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Does Findom Qualify as Sugaring?

March 12, 2021

So as I covered in a recent post, findom (financial domination) is a pretty big sub-fetish of the absolutely huge femdom (female domination) fetish. People do it in real life, but I want to stick to the online version here.

In online findom, findommes and finsubs meet on social media sites, especially Twitter, and on cam sites, and they form a relationship that centers around the submissive man straight-up giving his money to the dominant woman. They may have an arrangement about how much and how often the finsub will pay, or he may be commanded by his “goddess” to buy her gifts.

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Rich guys in the lifestyle who have way more money than they need or know what to do with will often just not even keep track, and will cut the findomme a check whenever she feels like it, because even she won’t be able to spend ALL of what he has.

What I want to go into today is a part that I didn’t cover at all last time, because it really deserves its own post. And that’s the fact that if some of this findom stuff sounds a bit like sugaring to you, you’re definitely onto something.


How Findom Works

In regular online sugaring, the sugar daddy will have an arrangement with his sugar baby about paying her a monthly allowance, and he’ll buy stuff for her off a wishlist when he wants to. How often he does that usually isn’t part of the arrangement, it’s just an expectation that he will, but sugar daddies enjoy spoiling their sugar babies, so it typically happens a lot.

For a few reasons, online-only sugar daddies are more likely to be rich than the ones who sugar in person, so in most cases they don’t really care how much they’re spending. What this has in common with findom is pretty obvious; in fact, it’s easier just to point out the differences. And that’s really just one: the power exchange.

Online-only sugar daddies are typically much wealthier than sugar daddies you meet in person! Believe me, I was as shocked as you probably are.


Every sugar relationship is different, of course, but in most of them, the sugar daddy paying for everything and giving money directly to his sugar baby means he’s calling at least some of the shots. In findom, it’s the opposite: The fact that he’s paying is a show of SUBMISSION, and the findomme has all the authority.

Obviously, this is a fetish for the finsub, and it gets played to ridiculous extremes, usually by publicly humiliating him. But that’s just a kink. Everything else is straight sugar. Findom relationships are basically just sugar relationships with a D/s (Dominant/submissive) twist.

I talked about how to find a finsub in my last post on this subject, for girls who are interested in getting into findom, but I mostly focused on cam sites and only briefly mentioned Twitter. That’s really not doing justice to Twitter here, because that site is HUGE when it comes to findom.


Using Twitter To Find Finsubs

I think I mentioned last time how Twitter allows explicit posts, which makes it a good place for finsubs to humiliate themselves on the orders of their findomme, but it’s not just that. Twitter also has a very large findom community already operating on it, probably because of its liberal attitude to those kinds of posts, so it’s a great place to find other people who are into the lifestyle.

Basically, the more time you spend on Twitter, the more likely you’re going to be noticed by a finsub even if you sit there and do next to nothing. And you’re not going to be doing nothing.

After creating a findom Twitter account, specially designed for this purpose, you’ll want to start at the beginning by filling out a good, attractive profile. We want a bit of text describing yourself as a dominant in general and maybe as a findomme in particular, but don’t go overboard. Where we really want to fill it up is with plenty of pictures and videos, tastefully done, but showing your sexy and authoritative side.

Twitter should not be ignored by any adult model, findomme or not. It’s the best social media platform to promote adult services.


Just remember that the guys you’re trying to attract are turned on not only by looking at you, as pretty much all straight men are, but by seeing you as a strong, in-control woman who’s capable of taking charge and bossing them around.

Next, you need to follow the right people on Twitter, and for what we’re up to, the right people are established findom goddesses. Matter of fact, just follow ALL the findom goddesses you can find, but obviously the more followers THEY have, the better.

A lot of the women you follow will follow you back, because why not, right? Then all those juicy little finsubs they’ve got wrapped around their little fingers? They’re going to see you, and now some of them will be wrapped around YOUR little finger. Jackpot!

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Beyond Twitter, just remember what I got into in previous posts: Cam sites are really awesome for this, because a lot of the rich whales there will be into financial domination. Actually, there’s a neat trick from camming you can use here, where you post on social media under a profile that makes it clear you’re a cam girl, so that people who see you on those sites get interested enough to come check out your show.

That works for findom, too: I just told you to use Twitter, so as you’re searching for finsubs there, you can tweet about how you also work as a webcam model. If those guys come to see you cam, they have a much higher chance of “falling” for you and accepting you as a findom goddess there, especially if you put on a good show!


Cam Sites For Findom

The two best cam sites for financial domination, and really for sugaring in general, are MyFreeCams and Chaturbate. I give the edge to Chaturbate, though, because it’s SO huge and has so many rich guys on it. MFC has plenty of whales too, actually, but it’s also a more popular choice in the findom community, which is a bad thing for us because it means more competition.

Chaturbate has huge traffic, lots of rich whales, AND it isn’t filled with findommes to anywhere near the extent that MFC is. When you’re just starting out, you can do yourself a pretty big favor by using Chaturbate.

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I’ll close up by telling you about a sugar baby I know, who findoms her sugar daddy. This guy has a HUGE foot fetish, and he’s, like, drowning in money. He gives her literally THOUSANDS of dollars per month, while asking only to see my friend’s feet in return.

The way she usually handles this is by going to the salon for a nice, expensive pedicure, then showing her sugar daddy the bill on cam and teasing him with how fresh and beautiful her feet look now. She won’t let him actually see them, though, unless he pays for the bill. She does this at least once a week, and those pedicures are NOT cheap.

It isn’t really my thing, to be honest, but this guy’s foot fetish is so enormous it deserves its own area code, and he absolutely LOVES the whole pedicure tease. Hey, to each their own. But yeah, as long as you’re willing to put up with some…interesting…guys, you can do really well as a findomme.