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Promoting Yourself as a Cam Girl

May 28, 2020

Something that frequently gets overlooked by new webcam models is the importance of cam girl promotion, and of building their brand. I totally get why, because when you’re just getting started, all you really care about is performing for that camera and getting those tips flowing in.

You’re just not thinking about getting yourself out there, and to be honest, when you’re naked on the internet, it doesn’t exactly feel like you NEED to do any more to get yourself out there. But I’ve gotta tell you that especially in the industry’s current day, promo for cam girls isn’t a luxury. It’s straight-up how you get most of your traffic.

In the modern camming business, it has become extremely important for cam girls to focus on promo, to bring in new fans. It’s the best way to keep your income from plateauing.


You may think that just sitting in front of your cam and waiting for random people to click on you is alright, so long as you do your part to entertain and engage with the ones who show up this way. You’re basically counting on the room listings on your cam site for your promotion, and trusting that you’ll get your fair share of that traffic. But this isn’t enough by itself.

First of all, most of the cam sites out there don’t have very much traffic at all. We’re talking about bit players in a particular niche of the adult entertainment market, here. The only way around this problem is to broadcast on one of the “Big 3” sites: Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, or LiveJasmin.

Those platforms definitely do have huge traffic, though for newbies, MFC and LJ have serious drawbacks, so you’ll really need to stick with Chaturbate. Rookie cam girls should be doing that anyway, in my opinion.

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The real trouble is that even with Chaturbate’s enormous viewership, you can’t assume that everyone gets a fair piece of the pie. They don’t. The site’s top cam girls, which on Chaturbate can be some of the most popular in the entire industry, tend to hog a large fraction of the walk-in traffic, leaving little for even well-established (but lesser-known) webcam models and even less for the newcomers.

You may be able to skate by this way in your very earliest days, but before long at all, you’re going to want to expand. That pretty much means two things, and one of them is under a huge umbrella called “social media,” so let’s start with that.


Using Social Media To Promote Yourself as A Cam Girl

For now, when it comes to social media, we’re basically talking about Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. When it comes to cam girl promotions, Twitter is your best friend by far.

It’s your main platform to making connections in the industry and keeping your fans up to date on when you’ll be performing. This is easiest on Twitter because it’s adult-friendly, meaning you can post full-on nudes to entice viewers.

IG and Snapchat are not so welcoming of those in our line of work, so you need to be more careful with them. With any social media platform, you need to create a dedicated account entirely for you camming brand – you don’t want to use your personal profiles here.


Twitter Promo

On Twitter, the first thing you need to do is follow as many other webcam models as you can find. This is a fantastic promo for cam girls. We’re pretty good to each other this way – most of the accounts you follow will follow you right back, and they’ll be more likely to retweet you in the future.

That easy networking is a quick way into the business, because suddenly anything you tweet will be seen by some of the biggest players out there, and maybe even more importantly, their legions of fans. In other words, instant eyeballs on you, babe!

Reach out to other models on Twitter, many of them will be very welcoming and help you grow your account.


Just make sure you fill out your Twitter bio as completely as possible, including pictures of yourself, so all those models know you’re a real cam girl and not some bot trying to capitalize on their traffic.

Once you’re set up, prioritize Twitter pretty hard. Tweet often (at least once or twice a day), and include plenty of teasing and nude pictures, since you have that freedom here. Keep the boys interested. Talk a lot about random stuff from your daily life, as that’s really popular with cam site viewers.

Also, make sure to tweet before you go on cam, and again immediately after you begin, along with a link to your channel. Ask for retweets a lot, because this really does increase the amount of retweets you’ll actually get.


Snapchat For Promotion

Cam girl promotion on Snapchat is all about just being social. You want to create what’s known as a “free” or “public” Snapchat account (as opposed to a “premium” account, but that’s more advanced and I delve into it in other posts), and keep it maintained. Treat it a lot like a personal Snapchat account (though still make a dedicated one for this, of course), with lots of snaps about your daily life – again, that’s popular material.

Using Snapchat as a “window to your life” is a great method to create superfans who will tip you a lot and buy all your content.


Emphasize the kind of person you are with pictures that show you doing things you’re interested in, and pepper them every once in awhile with some playful but non-nude shots. It’s okay to tease, but Snapchat is really strict about adult stuff, so don’t do anything to get yourself banned.

The point of a public Snapchat account isn’t so much to generate traffic – that’s what Twitter is for. The reason it’s a good promo for cam girls is because it’s awesome for “warming up” your fans and viewers. That basically means just posting the link for your Snapchat account in your chat room fairly frequently, and inviting your audience to check it out.

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Make sure they know it’s completely free, and they’ll jump on it. This will give them a chance to get to know you as a human being, rather than a mere sex object. This is really important for getting them to start to feel close to you, and when they start feeling close to you, they’re far more likely to become your regulars. That’s the real power of Snapchat. Check out my premium Snapchat tips here.


Porn Tubes – Mega Promo For Cam Girls

Finally, the second option for cam girl promotion I was hinting at earlier: Porn tubes. Running and maintaining a channel on a porn tube site (PornHub would be an example of this) is incredibly easy, and it can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic you receive while camming.

Seriously, you don’t need any fancy video equipment – a handheld iPhone will give your content an “amateur” feel that’s actually more popular than the professional stuff.

These days, most newer cell phones have great cameras that can be used to shoot tube-worthy porn. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have serious equipment.


You can post anything you’re comfortable with: Solo videos, or porn with male or female performers. You can actually make money off of this content through the ad share programs available on just about all of the porn tubes, which can grow to become an awesome side revenue stream, but that isn’t even the point.

What you really want is to get noticed by the mammoth traffic on these tube sites. If your video goes viral (which can happen quickly and easily, if the video is edgy enough), the increase in visits to your camming chat room will knock your socks off. And do I even need to mention that this is what’s known as “targeted” traffic? The kind of guys who go to porn tubes are also very likely to check out cam sites.

So, those are my best tips for promo. Keep these cam girl promotion methods in mind if you want to really take your camming career to a whole new level!