Finding a sugar baby on MyFreeCams
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Finding a Sugar Baby at MyFreeCams

May 31, 2019

When embarking on their epic sugar baby search, most new sugar daddies assume that they need to sign up with the sugar dating sites, post a profile, and look for some matches. Don’t get me wrong, these sites can be REALLY useful for both sugar daddies and sugar babies, but they have some definite drawbacks.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How to find quality sugar babies on MFC.
2 – How to avoid the common pitfalls.


First of all, they’re expensive; much MORE expensive than they honestly have any right to be, to the point where they’re just overcharging you because they know they can. But even beyond that, people who meet on these sites usually only communicate through messages over the site itself for maybe a week or so before meeting in person.

I’ve known sugar daddies who get very nervous before that first encounter because of this, and sugar babies who can be downright scared. I mean, neither person really knows the other, or has any real idea what’s going to happen. Did you know that, these days, there’s a whole different kind of sugar baby finder online, which in many ways is a kind of “hack” of the normal sugar meet process, and tends to work a lot better for everyone involved? Let me lay some wisdom on you.


Using Cam Sites to Find Online Sugar Babies

If you haven’t heard of “cam sites”, they’re online platforms where women can register, then broadcast video and audio from their own computer using a webcam. The performances they put on have a reputation for being pretty raunchy, but that isn’t always the case. Webcam models certainly have the option of undressing and getting more or less as explicit as they like, but there are a LOT of them who never take off a single piece of clothing. It really depends on how each girl wants to play it.

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Either way, as you might imagine, it’s mostly men who visit these sites. It’s free for them just to log on and watch any of the girls who happen to be broadcasting at the moment, though if they like, they may pay real money to buy digital “tokens” that can be used to show appreciation for a model through tips. The tokens can also be used to request private shows with a particular girl, where she and the customer set up a one on one video link, or group shows in which she performs only for a small paying group.

The reason I’m telling you about these sites is because they, and not the sugar meet sites, are becoming the best ways to find a sugar baby online. That’s because the token-based tipping system allows men to flex some financial muscle pretty much to their heart’s content.

The tipping system at sites like MyFreeCams allows men with means to stand out and get noticed by the model quickly. Trust me, drop a big tip in a model’s room, and she’ll be charmed, to say the least.


So if they want to show a girl they like her, prove they’re serious about spoiling her, AND blow her mind all at once, it’s as easy as leaving her a large tip. She does have to share a percentage of this tip with the cam site itself, but she gets to keep most of it; unlike the sugar meet sites, which take 100% of the sign-up and subscription fees you’d rather spend impressing a sugar baby.

Another reason that cam sites are a better way to find a sugar baby than the sugar meet sites is that they give you a lot more time to get to know a girl before deciding whether to move forward.

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On the meet sites, there’s pressure on both sides to get together for an initial meeting as soon as possible, since you’re both paying just to be there, and like I said, that can be awkward and even intimidating. With a cam girl, you just visit her site when you know she’s performing, and you’re free to build a friendship with her at whatever pace works for the two of you.


Find The Best Sugar Babies Online at MyFreeCams

The best cam sites for your sugar baby search are Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, since they’re so large and well-trafficked. Between the two, I’d give the edge to MyFreeCams, because it has just as many beautiful, interesting girls on it as Chaturbate, and usually a lot LESS sugar daddies. There’s just less competition on MFC, and it’s every bit as good as Chaturbate. All together, as a sugar daddy needing a sugar baby finder, you’re better off with MFC.

If you’re thinking you can’t possibly get close to a girl just by talking online, or she can’t get close to you that way, I’ve got good news: You’re wrong. I’ve lived it myself, and I’ve SEEN it happen with other cam girls more times than I can count. One friend of mine, for instance, considers herself straight-up DATING a man she met on MFC. It all started with him giving her a large tip; she started talking and getting friendly with him, as any good webcam model would do with a big tipper.

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After about a month to realize they really liked each other, they began referring to themselves as a couple. They’re for-real in love with each other, and as far as I know, they’ve both been faithful. The guy is much older and more financially secure than her, and he helps her a lot with money, but they don’t even call their relationship a sugar arrangement. I’ve always said that sugaring is basically like regular dating, anyway.

Let me be real clear here, because people don’t always believe me when I talk about this: If you go on MFC and start giving out big tips yourself, this kind of thing WILL happen for you too. Probably not with the first girl you try it with, obviously, but you’ll eventually find a sugar baby who’s a good match for you.

I recommend using the site’s “tag” filters to help you find specific models who tag their rooms with terms like sugar daddy and sugar baby; this feature turns MFC’s search function into your own personal sugar baby finder! And, as I’ve mentioned, the quality of the girls is so much better.

Webcam models on MyFreeCams are generally intelligent, friendly, and drop-dead gorgeous. The cam site is loaded with western girls from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


What we’re talking about here is “online-only” sugaring, where you interact with your sugar baby over the Internet and by phone, instead of seeing her in person (at least at first). On top of being cheaper and easier than using the sugar meet sites, another advantage of using MFC to set up this kind of arrangement is that it’s a great way for new sugar daddies to test the waters and give sugaring a try before moving on to doing it in person.

Many online-only sugar couples do end up meeting in real life, once they’re both ready. Of course, sometimes they decide to keep things the way they are. It depends on the people.

Whatever kind of arrangement you’re looking for, though, I really recommend you find a sugar baby on MFC. Like I said, it’s super easy: just go online and watch some models, which you can do for free and without even signing up, until you find someone you can see yourself making a connection with.

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Once you do, it’s as simple as getting her attention with a big tip. You’ll probably be surprised how much she opens up to you and welcomes at least a friendship with you. And we all know how important just getting your foot in the door can be; from there, the sky’s the limit. Go give it a shot!