How to get a rich sugar daddy.
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How To Get a Rich Sugar Daddy

November 22, 2018

So as everyone knows, money isn’t everything, and as a few people know, you won’t always have a wealthy sugar daddy. But that’s okay. Sugaring isn’t just about scoring the best allowance. It’s about living life, making special friends, and maybe even watching those friendships deepen until…who knows?? You can have a perfectly fun time with a guy who isn’t a freaking millionaire sugar daddy, and when it’s all over, you’ll be a better and more grown-up person for having known him.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How to find a wealthy sugar daddy.
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Yeah, yeah, all true, but who are we kidding? It’s just us sugar babies here, and damn it, we want money and we want to know how to get a rich sugar daddy. Trust me here, girls, I’ve been doing this for years. In that time, I’ve had a wealthy sugar daddy once or twice, and there just isn’t any comparing it to hanging out with a guy who’s still paying off his mortgage, even if he CAN afford dinner for two at a suit-and-tie steakhouse once a week.


Sugar Daddies and Their Wealth

Let me break it down for you a teeny bit. I’ve had plenty of “middle” sugar daddies since I’ve been doing this, the kinds who are doing good in life but couldn’t really call themselves rich. I’ll pick one to tell you about, so we can compare against him in a minute. We’ll call him Ted.

Ted was a professional male nurse (leave him alone, there are plenty of those!), and he was making some good money at it. Enough that he took me out every Friday night to any restaurant I wanted, no matter how fancy, and every Sunday afternoon to my favorite upscale mall to buy me one nice gift. He never put any limits on what the gift could be other than our understanding that I could only have one, but I gave him a break and kept from asking for any $5,000 dresses, even though I saw a few that I would have loved.

Gotta tell you, I got some really neat swag: a Louis Vuitton purse, some diamond earrings, and more shoes than even I know what to do with (and I LOVE me some shoes!). One time, just to spoil me, he invited me to spend the night with him in a hotel suite, which I admit was nice even though it was only a Best Western. He also gave me a $2,000 monthly allowance to play with. I was happy with Ted, and I enjoyed our time together.

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Actually, I enjoyed it so much that I would have liked to see him more than twice a week, but he worked so much at the hospital that it was impossible for him, even though he wanted that too and certainly would have been able to afford it.

But then there was Ian. Oh my GOD, was there Ian! He was a Harvard-educated lawyer, and a co-owner of a very successful law firm. I don’t know exactly how much he was making, but that man was easily a millionaire. He also had a lot of work, just like Ted, but the difference was that Ian was in charge at his job. It also helped that his friend and partner in the firm was a sugar daddy too, and they covered each other’s backs whenever one wanted to run off for awhile with a sugar baby. For me that meant, vacation time!

Ted was an "only the best" type of daddy

Pretty much whenever he felt like it, Ian asked his buddy to take over at the firm and told me to pack a bag, and we’d be off. I’m serious, this happened AT LEAST twice a month. And we’re not talking about a road trip to the water park, here. Ian would take me to Munich when he felt like sampling some authentic German bratwurst and beer, then we’d stay for a few days to see the sights before heading back. Or, we would take a detour and visit another country first.

He LOVED Europe, and that meant I got to experience it all over. I saw the Eiffel Tower, the Shard (luxury building in London), the Leaning Tower of Pisa, all of it. During these trips, I got almost every little thing I wanted, and I would have gotten EVERY little thing if I didn’t start feeling bad and quit asking after he topped around $10,000 in gifts for a day. Oh, and we agreed on a $3,500 monthly allowance, but he usually gave me more “just ‘cause you’re worth it”. God, I loved that guy.

Rich sugar daddies are a totally different experience. Ridic gifts, spontaneous vacations, exotic dining. It’s just amazing!


Got an idea what it’s like to have a sugar daddy with deep pockets? It really makes a difference, and it’s perfectly natural for us to want to cash in. So, we need to start thinking about how to get a rich sugar daddy, and the sooner the better.


How To Find The Millionaire Sugar Daddies

Not gonna lie here, if you want one of these in real life, it’s gonna take patience. The way to do it is to set yourself up on a good sugaring site like, and be super discriminating about your pots (potential sugar daddies). Even then, finding your wealthy sugar daddy is going to take time, and some of that is because there just aren’t as many of them out there compared to people who aren’t raking it in.

One tip is to pick an expensive, upscale bar you know, and totally insist on it for your first meeting with ANY pot. That’ll root out some, but not all, of the pretenders. It should at least save you some time.

But I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret: there’s a shortcut to getting a wealthy sugar daddy, and that’s to keep it online. I know, it cuts out the fancy dinners and exotic trips, but the money is usually BETTER when you’re sugaring online with a rich man.

Finding a millionaire sugar daddy online is way easier, because the pond is much bigger. You just need to know where to look.


I think it’s because since they aren’t there to do all those nice things for you in real life, they want to keep you interested. They’ll buy you just about anything you want that can be shipped to your door, and the allowances are mucho generous. And what’s your part? Talking online to someone who’s probably a pretty nice guy anyway, and usually Skyping him and maybe taking some phone calls. Oh, and I dunno what it is, but usually these kinds of sugar daddies aren’t looking for anything sexual. It’s breezy, and it pays.

Usually, you have to also be a cam girl to get online sugar daddies. They come from camming sites, where they look around for girls they like, and give them huge tips for no obvious reason (a lot of times they just disappear right after doing it!). People like that are called “whales” by webcam models, because they drop such HUGE amounts of money all at once. Some of those whales are also looking for online sugar babies, so you just need to be there when they are.

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The best site for doing this, all together, is probably Chaturbate. It’s a huge cam site that makes it pretty easy for new girls to get started. It provides the best array of apps and bots (programs that help you make money, basically), and for some reason, whales love to hang out there. If you want to land a rich sugar daddy, Chaturbate is the way to go.

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