Being a Sugar Baby on The Internet
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Being a Sugar Baby in The Internet Age

December 25, 2019

It’s fun to look back at the history of sugaring, because it used to be so different than it is today. Actually, let me go ahead and say that better: it used to be so much HARDER than it is today! Way back in the day (which is like anything more than 10 years ago), the biggest challenge about sugaring was just finding people to do it with. Now, being a sugar baby is all about the Internet, which has made the whole thing wayyy easier.

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What happened about 10 years ago (12, really, but who’s counting?) was, the popular website set up JUST for the purpose of connecting sugar daddies to sugar babies so they could meet up in real life. It’s hard to really do justice to how completely this changed what being a sugar baby is like.

Before, you pretty much had to hang around high society and hope you met the kind of guy you were after. I mean, people have pretty much always been sugaring, when you consider that older, materially successful guys being drawn to younger, attractive girls (who enjoyed the financial security being offered) is as old as the human race.

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But it’s almost always been a man’s game, since sugar daddies have always had an easier time finding us than we’ve had finding them. In the Internet age, becoming a sugar baby is easier than ever.

But as huge as was for sugaring, I’d have to say that there’s been an even bigger development since then: cam sites. I know it sounds weird, but this has been a really big deal. It’s all because cam girls so often run into what we call “whales” in the business, which are viewers who obviously have a huge amount of money, and aren’t afraid to throw it around.

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I’m serious; these are guys who will pop into a webcam model’s public channel, tip her the equivalent of hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars, and then literally just vanish as suddenly as they appeared! It is the fucking damnedest thing, but I’ve seen it so many times now it’s just business as usual.

What this has to do with sugaring is that these guys are often out there either looking for sugar babies on purpose, or they’re willing to get into those kinds of relationships with the right girl. The way they throw tips around, they can sure afford it.

And this is how camming has completely revolutionized the sugar lifestyle, in a way even didn’t do: because when whales get together with sugar babies on a cam site. it’s almost always for online-only sugaring.

That means that the internet sugar daddy and his digital sugar baby talk over the cam site, and usually Skype together or chat by phone, and sometimes may even have “dates” that consist of them each eating dinner or something while running a video connection with each other. But that’s as far as it goes; most of the time, these sugar couples never even meet in real life.

And yet the sugar daddy still pays a generous monthly allowance, ships the girl gifts (which is a lot easier, since her wish list is usually right there online), and might even help her with bills and stuff like that. Obviously, this totally changes what being a sugar baby is all about.


Being a Sugar Baby Online Means Connection

Now, I want to go into just WHY guys do this, because a lot of people understandably have a hard time even believing that sugar daddies would be willing to fork over so much money to girls they’re probably never even going to meet in person, let alone go on a real date with or have any kind of sexual contact.

Shit confused the hell out of ME for a long time, I know that. It turns out, though, that their reasons are actually pretty solid, once you put yourself in their place.

The first one is pretty obvious: a lot of these guys are married. That by itself isn’t anything new, since so are most sugar daddies you meet in real life. But think about that for a minute. Every married sugar daddy you date physically is one who’s able to somehow dodge his wife while he spends time with you. I mean, if he couldn’t, then he wouldn’t be able to sugar with you.

So ask yourself, how many guys are able and willing to be sugar daddies, but have wives and AREN’T able to hide a sugar baby from them (because their wives are more suspicious, or used to spending more time with them, or whatever)? That’s when keeping the whole sugar relationship online, which is way more discrete, starts getting attractive.

The second reason is a little insulting to us, frankly. Guys are afraid that if they meet us, and end up having sex with us, we’ll give them STDs. This kinda pisses me off to be honest with you, and makes me feel like these guys see us as a bunch of hookers, which we fucking aren’t.

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But, again, when we put ourselves in their shoes, it makes at least a little bit of sense. They don’t know us any more than we know them, and they don’t know how much we “get around” even if a lot of us don’t. So while I sure as fuck don’t have any STDs to give them, thank you, I get that they don’t know that.

But really, the fact that gets easily overlooked about sugaring is that a lot of older guys just aren’t interested in sex. They’re done with their horny years. Sure, a lot of them still enjoy a good romp, but they’re more likely to demand an emotional connection with their partner before going there, and the act isn’t a high priority for them in the first place.

I think this is what really trips up the people who can’t believe that online-only sugar daddies are even real, never mind that they’re still happy to spoil their sugar babies every bit as much as guys who sugar physically. Not EVERY man is a sex maniac, especially every man age 60 and up.

I’ll be honest: these days, I really feel like online sugar daddies are the way to go. You save a lot of time (meaning you can have more sugar daddies at once, if you want to), and the money you make is just amazing. You can’t beat it.

Like I said, cam sites are the best (and really, only) way to meet online sugar daddies. I prefer Chaturbate for that, both because it seems to draw in lots of rich guys for some reason, and because you can do really well there just by camming.

Chaturbate offers a lot of useful apps and bots that help make you more efficient, and it has some of the best traffic in the business, so your chances of getting seen and tipped are high. I make some good money just by performing there, and a lot of my friends do too. And, again, it really is the best option as far as becoming a sugar baby online goes.

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