Making Money on OnlyFans - My Journey
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My Making Money on OnlyFans Journey

February 11, 2020

You know what I noticed a little while back? Every cam girl and their grandma nowadays is trying her hand at making money on OnlyFans. You definitely need to make good use of social media to succeed in webcam modeling, and I admit, OnlyFans looked really good once I started checking it out.

So I decided that I should hit this platform myself, and see if I could get my share of those sweet OnlyFans tips. I learned some pretty helpful and important stuff along the way, so pay attention girls!

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How OnlyFans Works

If you’re not familiar with it, OnlyFans is basically like an adult Twitter system, complete with a Twitter-style “timeline”. It’s a subscription-based service in more or less direct competition with the premium Snapchat business model that many cam girls use, with the big difference there being that (again) OnlyFans is adult-friendly, while Snapchat will ban your tits for posting anything nude or explicit.

For that matter, Snapchat doesn’t even allow you to sell content on its platform, while making money on OnlyFans is allowed and encouraged. Be aware that OnlyFans WAS recently acquired by the owner of MyFreeCams, though, so if you broadcast on any other cam site, you can’t use OF to promote your shows.

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Now, one of the really cool things about this platform is that you don’t have to rely on OnlyFans tips alone to earn revenue. Like I said, OF uses subscriptions, and you’re free to set your own monthly fee for members.

Deciding on my price was one of the first decisions I had to make here, and it taught me one of my first lessons on this app. See, the going rate for most of the models you’ll find there is $10, but I had this whole haughty “ain’t no holler-back girl” mindset going, so I started at $19.99. Yeah, that was a mistake.

Be careful when setting your subscription price. If you set it too high, and you’re not popular enough, you won’t get fans to sign up. If you set it too low, people may think your stuff isn’t worth much, so why bother.


I got, like, no subscribers. Well, okay, when I promoted my efforts at making money on OnlyFans to my followers on Twitter and Snapchat (which is a great strategy, by the way), I had a few takers. But not enough to keep the lights on, if you feel me.

For a hot minute I thought this whole OnlyFans experiment was a failure, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that my real problem was I was pricing myself out of the market. $20 per month is too high, at least when you’re not an elite cam girl or porn star. I cut the rate down to $9.99, and that’s when the floodgates opened.

My fans showered me with love, and I started making way more money than I ever could have dreamed at $20 a pop. That’s the takeaway, here: It’s all about the bottom line. Doing this is costing you next to nothing, so don’t be afraid to set a lower price. It’s worth it.

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Figuring out how to manage my account was my next challenge. I’m talking about the frequency of my posts, mainly. At first, I figured one nice, hot explicit video per week would be plenty, but that wasn’t flying with the subscribers. It soon became apparent that they were expecting something more on the order of a post per day.

Now, there was no way I was going to put out an explicit video each and every day (takes too much time to set those up properly), so here’s what I did. I settled for some daily teasing content, like modeling bikinis, twerking on camera, and even some edgy stuff like spanking. Much quicker and easier, and I still offered the really steamy stuff once per week. That went over a lot better, and the fans were happy.


OnlyFans Private Messages Make You Money

Next we have private messages. This part you want to be really careful with. Remember when I said that OnlyFans tips weren’t the only method of making money on this platform? Private messages are the other way to monetize (aside from subscriptions, natch).

On OnlyFans, you’re actually allowed to charge subscribers to have you send them PMs, and you can charge per message. This is definitely another case of charging a little to make a lot – don’t set too high a price. When it comes to private messages, though, there’s another reason to encourage them.

Something that I’ve come to realize about private messages on OnlyFans, much like those on cam sites, is that they’re a fantastic way to help certain subscribers get to know you, and to build a bond with them.

This is CRAZY important, because like I always say to webcam models, fans who feel like they know you personally and care about you on a human (as opposed to just a sexual) level build a deep loyalty toward you. They’ll wait for you when you take a day off, they’ll follow you across platforms, and of course, they’ll become some of your best tippers.

Making the big money on OnlyFans, or anywhere else, involves creating regulars who feel “close” to you. Build those bonds and watch the money roll in!


In this case, private messages are one of the most effective ways to get in on those wonderful OnlyFans tips! Just be sure you make those messages personal, with lots of questions about common interests and lots of honest expression of who you are as a person.

Me, I only asked $3 per PM, and that was plenty. I made over $100 off of that alone, but more importantly, I got some awesome long-term fans out of the deal. That was good for another $100 in tips. I also had some fun conversations with genuinely interesting people, and getting paid for that is just awesome.

So, to sum up, I like OnlyFans, and I’ll definitely be hitting it harder in the future. I’m going to remember what I learned about pricing – not gonna sweat setting a low price if it leads to greater sales down the line.

And I’m going to focus even more heavily on private messages, because the power of those to build loyal regulars really impressed me. It doesn’t even take all that much time or work, either; with just a few conversations, you can make a LOT of fans.


Promoting Your OnlyFans

Before I sign off, I should say a few words about promoting your OnlyFans account. One very effective way to bring in subscribers is to talk about your account on Twitter, and invite followers there to check you out on OF. The only trouble with that method is that it really works a lot better when you have a large following on Twitter, otherwise you may only get a few subscribers out of it.

The best way I’ve found to deal with this is to simply build up your Twitter account. That’s important to a webcam model for a whole variety of reasons, so you should be doing it anyway. Basically, all you need to do is post the link to your Twitter page in your public camming chatroom, and tell your audience how cool it would be if they followed you there.

Building a large Twitter account is CRITICAL if you’re a cam girl, or a sugar baby, or an adult content model! Twitter is the only huge social media platform that allows adult content, so you can use it to promote all your shit!


Lots of them will do it, because like I always say, cam site members are in LOVE with anything that’s free. So you draw people over to your Twitter account, where you advertise your OnlyFans account, and the end result is making money on OnlyFans!

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Finally, don’t try to promote your OF account on your cam site directly. Most sites don’t allow that, and you could get in trouble. Play it safe!