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Becoming a Cam Girl & Business Skills

December 21, 2019

When I first started thinking about becoming a cam girl, my main concern was about how much money I was going to make. Of course, I was in a tight financial spot at the time, but even if I hadn’t been, I think it’s perfectly natural to have income on your mind when you’re considering a new job.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How being a cam girl develops business skills.
2 – Tips for how to succeed at camgirling.


Here’s the thing about camming, though: it’s NOT a job, not the way brewing coffee at Starbucks or making overpriced salads at Panera Bread are. To become a cam model is to become a businesswoman, because it means you’re self-employed and running your own business.

This is something that rarely if ever so much as crosses someone’s mind when she’s deciding whether to go into the industry, but it should, as it brings along its own challenges and complications.

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In the end, though, I find it a huge plus and yet another reason to turn on the camera, because it gave me instincts and taught me lessons that will serve me in life long after I’ve accepted my last tip.


Essential Business Skills Cam Girls Must Have

For one thing, becoming a cam girl showed me how to stick to a consistent work schedule. This may seem weird, since one of the perks of this industry is the fact that you can set your own hours. In the end, there’s no boss to yell at you if you decide to come in late or even skip an entire day on a whim.

But if you actually try that, you’ll wish you hadn’t. Success in the camgirling business is all about building up regulars, and that means that people who liked you today need to be able to find you again tomorrow. If they can’t seem to track you down because your online hours are all over the place or you curled up with a book when you should have been working, your fledgling fan is gonna get over you real quick, and another model with a better work ethic will end up getting him.

Again, this is a bonus. It’s one thing to show up to work on time because the possibility of getting written up has the fear of God in you; it’s a much better thing to be able to keep the schedule that YOU need to keep, because you’ve learned to be your own supervisor.

Another factor you may not consider when you decide to become a webcam girl is the need to be responsible with money. You learn quick, though. It’s common for girls who tough out their first couple of weeks (when earnings are usually low) to get pretty drunk on the money that starts rolling in.

While they usually know enough not to mess with their work schedule, for reasons I just went through, soon they’re spending every free moment going out with friends and partying it up without a thought in the world for savings. Then their first dreaded Slow Month hits, and it’s time to sober up.

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Kinda hard not to, when not only are you skipping those nights out on the town with your girls, but suddenly you’re worried about paying bills. They say experience is a harsh teacher for she gives the test first and the lesson later, but what you learn from her stays with you for life. Put in some real time as a cam model, and being irresponsible with money becomes a thing of the past.

Becoming a cam girl also taught me how to deal with people, which includes not only talking to them to get on good terms, but also attracting them in the first place. This is better known as “marketing” yourself, and it’s extremely important when you work in camming (or are self-employed in just about any other business, I imagine).


Customer Acquisition in Camgirling

It isn’t just about sitting in your channel on Chaturbate waiting for people to wander in at random. You have to go out and find them. I learned pretty quick that one of the best ways to do that is on Snapchat, because of its enormous user base. A cam girl can do very well by simply maintaining a profile there and amassing a good amount of male followers, which isn’t too hard.

Then you just post regularly, and every once in awhile, mention the site where you broadcast and when. Guys who get to know you under mundane circumstances are THRILLED to be able to see you perform in the nude, and in my experience, they have a significantly higher chance of becoming regulars when they do come to check out your show. You can also use Snapchat and other social media sites to sell content related to your work, like panties and video clips.

Of course, becoming a cam girl still requires you to learn how to interact with people directly. Part of it is time management, because when you’re camgirling, you’re going to be getting a LOT of attention from a LOT of people, so you need to know how to divvy up your responses.

Obviously the members who tip you (or at least have tokens, since some cam sites show you who they are) get priority over those who don’t, but you have make a conscious effort to give your regulars the top spot. That keeps them feeling special, and when they feel special, they go on tipping you.

Then you want to be on whale-watch, because whales are always swimming around waiting to give you a huge payday. When you find one (or one finds you), you go out of your way not only to treat him like a king, but to actually become friends with him.

He might have come into your channel seeing you as just a random girl who he wanted to leave a nice tip, but if you play your cards right, he’ll leave with a special place in his heart for you. That means he’s gonna come back, and the huge tip you got tonight won’t be a one-time deal.

And I guess some people can become a cam model without this next part, but can I just say that it caused me to learn more about beauty than I ever realized there was to know? It’s not just the obvious stuff, like straightening out my hair and putting on some basic makeup before I go on cam. I now know which foods I can eat and which I should avoid to maintain a clear complexion.

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I have a “fish day” for my nails. And I’ve worked myself up to a two-hour routine twice a week of rubbing myself down with specific creams to keep my skin smooth and shiny. I am literally going to look better for longer in my life because I went into this business, and I am just cynical enough to believe that there will be benefits and advantages coming my way in the future entirely because of an attractive appearance.

There’s plenty of reason to take up camming if you need a good source of income, but I’m here to tell you that if you get really serious about it, you’re going to get WAY more out of it than just that. You can put a dollar value on being a smarter, better-prepared person!