Looking For Sugar Baby Perfection
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Looking For Sugar Baby Perfection

July 3, 2020

Most men who are interested in becoming sugar daddies are savvy enough with their money to bargain shop and not just take the first offer that comes along when they’re in the market for something or to automatically assume that whatever is most expensive must be of the highest quality.

In my experience, though, they’re also intelligent enough to realize that a woman isn’t a commodity like a pound of coffee or a barrel of oil, and that when looking for sugar baby girlfriends who are the best, you have to be willing to pamper your partner. It’s the sugar daddies who want to climb to the very peak of Mt. Sugar and experience what an elite companion is really like that I want to talk to today.

Because finding this kind of girl is NOT a simple task, and it’s easy to get wrong. So let’s cover what not to do in this search, and then I’ll tell you about a hunting method that has become the real secret weapon of the discerning sugar daddy.


Don’t Look For Sugar Babies This Way

What you want to avoid probably more than anything are the “sugar meet” sites, where you create a profile, find a match, and arrange a meeting in real life. This probably sounds weird. I mean, isn’t looking for a sugar baby what these sites are FOR?

And they better be good for SOMEthing, given how much they cost before they’ll let you actually communicate with anyone you see there. But, sadly, the sugar meet site plan really fails.

I just mentioned how expensive the sites are, but even if you’re willing to spend the money, they just aren’t worth it. To start with, a lot of them are more or less straight-up wastes of time. Like the regular dating sites, they usually have way too many male members and not nearly enough females, so they try to achieve some kind of “balance” by misleading you.

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Their staff will literally spend time creating fake profiles of nonexistent women, and either use bots to reply to the flood of messages they receive or even carry on fake correspondence themselves. Obviously, they know these “matches” can’t actually go anywhere in terms of a real meeting, but they don’t care. They just want to keep you using the site and paying the monthly subscription fee for as long as possible.

Oh, and even when the sites are pretty much on the up and up, you still may have trouble finding what you’re looking for. Let’s just say they aren’t all that vigilant about policing their “real” members when men on the site decide to pose as females, which is apparently a pretty common way for some guys to get their rocks off.

Another problem with looking for sugar baby candidates on these sites is that even when you do find an actual woman, and even when she does want to actually meet you, she probably isn’t a real sugar baby. She’s more likely to be an escort, as in: She’ll meet you and have drinks with you, but then she’s expecting you to flash her some green right then and there before plowing her in a motel bed, never to see you again after unless it’s for another romp.

Now, listen honey, I don’t judge. Life’s hard, and a girl’s gotta make a living any way she can. But sugar babies are pampered girlfriends, NOT prostitutes. When you want a sugar relationship, you’re not after casual sex, you’re after a real relationship that’s enriching in multiple different ways for both partners.

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I once had a sugar daddy who told me what’s waiting on those sites. He met a girl off one in a hotel bar, who immediately started trying to negotiate her price for the night. My sugar daddy said she was surprised when she realized that he was looking for a more long-term arrangement. She agreed to that, but apparently she started digging her hooks into him right away.

My daddy at that time was in a really vulnerable place, having just divorced his wife of 20 years a few months prior and trying to get himself back on track. This girl took advantage of that, telling him she wanted only him and that she loved him deeply. He believed her (and that part is on him, though again, bad time in his life), which is why he gave him when she kept asking for money.

She’d cry and whimper at him, telling him how she couldn’t afford $600 to repair her AC, or $1,000 to fix her car, or $2,500 for “emergency dental work” when she had a toothache. Yes, really. Of course, it was all crap, which my daddy eventually discovered. I just wish he had done it before he ended up giving her over $10,000.


The Smart Way To Look For A Sugar Baby

Luckily, looking for a sugar baby doesn’t have to be that horrible. Or horrible at all, really. Because it turns out that there’s a really effective way to succeed at it in a drama-free way, and we’re at a point now where all the serious, SMART sugar daddies are using that to find their babies.

And it just goes to show what I mentioned all the way up at the top about how most expensive does NOT always mean best, because this method is a lot cheaper than using the ridiculously overpriced and time-wasting sugar meet sites.

The real way to go looking for sugar baby prospects is to use cam sites. I know what I’m talking about here. I’ve been working on one as a model for years; I’ve seen how many girls have met their sugar daddies there, and it’s the only way I get into sugar relationships anymore myself.

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If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that cam sites are a good place to find sugar babies. These are girls who are already looking to make a living by interacting with men; it’s just a small step from there to forming genuine relationships with those men. That’s why you find that cam girls are overwhelmingly warm, friendly, and REAL.

You can get to know these women and build friendships with them, and those bonds will mean just as much to them as they do to you. This is one of the many differences between cam girls and strippers (who you might also think are just trying to get paid by interacting with men, while the friendliness of a stripper is usually fake, in my experience).

When you’re looking for sugar baby girlfriends, you want to take your time and find a good match, like with any relationship that’s going to mean a lot to you. Cam girls are perfect for this. All you really have to do is figure out which ones you’d like to get to know better, then tip them a little over a few days’ time.

That’s all it takes for them to consider you a “regular”, and cam girls are eager to become friends with their regulars. Not just because they’re hoping for bigger tips, either; in most cases, they’re as curious to know whether they’ll get along with you as you are about the same thing with them.

Once you become close to a cam girl and discover that you really like her, you’ll find the sky’s the limit. Many, MANY of them will want to become your sugar baby, whether they go in with that intention (or even know what a sugar baby is, yet) or not.

From there, some guys like to keep things entirely online, while others would like to meet their babies in real life. There’s plenty of love for both camps among cam girls. So I really encourage you to check out some cam sites (MyFreeCams is generally the best for this) to find yourself a sugar baby.

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Whatever you do, just stay away from those meet sites! Ugh!