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January 15, 2019

Have you ever had a millionaire sugar daddy? It really, really sucks….said no sugar baby, EVER! Oh, it can be exhausting, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a WONDERFUL kind of exhausting, and the benefits more than make up for the frantic pace. We’re talking about a kind of luxury that you probably can’t even imagine unless you yourself are also rich. Let me tell you about some of the advantages of having a rich sugar daddy, in case you don’t know, and then we’ll go into what’s pretty much a surefire way of finding one all for yourself!

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How exactly having a super rich sugar daddy compares.
2 – Why my secret method of finding them works best.


There is seriously a WORLD of difference between dating wealthy sugar daddies and anyone below, say the million-dollar mark. Obviously, ALL sugar daddies are financially well-off to some extent, but the experience just gets less and less fulfilling (from a material point of view) the further down the income scale you go.


Super Riches Make The Difference

Sugar daddies who aren’t filthy rich have to watch their money at least a LITTLE; they’re the ones who are the most likely to insist on more exact numbers regarding how much they’re supposed to spend on you per month, and they can get pretty tight in the ass about going any higher here and there.

Explore this territory long enough, and you’ll eventually start running into Splenda daddies. Splenda is more of an attitude than a hard net worth, since it’s not that ALL men turn into Splenda daddies once their bank account goes below a certain level, but obviously you meet more of these guys as you accept sugar daddies who are further and further away from having to care about the bottom line.

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Splenda daddies can be nice people, of course, and you can have satisfying relationships with them, but financially it’s just no fun. Your allowance never goes up, you never get a gift with a price tag even a little beyond a previously agreed range, and the luxuries are few and far between. I’ve had some really awesome Splenda daddies, but I won’t lie: They can be a drag.

Meanwhile, a millionaire sugar daddy is pretty much the OPPOSITE of all that. I mean, there’s this myth in people’s heads that the rich “know what money is worth” and so they’re actually the biggest cheapskates of all, but if that’s true, I either haven’t seen it or wealthy sugar daddies think that sugar babies are VERY valuable!

It only STARTS with things like agreed monthly allowances being a MINIMUM to what you get that’s usually added onto, and shopping sprees that usually don’t end until YOU start feeling guilty for spending so much of your sugar daddy’s money.

Super rich sugar daddies LOVE to lavish their sugar babies with gifts, trips, dinners, and all kinds of awesome wealthy goodness!


Then there are the dates, with front-row seats at the theater that go for thousands of dollars each, and dinner at restaurants that skip menus and just sit you down with an elite chef who asks what YOU would like him to prepare for you. And Heaven forbid I forget to mention the vacations! Trips around the WORLD, baby; sometimes a quick flight to Germany because your sugar daddy felt like having some authentic bratwurst and high-end beer, other times it’s a week-long getaway to Bali that is so enriching that you come back as a more cultured and mature person. Not exaggerating.

Like I mentioned before, it IS fast-paced. Wealthy sugar daddies can be pretty impulsive; I’ve been in sugar relationships where I was called up and told to pack my bags THAT NIGHT for a flight to Europe in the morning.

I know that sounds exciting, and it is, but remember that when you’re in that kind of arrangement, your sugar daddy is EXPECTING you to be ready to run off with him at practically a moment’s notice. If you’re lucky and you’re clear with him about the demands of your schedule, you might get a week or two to plan for these vacations instead of a day.

Be any more inflexible than that, though, and he’s just gonna drop you and find himself a more footloose sugar baby. Still, none of this is even CLOSE to souring me on having a rich sugar daddy, and it shouldn’t be for you either. This isn’t a hard call to make. Complaining that you want more time before your next trip to Maui is beyond First World Problems. That’s more like Spoiled Rich Girl problems, and THOSE are the problems I wanna have!


Best Method of Finding Millionaire-Rich Sugar Daddies

If you’re not sold on the idea and wondering how to land a millionaire sugar daddy of your own yet, then honey, there’s something wrong with you and you may as well stop reading. If you DO want to know where to find these guys, though, then let’s carry on.

And the first thing we need to understand is that the traditional sugar meet sites, like SeekingArrangement and Sugar Daddy Meet, just aren’t gonna cut it here. Don’t get me wrong, those sites can be awesome, and if you stick with them long enough then you MIGHT hit the jackpot, but there’s a better way. A MUCH better way.

Millionaire Sugar Daddy

So here’s what you do: You sign up on, a camming site, as a webcam model. As long as you’re over 18 and can prove it, that shouldn’t be a problem. Then you just start broadcasting. I want you to be friendly, and funny, and interesting, and basically anything OTHER than a zombie who just sits there staring at her monitor, because that’s what most new girls do and it doesn’t work.

Cam sites are the best-kept secret in the sugar baby world for finding millionaire sugar daddies.


On the other hand, if you just, oh I dunno, act like a social human being? That’s pretty much all it takes. The rest of it is mostly common sense, too: Set a schedule and stick to it, treat your regulars well, and be patient. It’s really not rocket science, but if you want me to go over it in more detail, I’ve talked about it plenty on this blog in previous posts.

So, wait, why am I telling you to be a cam model? What could that possibly have to do with landing a loaded sugar daddy? That’s pretty simple, too, actually. Because it turns out that a lot of rich guys like to visit cam sites. You can spot them because they usually go around giving HUGE tips, like thousands of dollars at a time, to the girls they like. We call them “whales” in this industry, and as you can imagine, they can make you a lot of money.

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But what’s even better than that, is that many of these whales will be interested in starting a sugar arrangement once they hit it off with the right cam girl. And THAT means, all you have to do is be her, and you’ve got the sugar daddy you want. Obviously, the relationship would be totally online at first, but if you want that to change, it’s not too hard. A LOT of online-only sugar couples ultimately end up meeting in person.

Also, if you’re wondering why I mentioned Chaturbate in particular, that’s just the best cam site for finding sugar daddies online. They LOVE that site, and they tend to go there in greater numbers than on any of the others. Do yourself a favor, honey: Sign up on Chaturbate, get yourself established, and find a super rich sugar daddy!

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