private, you should do private shows when asked in your earliest days. There WILL come a time when it will be better to stop doing this, specifically when you’re making enough in an hour in your public channel to make disappearing with one person for that long not worth it, but that comes later.

When traffic is slow, private shows can generate some awesome revenue. It can make sitting there tipless on cam for 2 hours totally worth it.

And that covers the basics of what you need to know about how to become a webcam girl on Chaturbate, but this advice mostly applies to other cam sites, as well. Like I said, it’s really not that hard, you just have to keep a few things in mind and STAY CONSISTENT. So get in there and start pulling down some fat stacks — if you apply my tips, I’m pretty sure you’ll be raking it in before you know it!

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