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Is Being a Sugar Baby Immoral?

July 3, 2021

Okay babies, strap in, cause you’re about to hear me rant. It’s gonna happen, because I can’t take this shit no more. The false ideas and total delusions people have about sugar babies, and sugar daddies too for that matter, ain’t gonna go unanswered anymore.

You’re probably wondering, so I’ll let it drop that what made me sit my pretty little ass down and start tap-tap-tappin’ on this here keyboard is something I just read on a message board about how sugar relationships are “flagrantly immoral” (this asshole’s words) and sugar babies are basically prostitutes.

We sell our pussies for money at BEST, and we’re taking advantage of desperate, lonely old men at worst. For real! It’s just one little needledick who wrote that post, but I’m lying to myself if I think he’s the only one who feels that way. The truth is he’s a nerdy, self-righteous mouthpiece for the bullshit a LOT of people believe about sugaring, and it’s time to set the record straight.


Truth About Sugar Babies

What is a sugar baby? Let me tell you. We’re honest women. That’s right, and if it sounds convenient or self-serving for me to say that, just listen for a moment. Because it all comes down to the newsflash of the century: For all the evolution and social “progress” of the human race, it turns out that women are attracted to men who have resources, and men are attracted to young, pretty women. I know! Shocking, right?

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But that’s how it is, and like it or not, it’s in our biology. You see it all over the animal kingdom, you see it in our history, and you STILL see it playing out today, even though some “feminists” think it makes women look bad to follow their nature.

For thousands, not hundreds but THOUSANDS of years, men have tried to get the best jobs or acquire the most power or do whatever it takes to get the most resources compared to other men, and those are the ones women have wanted to marry the most. It’s been more or less “polite” at different times in history to talk about or admit this arrangement, and as a rule it just sits there in the background, as something everyone knows about but no one wants to directly acknowledge.

What sugar relationships do IS acknowledge this reality, and bring it out into the open right next to the fact that the sky is blue. Sugar babies are just women who look for guys who have money, whether they’re actually RICH or not, and date them because those are the guys we naturally want to be around. We build relationships with well-off men, largely (not even entirely!) because they have money. If we’re just talking bare basics, it really is as simple as that.


Sugaring Is Not Prostitution or Immoral

“But wait,” I hear the shrill voices of the needledicks whining. “You sugar babies collect allowances from these men, and then have sex with them! Doesn’t that make you prostitutes?”

NO, poindexter, it doesn’t, because you don’t understand how sugaring actually works. We don’t get paid to have sex. We have relationships with comfortable or rich men, and yeah, we benefit from their resources, as women have always done. Do we ever have sex with our sugar daddies? Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t, just like in any other intimate relationship.

But the point here is that it’s a RELATIONSHIP. At no time is money exchanged for the performance of sexual services, which is what prostitutes do.

If that’s not clear enough, then let me make this even easier for you sweaty nerds: Suppose a young girl marries a rich man. The man doesn’t have to be much older than her if that kind of thing bothers you, just understand that in most cultures in history, he WAS. Our girl moves into a big, beautiful house, her new husband regularly buys her nice clothes and jewelry and other gifts because he enjoys spoiling her, and they often go to dinner or do other activities together.

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When the girl wants to go out with her friends or even alone, the man gives her some money so she can afford to enjoy herself. All of these things are paid for by the husband, in very generous amounts of money. All together, the girl now enjoys a lifestyle way better than anything she could have supported before she got married.

She’s very happy with her life now, and she loves her husband and enjoys being with him. And her husband, by the way, is every bit as fulfilled as she is by what’s going on. He loves her, too, and he likes to make her happy. They obviously get along great; sometimes, when they’re both in the mood, they even have sex.

Do you really think there’s something wrong with this picture? The most you can possibly say about the marriage I just described is that it’s traditional, the kind of relationship that not everyone goes for these days but which many people still prefer, and was common as recently as a few decades ago. Oh, and was how just about everyone, everywhere, did things for thousands of years before that. And that new wife is a HOOKER in your world??

Well, she better be, because a sugar baby relationship is basically the same way. Actually, no, I take that back. Contrary to what you probably think, it’s actually more empowering of women and respectful toward them. Historically, in the kind of marriage I was just talking about, that girl would probably be a housewife.

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She wouldn’t have a paying job of her own, and would be forced to financially rely on her husband for everything: Not just luxury, but food, basic clothes, shelter, the works. In most cases, that’s gonna mean she can’t get out of that marriage even if she wants to. She’d have no place to go and no way to take care of herself.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not judging women who choose to live in marriages like that. Unlike the people I’m talking to here, I’m not a self-righteous bitch. I’m just saying it’s a fact that a woman who can’t pay for anything could easily get into a really bad situation if her husband turns out to be abusive, or dies, or if they find they just don’t want to be together anymore.

Meanwhile, in sugar relationships, the woman will usually be working a regular job or camming, and if she’s smart, she’ll save up at least some of the money she gets from her sugar daddy. If the day comes that she feels she needs to move on, she’s free to do it, any time she wants.

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I guess I should answer the part where we’re “taking advantage of old men”, too, though honestly that barely needs a defense. It’s just stupid, and insulting to sugar daddies. I have never met stronger, more confident men, which shouldn’t be surprising considering their success in life.

Got news for you, baby: Wimps don’t climb the business ladder or land high-paying corporate jobs. I couldn’t “take advantage” of any sugar daddy I’ve ever known if I wanted to. They know what they want, they know what they don’t want, and they don’t take any shit.

Let me leave you with this little pearl: In my life, I’ve had several regular boyfriends, and several sugar daddies. I have never, not once, EVER had a “normal” boyfriend break up with me; it’s always ended because I wanted it to. On the other hand, many’s the time I’ve lost a sugar baby relationship because my sugar daddy decided it was time to part ways.

Oh yeah, I’m “taking advantage” of them alright.