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How To Be a Findom Goddess

January 10, 2019

If you know something about the current state of sex on the Internet, from porn to actual two-way interactions between people, you probably know that one of the biggest fetishes men have is femdom, or female domination. This isn’t just straight-up BDSM with whips and paddles. It can actually include a LOT of different sub-fetishes, like cuckolding, foot worship, humiliation, etc etc etc. Yeah, I need that third “etc” there; this is a BIG field.

Truth delivered in this post:
1 – How to become a successful findomme.
2 – Which sites and platforms to use to find RICH finsubs.


One aspect of the femdom kink that doesn’t get mentioned so often, but that’s of obvious interest to sugar babies, is “findom” fetish: That’s Financial Domination. This is definitely a thing, and like it sounds, it’s all about a woman taking control of a man’s money.

The benefits couldn’t be much clearer if I sprayed Windex on them and wiped them to a streak-free shine, but I still want to go into some detail about how this fetish works. Then we’ll talk about how to be a findomme, also known as a findom goddess.


How Findom Fetish Works

Some rich or just well-off guys really, really enjoy being financially submissive to women. There are a million different ways this can play out, from the findomme just saying “Hey, send me some money, buttboy” (Believe me, more than one findom goddess has used those exact words with her finsub), to far more complex domination arrangements. Sometimes men like to become “paypigs”, where their findomme sends them some or all of her monthly bills to pay.

Other times the findomme, who in most cases actually demands that she be addressed as “goddess”, will order her sub to pay her a “tribute”, and the guy gets off on it because it’s all done as an act of worship. In the most extreme findom relationships, the finsub actually turns over his entire bank account and all his paychecks to his findomme, who gives him back a small allowance of his own money to live off of while she keeps the rest.

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A lot of findom stuff happens over Twitter, mostly because some pretty raunchy material is allowed there. It’s also a very public place, which makes it easier to humiliate the finsub in lots of creative ways.

Guys may be ordered by their findommes to take pictures of themselves kneeling, or wearing lingerie, or just with various objects firmly wedged up their asses, and then post those images for all to see. They may also be required to tweet daily “prayers” to their goddess, or other kinds of devotion.

Besides this Twitter interaction, findom couples very often meet and talk over cam sites, but with that said, it’s important to be clear about something. Obviously, there’s video involved on a camming platform and the finsub will actually get to see his domme, but despite this and despite the nature of cam sites, there isn’t necessarily any nudity involved. In fact, there almost NEVER is, at least not from the findomme.

A findom goddess will usually wear sexy, revealing clothes or lingerie when on cam with her finsub, but she has to take care to always maintain a regal air that commands respect, or the illusion breaks. Nudity is very, very rare, and there’s pretty much never a time when it’s a good idea for her to get fully naked for a finsub (though, admittedly, some pro findommes have incorporated nudity quite successfully).

The idea behind the findom fetish is for the findomme to turn her sub on with the power she wields over his money, not with her body.


So a findomme is basically getting paid to put on a dominant act, but she’s getting paid really well for it. We’re talking a six-figure annual income from this alone, with often $10,000 coming in per month. Now, those are ESTABLISHED numbers, of course, not the ones that show up on your first “paycheck”. You need to know how to be a findomme, and then use that knowledge to become at least a little well-known in the online femdom/findom community.

This lets you build up a nice stable of finsubs, some of whom will be sending you a fixed amount every week (or whatever), and some of whom will be so filthy stinking rich that they won’t care if you straight-up use them as human ATMs. Seriously, that’s a thing, in exactly those words. I don’t have quite as much exposure to this kink as I do to regular camming and sugaring, but I do know a couple of girls who are in it. One of them literally just calls her finsub “Tim”, without ever using his real name.

Why? Because, and you have to imagine her talking in her Eastern European accent here, when she says “Hey, Tim!” it sounds like “ATM”. She makes it clear to him that this is why his name is Tim, and she says he fucking loves it.


How To Be a Findomme on Chaturbate

If all of this sounds good and you’re starting to wonder how to become a financial dominatrix, let’s talk about Chaturbate. Actually, you can do this pretty well on MFC, too, and like I said, Twitter can be used also. But I recommend Chaturbate for getting started, because most of the rich guys who are into this kind of stuff hang out there. You can, and should, spread out from there later, but for now, just worry about getting established on Chaturbate.

That means getting started before worrying about how to be a findomme that’s got all her t’s crossed and I’s dotted. Just remember the basic stuff I’ve covered a million times: set a schedule and stick to it, be good to your regulars, and don’t give up when your earnings for the first few days are disappointing.

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Now here’s the part about how to be a financial dominatrix where you have to shake things up compared to just being a regular cam girl. Normally, you’re trying to be warm and friendly all the time, because you want to draw in as many fans and regulars as possible. In findom, though, that doesn’t fly, since it doesn’t create the needed image of being regal and commanding.

Again, this doesn’t apply to when you’re just getting started on Chaturbate, because you need to build a following before you can do anything else. Once you’re ready to make the switch to being a findomme, though, you definitely do NOT want to be friendly. That doesn’t mean being a straight bitch, either, but you need to look like your time is extremely valuable and you don’t have any to waste with people who don’t deserve it.

How to be a findomme

In fact, it’s usually best to require a “tribute”, using that language, from anyone who enters your chat room and wishes to talk to you at all, and to not even acknowledge anyone who doesn’t pay (trust me, finsubs love this stuff).

Remember to use Chaturbate when you’re getting started as a findomme, because it just makes things SO much simpler. It has the richest finsubs, and the most of them. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to find you, so be sure to use the right findom tags in your public channel: #findom, #femdom, #paypigs, #goddess, #queen, #pay me, #financial domination, and #dominatrix are all good.

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And keep in mind, once you’ve got some finsubs in the room, you have to reel them in the RIGHT way. Sexy clothes and regal attitude are a yes; nudity or any kind of slutty behavior (unless you have a way of pulling it off) are a definite NO!

That’s it for now (though I’ll most likely be hitting this topic again, due to popular interest)! Go out and get yourself some Tims!